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In a Facebook post Thursday, Chelsea Clinton welcomed her dad to Twitter.  She might as well have announced that her mom will run for president in 2016.

Let's see...  Bill Clinton is on Twitter.  Chelsea, who is well known for shunning publicity and shooing away the press, has become an active participant on Facebook.  And Chelsea gives TED talks to teens that are then circulated online.

It's called early adoption of a social media strategy folks.  Of course Hillary is running.

We reported in the Daily Polichicks that when Hillary Clinton was asked by a Congolese student about Bill Clinton's opinion (intead of hers) on a Chinese loan to Congo, she responded, "Are you effing kidding me?! I'm Secretary of State, not Bill!"  That's not an exact quote, but whatever, close enough. 

If you're going to be a stickler for accuracy, maybe you should check out the Washington Post or some other publication that subscribes to the ethics of journalism and pays for fact checkers.  We report just enough to get by at a cocktail party.  Besides, if you were a guest at a cocktail party on your third or fourth mojito, well, then "are you effing kidding me?!" would be exactly what Hillary Clinton said. But we digress....

Anyhoo-  we can't really blame Hillary for being miffed if the questioner valued the opinion of the "man of the house" rather than that of "the little lady."  On the other hand, one never really knows why a question is being asked, so it's best not to make assumptions.  The questioner, who asked about Dikembe Mutombo's opinion as well as Bill Clinton's, may have wanted to know Bill's opinion simply out of curiosity or to see if it differed from Hillary's.  According to the Associated Press, the French speaking student who asked the question in English approached Hillary after the event was over and explained that he had actually intended to ask her for President Obama's opinion.

Here's the vid.  Watch and formulate your own opinion.


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In case you missed it, here's the press conference at which President elect Barack Obama announced his selections for his national security team.  (He had the decency not to hold the conference during Tyra this time, thank the Lord.)

Warning:  The video is 27 minutes long, because each of Obama's nominees wanted to yap on the mike for a bit. (Hey, they are politicos, aren't they?)

The nominees make up a team diverse in race, sex, ideology, geography and political party affiliation.  Here's the scoop on them, pulled straight from an email sent by the Obama transition team:

Hillary Clinton, U.S. Senator from New York and former First Lady, will serve as Secretary of State.

Secretary Robert Gates, the current Secretary of Defense, will continue to serve in that role.

Eric Holder, former Deputy Attorney General and a former United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, will serve as Attorney General.

Janet Napolitano, Governor and former U.S. Attorney for Arizona, will serve as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

Dr. Susan E. Rice, a Senior Foreign Policy Advisor to the Obama for America campaign, a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, and former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, will serve as Ambassador to the United Nations.

General Jim Jones, USMC (Ret), former Allied Commander, Europe, and Commander of the United States European Command, will serve as National Security Advisor.


Are we seriously doing a Meet and Greet to introduce you to Hillary Clinton?  Ummm... no.

What could we say about her that you don't already know anyway?  Married some guy named Bill?  Ran for president?  Put 18 million cracks in the proverbial glass ceiling?

(Uhh... you do know all of that don't you?)

Since we're doing Meet and Greets for members of Obama's new administration, we don't want to leave Hillary out even though she's already well known.  Internationally.  So we're doing this technical Meet and Greet for Hillary to mention just one little factoid:

  • Hillary has one thing in common with Barack: she's a tease.  First Obama teases that he's probably going to ask Hillary to serve as Secretary of State (Oh, Americans, let the anticipation excite you!) and then Hillary hints that she'll probably accept (Americans, work yourselves into a frenzy at the thought!).  Now the latest is that Hillary will accept.  So expect a formal announcement sometime after Thanksgiving that Barack has chosen Hillary to serve as our new Secretary of State.

Har dee har har

The economy sucks, so we thought we'd tickle your funny bone to make you feel better.  In this David Letterman clip, Chris Rock gives Bill Clinton the heads up that Hillary lost.



So, did Chris have you rolling on the floor, laughing your ass off?  Or did you take offense to his comments? 

Do you think the Clintons support Barack Obama for real or just in public because they "have" to?  Holla in the comments, yo.

Throughout the election season, John McCain has emphasized his "experience" while Barack Obama has focused on "change."  At the Republican convention, however, speeches made by McCain and his running mate Sarah Palin showed a move toward Obama's message of change:

Palin on McCain and change

In politics, there are some candidates who use change to promote their careers. And then there are those, like John McCain, who use their careers to promote change.

McCain on change

We [Republicans] were elected to change Washington, and we let Washington change us.


I know some of you have been left behind in the changing economy and it often seems your government hasn't even noticed. Government assistance for unemployed workers was designed for the economy of the 1950s. That's going to change on my watch.


