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Journalist Cambell Brown (formerly of CNN - remember?) has a mind of her own, despite being female and married to a man who is "somebody" in the Romney campaign.  (Imagine that.)

She's so over people who discredit her journalistic pieces based on who her spouse is (i.e., "She's married to a Romney guy"), rather than possible factual and logical weaknesses in the assertions she makes.

Campbell is married to Dan Senor, a Republican strategist working for Mitt Romney.  She argues that her marriage has little impact on her ability to remain objective as a professional journalist.  

Do you agree with Campbell? Do you think her critics would be as vocal if she were a man married to someone working in a partisan job?

Watch Campbell vent on Morning Joe, and then share your opinion in the comments yo.

(And by the way, here's Campbell and Dan's wedding announcement from The New York Times, just because we LOVE reading about weddings.)

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In the August issue of Harper's Bazaar, Katherine Schwarzenegger, 21, talks about family, personal goals and her future.

Katherine opens up about coping with the very public separation of her parents, journalist Maria Shriver and actor/former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. A get away to London, retail therapy and listening to Adele got her through the hard times.

"Oh! I'm obsessed with Adele.  It's the best emotional music," she told the magazine. "These past two months, I'm like, bring it on, Adele."

A senior at the University of Southern California (Go Trojans!), Katherine is more than just a political scion and Hollywood daughter.   She is author of Rock What You've Got, a New York Times bestseller aimed at helping teens with self confidence issues.  She also gives motivational speeches to young women and helps her family organize the Special Olympics.


Cindi Leive accepts the Life Free of Violence Media Partner award from the UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women in New York City on Tuesday, November 23, 2010.


Cindi Leive, Glamour editor-in-chief, got a big thank you and kudos from the UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women for her work spreading the word about about gender based violence, when the organization presented her with the first-ever Life Free of Violence Media Partner award Tuesday in New York City.  Ms. Leive routinely helps raise awareness about violence against women by featuring articles on topics such as honor killings, trafficking of girls and sexual violence in Glamour.

Andrea Jung, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Avon Products, was also honored and received the Life Free of Violence Corporate Partner award.

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