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When it comes to getting a job in politics, working for Barack Obama ain't the only game in town.  You could work for NGP Software, which is (says them) "the leading national software and technology consulting firm serving Democrats and their allies."

NGP Software has two positions to fill:

Staff Assistant - Sales and Marketing

Accounting Assistant

Information on how to apply is after the jump. 

Employers can email jobs to


After winning the election, President elect Barack Obama asked the Polichicks what's going on in our lives and how can he help as president. 

 "Ain't nothing going on but the rent, Barry, so we need a job," we told him.  "And we could use a cute new pair of flats.  Ummm.. to pound the pavement...."

So to ensure that all Polichicks and other Americans always have money for a fly pair of shoes and a roof over our head, Obama came up with a plan to save or create 2.5 million jobs.  And to start, he's hiring some folks himself.

If you would like to work for the new Obama administration, go on over to to apply.  Don't be dicouraged by the fact that 290,000 Americans have already applied.  Hey, if a skinny kid with a funny ridiculous name can become President of the United States, surely you can get a job as his schlep. Just bring your A game and you'll be straight.

You might also want to work for the Presidential Inaugural Committee.  To apply to do that, go to

Good luck, kids!

Update: Read more about seeking a position in the new administration over here.


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