We need to change the way government does almost everything....

Why the change to change? 

Well, why not? The change message has certainly worked for Obama.  "Change" changed Obama from a relatively unknown senator to a cultural icon and political force to be reckoned with. Change is no longer just Obama's message; it's an American movement, the new cause of choice for millions of citizens. McCain wants a piece of that action (and some of those votes), and he's willing to copycat Obama to get it. 

And then there is the lesson that McCain learned from Hillary Clinton, who ran a campaign based on experience straight into the ground.   She beat voters over the heads with her experience, telling them over and over again that she was the candidate who would be "ready on day one" of her presidency. But her experience message didn't push her ahead of Obama. So she added change to her repertoire at the end of the democratic primary, but by then it was too late.  Now she wishes she could change that, and McCain doesn't want to make her mistake.

Do you think McCain's new change message (or old change message, when you consider that Obama has been preaching it for over a year now) will get him to The White House?  Tell us in the comments above.

Chelsea Clinton wishes her mom and all moms a happy mother's day, reminding everyone: "Your little girls can be anything they want to be when they grow up, even if it's to be the second woman president of the United States."

(Hmm.. this video must have been filmed before Barack Obama's big NC victory, but the sentiment is nice just the same.)


Where is a good Apollo clown when you need one?  That's what Rev. Al Sharpton wants to know:

The worst thing in the world is when an entertainer doesn't know when the show is over. The audience is gone, the lights are down, you're getting ready to cut the mics off and you are still on the stage singing. It's over, it's all right, it's over. Come sing another day, but this show is over, Sen. Clinton.

(Shout out: Politico)

"You're wearing that?!" We've all gasped in utter shock and asked our mom that question at least once too many times. And our moms have (unreasonably) asked us the same.

No different from the next mom, Hillary Clinton likes to wear embarassing outfits and complain that her daughter's floor length skirts are "too short."  She dishes on her experiences as a mom in an interview and town hall meeting sponsored by momlogic, a website that's totally biased in support of your mother's point of view.

View the momlogic interview and town hall exclusive with Hillary Clinton here.



We're back!  Thank you for your patience. And here's your Daily Polichicks for Tuesday.

Campaign '08:

Superdelegates 101: Here's all you need to know about them. [NPR]

And more important, here's what to wear to the voting booth. [MTV News]

Cindy McCain's "McCain family recipies" from The Food Network and Rachael Ray.  How do you steal from Rachael Ray? [The Huffington Post]

Republican Congressman from Kentucky calls Barack Obama a "boy." WTF? [AP]

Pro-life Pennsylvania lawmakers endorse pro-choice Barack Obama. [The Washington Post]

Hillary Clinton's Top 3 Mistakes on the campaign trail. [Marie Claire]


Hillary Clinton might want to make a 3 a.m. call to 50 Cent.  After months of standing behind Clinton, 50 tells MTV News that he's now an undecided voter.


"Choose or Lose Presents Clinton & Obama Answer Young Veterans" will air Thursday on six MTV channels and www.chooseorlose.com at 6 p.m. EST.  During the hour long special, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will engage in a frank discussion with young veterans about the war and veterans issues. (John McCain was invited but couldn't participate due to scheduling conflicts.)

One participating young veteran is Cristina Correa, a 23 year old Army veteran who was deployed to Iraq and Kuwait.  Below she shares her experiences as a deployed soldier and as veteran back in the States: 

What women experience in combat

"Women can't be in combat jobs, although they can be in combat units.  I was in a transportation battalion. I drove on the road,  and I know many women who were truckdrivers who were on the road almost every day.  And they get improvised explosive devices;  IEDs explode in front of them all the time.  They get sniper fire. They experience the same things men do."

What she wants to hear from the presidential candidates

"What I want to hear from candidates is that they are going to take care of soldiers when they come back.  And they're are going to take care of the soldiers while they're [deployed]."

Did the military take care of her when she got back to the U.S.?

"I came back from Kuwait, my second deployment, in July, and I went to the Veterans Hospital [in Los Angeles, where I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder].  Unfortunately at this hospital and in the area we only have therapy groups for men, exclusively men. We don't have any for women, which was a big shock, because you're going to tell me I have post traumatic stress disorder and then tell me you can't give me any counseling. To me that was obviously very sexist that even though you're going to classify me with post traumatic stress disorder,  you can't give me any help because i'm a woman.... I haven't gotten counseling because of that."

You can watch iother young veterans tell their stories here.


Elton John will perform at Radio City Music Hall to raise money for Hillary Clinton.

