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Holy guacamole!  Mike Huckabee is 22 points ahead of Mitt Romney in the latest Newsweek poll of likely voters in Iowa.  Barack Obama is 6 points ahead of Hillary Clinton in Iowa among likely voters.

Cocktails for the Obama campaign!

Iowa isn't exactly on the east side, but Barack Obama is movin' on up in favor among Democrats there. A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that 30% of likely Democratic caucus goers in Iowa support Obama for president over rivals Hillary Clinton (26%), John Edwards (22%) and Bill Richardson (11%).  

A four point lead ain't exactly a landslide, but it's still a good reason for some celebratory drinktime (or at least a few minutes of internet shoptime).  Click here to get the party started!

A new Rasmussen poll released Novermber 7th shows that Hillary Clinton's lead in the New Hampshire Primary has fallen, but she still retains a double digit lead over all of her rivals.  Here are the poll results:

Hillary Clinton         34%

Barack Obama        24%

John Edwards          15%

Bill Richardson         8%

Chris Dodd               3%

Joe Biden                 3%

Dennis Kucinich        2%

Mike Gravel              1%

Clinton had a 16 point lead (38% to 22%) over nearest rival Obama in the last Rasmussen poll realeased on October 27th.  Prior to that, Clinton put up a 23 point advantage over Obama (40% to 17%) in a Rasmussen poll realeased on September 18th

Those who say African Americans base their voting decisions solely on race are totally wrong.

Hillary Clinton has widened her democratic primary lead over rival Barack Obama (who, we all know, happens to be African American), thanks to the support of African American registered democrats.  A recent CNN poll shows that African Americans support Clinton over Obama 57% to 33%.  Clinton takes a greater lead among African American women, who support her over Obama 68% to 25%.  African American men are split betwen the two candidates, with 42% favoring Clinton and 46% favoring Obama.

Clinton has also secured the endorsements of two prominent African American congressmen , Rep. Charles Rangel and Rep. John Lewis.




Hillary Clinton AP Photo.jpg

Democratic Presidential hopeful, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y. talks on a cell phone upon her arrival at a Presidential Health Care Forum, sponsored by Families USA and the Federation of American Hospitals, Thursday, Oct. 18, 2007, in Washington. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Mark Penn, Hillary Clinton's pollster, said that 24% of Republican women could support Clinton over Barack Obama  because of "the emotional element of potentially having the first woman nominee."  The Obama camp disagrees.


Pollster: GOP women will support Clinton [AP]


A mere 414 days until the election a new SurveyUSA poll finds newly announced Democrat Mark Warner crushing potential Republican rivals Tom Davis, Jim Gilmore and George Allen in the Virginia Senate race:

Warner (D) 62%
Davis (R) 27%

Warner (D) 60%
Gilmore (R) 32%

Warner (D) 56%
Allen (R) 37%

After barely a week in the Republican primary race, Fred Thompson catches Rudy Giuiliani.  CNN reports that they are now neck and neck, according to a recent poll.

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