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Fran Drescher Wikipedia.jpgFran Drescher, best known for her TV role on The Nanny, would rather watch politics than other people's kids.  Word is that she has her eye on the senate seat that Hillary Clinton will vacate if elected president.  A cancer survivor, Drescher entered the political scene as a cancer advocate and has worked with both Democrats and Republicans to pass legislation that will help educate women and health care professionals about early cancer detetection. 

The Dems so want the young 'uns to vote for them.  They're totally sweating them.  This is a much more effective strategy than the Republican plan to ignore large voter populations.


A mere 414 days until the election a new SurveyUSA poll finds newly announced Democrat Mark Warner crushing potential Republican rivals Tom Davis, Jim Gilmore and George Allen in the Virginia Senate race:

Warner (D) 62%
Davis (R) 27%

Warner (D) 60%
Gilmore (R) 32%

Warner (D) 56%
Allen (R) 37%

As expected, former Virginia Governor Mark Warner (D) announced this morning that he is "so totally running for Senate."  Okay, he didn't say that.  What he really said was that he is going to "work like heck" to become Virginia's next U.S. Senator. If elected, Warner will replace Sen. John Warner (R), who recently announced that he will retire after seving five terms.

Former Virginia Governor Mark Warner (D) is expected to send out an e-mail Thursday announcing his plans to run for the U.S. Senate seat that will be vacated by Sen. John Warner (no relation).  John Warner announced last week that he plans to retire from the senate after serving five terms.

Mark Warner was a popular governor in Virginia and is credited with helping Gov. Tim Kaine (D) get elected as his successor (Kaine had served as Lt. Governor under Mark Warner). Mark Warner was expected to be a 2008 presidential candidate, but declined to run citing family reasons. 

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