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Comedians and political pundits have snickered the past few days about how effective - well, actually ineffective -they think John Kerry's endorsement will be for the Obama campaign. A few have had mad jokes about how Obama could lose the nomination because of Kerry. 

DMinMI, a DailyKos blogger, begs to differ.  DMinMI thinks the pundits have underestimated Kerry's cha-ching factor and argues that the fundraising lists that Kerry gave Obama will make him the most bestest BFF a guy running for president could ever ask for.  Read all about it here.



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Barack Obama and John Kerry in Charleston, SC. Photo credit: AP.

The Dems' 2004 presidential nominee, Sen. John Kerry, endorsed Barack Obama for president today at a rally in Charleston, SC.  Kerry said that "Barack Obama can help our country turn the page and get America moving by uniting and ending the division we have faced."  By endorsing Obama, Kerry dissed John Edwards, who was his running mate in '04.

Tom Brady_Patriots_Andy Lyons_Getty Images.jpg

Quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. Photo credit: Andy Lyons/Getty Images.

The fact that only 40% of Americans will vote doesn't get that much attention.  But when only 40% of Americans will see the Patriots play the Giants?!  Well, then all hell's gonna break loose.

The drama started when football fans found out that the NFL planned to broadcast the New England/New York game exclusively on the NFL Channel, which is available in only 40% of American homes. This is an important game for football fans because, rivalries aside, this game will determine whether New England will make history as the first team to go 16-0 in the regular season.  Who cares? Yeah, exactly. 

Anyway, the NFL hoped that fan anger would force Time Warner and Comcast to include the NFL Channel in basic cable packages, so all fans could see the games.  The NFL had been in a lengthy catfight with cable companies about this, and hoped that added fan pressure would help them get their way. 

Unfortunately for fans though, just like in the Story of Zax, neither side would budge.  So football fans seriously starting tripping that they might miss the game. Then a whole lot of them who don't even vote found out what a senator was and started calling their's to complain. 

Enter Sen. John Kerry (D-MA), Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) and Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT). [Insert Superman theme song here.]

Sen. Kerry pressured the cable companies and the NFL to work things out.  Sen. Specter and Sen Leahy sent the NFL a letter threatening to revisit their anti-trust exception if the game was not more widely broadcast.  Of notable mention is that the good senators worked on this constituent matter through their Christmas vacation.  [Overheard in hell: "Mmm, these frostie pops sure are good!"]

This story has a happy ending: the game will now be simulcast on the NFL Channel, CBS and NBC, and all of the American people can watch on Saturday.  This will be the first 3 network simulcast of a NFL game in history, and the first simulcast of a NFL game since the 1967 inaugural Superbowl following the merger of the National Football League and the American Football League.

Who cares?  Yeah, exactly. 


A University of Florida student was arrested by campus police after he angrily and repeatedly asked Sen. John Kerry questions about the war, the 2004 election and his involvement in Yale's Sculls and Bones Society.  The student was asked several times to stop the questioning after his time was up.  When approached by campus police, the student resisted arrest and police tasered him.  While this was happening, Sen. Kerry could be heard saying "It's alright.  I'll answer his question," "Let me answer it" and "it's a very important question."  A video recording of the incident is below.




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