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Barack Obama Rolling Stone Cover Second.jpgBarack Obama scored his second cover of RollingStone this month.  Inside the mag is an in-depth interview with the senator.  Audio is over here and a few highlights are below. 

What's on Barry's iPod:

An eclectic collection of Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Earth Wind & Fire, Jay-Z, Elton John, the Rolling Stones, Howlin' Wolf, Yo Yo Ma, Sheryl Crow, and more.  Get the full scoop on Obama's musical tastes over here.

What gave him "the juice and the confidence" (reporter's words) that he could win the presidency:


Three books that inspired him:

"Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon, the tragedies of William Shakespeare and probably Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls."

What he calls Bruce Springsteen:

The Boss, because "you've got to."

How rap has helped desegregate American music:

"By definition, rock & roll is rebel music, which means if it's not being criticized, it's probably not doing its job. I am troubled sometimes by the misogyny and materialism of a lot of rap lyrics, but I think the genius of the art form has shifted the culture and helped to desegregate music. Music was very segregated back in the Seventies and Eighties -- you'll remember that when MTV first came on, it wasn't until Thriller that they played Michael."

He doesn't play:

"...I don't do cowering. You have to respond forcefully, quickly and truthfully to attacks."

His parting words (to the reporter):

"Ok, brother - take care."

Obama Rolling Stone.jpgRolling Stone has endorsed Barack Obama for president:

Obama has emerged by displaying precisely the kind of character and judgment we need in a president: renouncing the politics of fear, speaking frankly on the most pressing issues facing the country and sticking to his principles. He recognizes that running for president is an opportunity to inspire an entire nation.


On the matter of experience and capability, he has run an impressive, nearly flawless campaign -- one that whupped America's most hard-boiled political infighters. Indeed, Obama was far more prepared to run a presidential campaign -- from Day One -- than Senator Clinton.

Amidst high praises for Obama, the magazine went Simon Cowell on Hillary Clinton

All this was made clearer by the contrast with Hillary Clinton, a capable and personable senator who has run the kind of campaign that reminds us of what makes us so discouraged about our politics. Her campaign certainly proved her experience didn't count for much: She was a bad manager and a bad strategist who naturally and easily engaged in the politics of distraction, trivialization and personal attack.

Rolling Stone has several Barack Obama features in the magazine and on its website this month:

Cover Story: Barack Obama'a Machinery of Hope

Photo Story: Barack Obama, A History in 64 Pictures

An Endorsement: Barack Obama for President

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