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So the guitarist in Rage Against the Machine,  Paul Ryan's favorite band, called Ryan an "extreme fringe right wing nut job." Sometimes love isn't mutual.

Read guitarist Tom Morello's op-ed on Paul Ryan in Rolling Stone over here.

The House said "Oh, hells no" to coughing up $700 billion to bail out Wall Street.  The bill would have given the U.S. Trasury a $700 billion line of credit to buy the bad mortages, securities and financial assets that are undermining the security of the U.S. economy and threatening to send the country into a recession. 

The final vote was 228 to 205 against passing the bill.  Members of both parties voted across parties lines.

When it started looking like the bill wouldn't pass, the Dow fell by as much as 700 points.  If you don't follow the stock market, all you need to know is that's not a good thing.



Marchesa designer Georgina Chapan and producer Harvey Weinstein walk the red carpet at the premiere of Oceans 13 at the 2007 International Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France.  Photo credit: Pascal le Segretain, Getty Images Europe. 

Every woman has faked it. Admit it, you know you have.  And your man didn't notice.  But if he did notice, he would he even care anyway?

Yes, says movie mogul/Halston owner/Project Runway producer Harvey Weinstein. There are sensitive men out there who do care, and he's of them.  To stop the fakers, Weinstein wants Congress to get all up in your bedroom..bedroom closet, that is.. and pass the Design Piracy Prohibition Act to prevent the manufacture of (and indirectly, use of) fake designer handbags, dresses and other products. 

You see, the drama all started when a clothing manufacturer bragged that he was going to copy a Marchesa dress designed by Weinstein's fiancee, Georgina Chapman, straight off the red carpet.  Under current U.S. law, it's okay to copy a design, so long as you don't copy the designer's trademarked logos.  When Weinstein learned that Chapman's dress could be copied and she couldn't do jack to stop it, he got a serious attitude - serious! - and began work to change U.S. law.

Under the proposed Design Piracy Prohibition Act, fashion designers would have copyright protection of their designs for three years.  Congress and fakers be warned, Weinstein says he's not effing around: "I might not know how to sew a dress and I might not know how to design a piece of jewelry, but I'm pretty good at a street fight and I bet you I get this bill passed." 

It's on now.

gucci black python.jpg

This one's a real screamer! Gucci in python at Neiman Marcus for $3,690. 

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LaToria and Meghan.jpg

BFFs La-Toria Haven and Meghan McCain campaign for Meghan's dad, Sen. John McCain. Photo from

Amidst all the hoopla about Al Gore's Noble Peace Prize win for his work to spread awareness about global warning, La-Toria Haven, BFF to Sen. John McCain's daughter Meghan, wants to make sure that Sen. McCain gets a piece of that action.  She highlights Sen. McCain's record on environmental advocacy and links to Republicans for Environmental Protection  in her blog entry today at McCainBlogette.  McCainBlogette follows the adventures of Meghan McCain and her friends on the campaign trail. Those of you polichicks who wear red dresses with your stilettos, check it out.

Wendy Chavez (real name Wendy Ellis) is a former prostitute who claims that she had a paid sexual relationship with Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) for 4 months.  In response to Vitter's denial (he claims that he only had sex with prostitutes in Washington DC), she has produced the results of a lie detector test that indicate that she is telling the truth.  She held a press conference with Hustler publisher Larry Flynt to discuss her relationship with Vitter and the test results.  Read more and watch the press conference here.

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