Elton John Hillary Clinton.gif

Barack Obama has won the Wyoming caucuses with the support.  Here are the results:

Barack Obama: 59%

Hillary Clinton: 40%

Obama Rolling Stone.jpgRolling Stone has endorsed Barack Obama for president:

Obama has emerged by displaying precisely the kind of character and judgment we need in a president: renouncing the politics of fear, speaking frankly on the most pressing issues facing the country and sticking to his principles. He recognizes that running for president is an opportunity to inspire an entire nation.


On the matter of experience and capability, he has run an impressive, nearly flawless campaign -- one that whupped America's most hard-boiled political infighters. Indeed, Obama was far more prepared to run a presidential campaign -- from Day One -- than Senator Clinton.

Amidst high praises for Obama, the magazine went Simon Cowell on Hillary Clinton

All this was made clearer by the contrast with Hillary Clinton, a capable and personable senator who has run the kind of campaign that reminds us of what makes us so discouraged about our politics. Her campaign certainly proved her experience didn't count for much: She was a bad manager and a bad strategist who naturally and easily engaged in the politics of distraction, trivialization and personal attack.

Rolling Stone has several Barack Obama features in the magazine and on its website this month:

Cover Story: Barack Obama'a Machinery of Hope

Photo Story: Barack Obama, A History in 64 Pictures

An Endorsement: Barack Obama for President

Campaign '08:

Holy cash cow! Barack Obama raises $55 million in February, smashing fundraising records and beating Hillary Clinton by $20 million. [The Washington Post]

Obama senior staffer calls Hillary Clinton a "monster."  [The Scotsman (UK paper)] (Hat tip: Politico)

Shirley Chisolm, an African American congresswoman who ran for president in 1972, paved the way for both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. "I ran for the presidency, despite hopeless odds, to demonstrate the sheer will and refusal to accept the status quo," she wrote in her book The Good Fight. "The next time a woman runs, or a black, a Jew or anyone from a group that the country is 'not ready' to elect to its highest office, I believe that he or she will be taken seriously from the start." [Seattle Post-Intelligencer] (Hat tip: Black Superwomen)

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg will not run for president.  [MTV News]

Democratic candidates raised more money than Republican candidates, but the RNC is raising more money and has more cash on hand than the DNC. [The New York Times]

Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett Packard and trailblazer for women corporate executives, will chair the RNC's Victory organization, which is the party's primary voter contact organization. Fiorina is one of three top John McCain loyalists appointed to senior RNC positions to help facilitate communications between the party and the campaign. [Politico]


U.S. News:

Green Bay Packer Brett Favre says retires and says a tearful goodbye to football fans.  Favre is the NFL's only three time MVP and holds several other playing records. [AP]

Foreclosures hit an all-time high and are up 71% from a year ago. [Money]

Abraham Lincoln's 1864 letter to 165 children who petitioned him to free America's "little slave children" goes up for auction at Sotheby's this spring.  The letter has an estimated worth of $3 to $5 million and is expected to become the most expensive Lincoln letter ever sold.  Sotheby's will also auction off over 100 writings by other American presidents and historical figures. [AP]


World News:

A gunman killed eight students at a Jewish seminary in Jerusalem.  The attack may hurt U.S. efforts to broker peace in the Middle East. [The Washington Post]

Campaign '08:

Hillary Clinton is back.  She won Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island in Tuesday's primaries.  Rival Barack Obama won Vermont.  On the Republican ticket, John McCain won all 4 states and scored enough delegates to snag the Republican nomination. [The New York Times]

Mike Huckabee dropped out of the presidential race Tuesday.  "It's been a heckuva run," he said. [CNN]

Why hasn't Katie Couric, the highest paid news anchor, moderated a debate? Some say CBS News hasn't hosted a debate because of cost and lack of organization, leaving Katie disappointed. [The New York Observer]

Chelsea Clinton and Meghan McCain have totally different styles.  Each is helping her parent on the campaign trail in her own way. [Politico]

Jack McCain talks about his life as a McCain in the Navy and shares this advice from his dad: "'Don't lie, cheat or steal - anything else is fair game." [Navy Scout]


U.S. News:

The gym at Harvard is off limits to men a couple of hours each week to accomodate Muslim women who cannot work out in front of men. This policy is causing drama on campus, as some students think it's unfair while others don't mind it.  [CNN]

Jack Nicholson dishes on why he won't run for office ("I like my job."), his advice to friend Warren Beatty who just might run for office ("...I remind him that we've  got the best job.") and how he wishes politicians would stop calling celebrities "Hollywood nitwits" ("They can't get along without us.") in Part 2 of his interview with MTV News.  (We told you about Part 1 -where he endorses Hillary Clinton- here.)  [MTV News]


World News:

Cubans are frustrated by government restrictions that forbid them to travel to foreign countries, access the internet or use facilities, like hotels, that are reserved for tourists.  There's not much hope that new president Raul Castro, brother of Fidel, will do much to change this. [The Los Angeles Times]



