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Thumbnail image for TV_retro brn wall paper_iStock_000005015948XSmall.jpgMTV's Emmy Award winning Choose or Lose campaign will take over MTV2 today to present programming that will engage its young adult audience in the plight of America's more than one million young troops who have served on the frontlines of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

MTV News and the 51 MTV/Knight Foundation Street Team will air special reports on young veterans issues.  These reports will highlight stories of young veterans in their communities, focusing on the challenges of post traumatic stress disorder, lack of educational benefits, and the difficulties young veterans face as they struggle to acclimate back into civilian life.  In addition to these reports, MTV2 will broadcast the following specials: 

6:00 pm - Iraq Uploaded

6:30 pm - True Life: I Live in Iraq

8:30 pm - True Life: I'm Shipping Out

9:30 pm - True Life: I'm Coming to America

10:30 pm - True Life: I'm a Civilian Again

John McCain and Barack Obama have each prepared special July 4th video messages in honor of our young troops that will air exclusively on MTV2 today. Recent MTV research shows that 70% of young adults 18 to 29 personally know someone who has fought in Iraq.

...you could register to vote in the 2008 election. 

Seventeen, MTV and Declare Yourself have teamed up to mobilize people to register to vote.  So they're co-sponsoring the "In the Time It Takes" video contest.  All you have to do to enter is create a viral  video that reminds folks that they can register to vote lickety split. 

If you want to see example videos, check out the ones done by Lauren Conrad, Audrina Partridge and Whitney Port of The Hills .  Just don't bite off what they did, k?

One grand-prize winner will receive a trip for two to Los Angeles to attend the Young Hollywood party. (Hel-lo.) Two Runners-up will each receive a $500 gift certificate to American Eagle Outfitters and an American Eagle Outfitters Declare Yourself T-shirt signed by the cast of The Hills.

Now, just so ya know, if this year's Young Hollywood party is anything like last year's, the contest winner will hobnob with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Nick Cannon, Hayden Panettiere, Lauren Conrad, Audrina Partridge, Romeo and Kristen Bell.  Definately the place to be, so go over here and enter to win.


"Choose or Lose Presents Clinton & Obama Answer Young Veterans" will air Thursday on six MTV channels and www.chooseorlose.com at 6 p.m. EST.  During the hour long special, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will engage in a frank discussion with young veterans about the war and veterans issues. (John McCain was invited but couldn't participate due to scheduling conflicts.)

One participating young veteran is Cristina Correa, a 23 year old Army veteran who was deployed to Iraq and Kuwait.  Below she shares her experiences as a deployed soldier and as veteran back in the States: 

What women experience in combat

"Women can't be in combat jobs, although they can be in combat units.  I was in a transportation battalion. I drove on the road,  and I know many women who were truckdrivers who were on the road almost every day.  And they get improvised explosive devices;  IEDs explode in front of them all the time.  They get sniper fire. They experience the same things men do."

What she wants to hear from the presidential candidates

"What I want to hear from candidates is that they are going to take care of soldiers when they come back.  And they're are going to take care of the soldiers while they're [deployed]."

Did the military take care of her when she got back to the U.S.?

"I came back from Kuwait, my second deployment, in July, and I went to the Veterans Hospital [in Los Angeles, where I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder].  Unfortunately at this hospital and in the area we only have therapy groups for men, exclusively men. We don't have any for women, which was a big shock, because you're going to tell me I have post traumatic stress disorder and then tell me you can't give me any counseling. To me that was obviously very sexist that even though you're going to classify me with post traumatic stress disorder,  you can't give me any help because i'm a woman.... I haven't gotten counseling because of that."

You can watch iother young veterans tell their stories here.


John Edwards is all over MTV.com.  Former America's Top Model contestant, Kim Stolz, is following him on the campaign trail and posting a campaign diary there.  Read it and watch her inteview Edwards here.  (First question, "Okay, so why Iowa?") You can ask John a few questions yourself during the MySpace/MTV Presidential Dialogues session with him on Thursday at 12 EST.
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