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Interested in writing for Polichicks? Cool!  Please send an email and a link to your blog or something else you have written to hi@polichicks.net.  

Keep in mind that articles for Polichicks should be short (200 words or less) and written in a conversational style.  Mucho brownie points for clever humor!

We do publish one-hit-wonder writers, but we are partial to writers who can contribute a short piece one a week.

As a heads up, here are some topics that interest us:

Is there an issue that has your panties in a bunch?

Know some good stuff about a good cause?

Wanna fill us in on political issues in your neck of the woods?

Got scoop on a celebrities political involvement?

Are you the Joan Rivers of political fashion commentary?

Do you know a whole lot of stuff about something we should know about?

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