Camapign '08:

The Latino youth vote is growing.  400,000 U.S. born Latinos have or will turn 18 in time to vote in the presidential election. [AP

John McCain faces early campaign troubles, such as accusations of an extra-marital affair, problems with the FEC, low fundraising, and a party rival (Mike Huckabee) who just won't quit. [Politico]

Women voters are split along class lines.  More educated, higher income women support Barack Obama, and less educated, working class women are with Hillary Clinton.  This is not so good for the Clinton campaign, which banked on sweeping women. [The Washington Post]

Barack Obama is "just like us." Check out this slideshow about how Obama is just a regular dude. [US Weekly]

U.S. News:

Condolences go to Elizabeth Edwards, who lost her father Saturday in Chapel Hill.  Vincent Anania was 87 years old and will be buried in Arlington National Cemetary. [CNN]

The first African American police officers in Georgia couldn't drink out of the "whites only" water fountain in the station house, arrest a white suspect unless a white officer was present, or use the station locker room to change into their uniforms.  They also couldn't participate in the Georgia state-supported supplemental police officers' pension program until 1976.  So retired African American police officers who began service before 1976 now receive a pension that is hundreds of dollars less per month than their white counterparts.  They have fought for a equal pension benefits for years, but the state of Georgia just won't budge.  "We can't fix everything for everybody," said state Sen. Bill Heath, chairman of the Senate Retirement Committee. So, sadly, our retired heroes will spend their golden years in court. [CNN]

World News:

Marion Cotillard, who won the Oscar for Best Actress just days ago, said in an interview that she believes the 911 attacks and 1969 moonwalk were hoaxes.  About 911, she said that the Twin Towers were expensive to maintain and were destroyed because it would have been too expensive to modernize them. [The Guardian (UK paper)]

A new BBC documentary claims that Mick Jagger escaped assasination by the Hells Angeles in 1969.  Jagger allegedly feuded with the gang over concert security. [AP]

Back from Afghanistan, a humble Harry said "I wouldn't say I'm a hero,"  and that he's "looking forward to having a bath." [People]

Vladimir Putin's friend, Dmitry Medvedev, won Russia's presidential election in a landslide victory, taking 70% of the vote.  Some unhappy Russians say the election was rigged.  [CNN]


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar blogs about the achievements of Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, an African American surgeon who was the first of any race to perform open heart surgery.  Dr. Williams is also known for co-founding the National Medical Association for African American doctors, when the American Medical Association refused allow African American members. [The Los Angeles Times]



Haven't done the qwickie news briefs in a bit.  We'll try to do it more regularly.


Campaign '08:

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton duked it out over health care, Iraq and NAFTA during a debate Tuesday in Cleveland, OH. [The Washington Post]

Fearing Barack Obama's "unknown quality," some military leaders feel a little shaky about Obama as Commander in Chief.  [Washington Times]

Ralph Nader announced his candidacy for president.  He's on the Green Party ticket.  [USA Today]

Chris Dodd endorsed former rival Barack Obama for president.  Dodd dropped out of the presidential race back in January. [CNN]

John McCain denies romantic and professional impropriety with female lobbyist. [The New York Times]


U.S. News:

More Americans are saying no to that old-time religion. They are switching religions or losing faith all together.  [CNN]


World News:

A big earthquake shook England Wednesday morning.  The quake measured 5.2 on the Richter scale and is said to be the biggest to hit the UK in 25 years. [The Guardian]

Pakistan banned YouTube in the country.  In an effort to block Pakistanis' access to the site, the Pakistani Telecommunications Authority knocked out access to the site worldwide for 2 hours. [CNN]

The New York Philharmonic received a standing ovation after their historic performance in Pyongyang, North Korea on Tuesday.  The Philharmonic is the first major orchestra to play behind the country's iron curtain.  [AP]

Thumbnail image for TV_retro brn wall paper_iStock_000005015948XSmall.jpgNext stop on the camapign trail for the Democrats: Ohio for the the final debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama before the March 4th primaries.  It should be a good rumble, since the Clinton and Obama campaigns are pretty much at war with each other now. Clinton has accused Obama of sending out a mailer that misrepresents her health care plan and her position on NAFTA. Obama is mad at Clinton for circulating photos of him dressed like a genie.   

In reference to pre-debate tensions, Obama said, "I'm sure we'll have a vigorous debate."  Clinton said, "I'm not afraid to go toe to toe."  To clarify how the candidates really feel, let's (loosely) quote Yung Joc: "Meet me on the trail.  It's goin' down....Anywhere you meet me guaranteed to go down."

Watch it go down tonight at 9 EST on MSNBC.

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