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Oh dear.

John Edwards admitted today that he had an extramarital affair with former staffer Rielle Hunter The National Enquirer has reported for about a year now that Edwards had sexual relationship with Hunter and fathered her child.  Edwards repeatedly denied and dismissed the Enquirer's allegations as "tabloid trash" until now.  He still denies that he is the father of Hunter's baby.

to let us know that John Edwards just endorsed him for real like a minute ago.  Obviously, we're among the first Barry told, because we have it like that.  You can have it like that too, if you text HOPE to 62262 or sign up over here (and get you a new ring tone while you're at it). 

Tell Bar we said 'sup.

Although Bill and Hillary Clinton double teamed Barack Obama with attacks in South Carolina, Barack won the state's primary on Saturday anyway.  By a lot. Here are the results:

  • Barack Obama - 55%
  • Hillary Clinton -  27%
  • John Edwards - 18%

Twice as many people voted for Barack than Hillary.  And it looks like Bill Clinton's attacks on Barack hurt Hillary.  60% of voters participating in exit polls said that the former president's campaigning was an important factor in their decision.  Of those, 47% went for Obama and 38% for Clinton. 

Note to Bill: Play nice in the sandbox!  And no throwing mud.

Kate Edwards.jpgMeghan McCain isn't the only potential first daughter in the blogosphere.  Cate Edwards also has a blog.  We found it buried deep in the John Edwards for President website. 

Looks like Cate stopped updating her bog in the fall, probably because that's when she started classes at Harvard Law School.  (Smarty pants!)  Nonetheless, her blog gives full scoop about her life on the trail during the early stages of her father's campaign. 

Write again soon, Cate!  We want to know what's up!

Photo from johnedwards.com.



Obama and Kerry AP.jpg

Barack Obama and John Kerry in Charleston, SC. Photo credit: AP.

The Dems' 2004 presidential nominee, Sen. John Kerry, endorsed Barack Obama for president today at a rally in Charleston, SC.  Kerry said that "Barack Obama can help our country turn the page and get America moving by uniting and ending the division we have faced."  By endorsing Obama, Kerry dissed John Edwards, who was his running mate in '04.


John Edwards. Photo credit: Politico.com.

Hillary Clinton's BFF is John Edwards. As long as he's in the race, he keeps the "change" vote from consolidating behind Barack Obama.  If that happens, uh oh for the Clinton campaign.

John Edwards's holiday message asks us to remember homeless veterans. Nice thought. Boring video.


Cocktails for the Obama campaign!

Iowa isn't exactly on the east side, but Barack Obama is movin' on up in favor among Democrats there. A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that 30% of likely Democratic caucus goers in Iowa support Obama for president over rivals Hillary Clinton (26%), John Edwards (22%) and Bill Richardson (11%).  

A four point lead ain't exactly a landslide, but it's still a good reason for some celebratory drinktime (or at least a few minutes of internet shoptime).  Click here to get the party started!


Here's the latest ad from Hillary Clinton.  It's a near tear jerker and features a grateful father who tells us that Hillary helped his son get a bone marrow transplant.  We got all choked up when dad delivered these lines:  "Now her opponents say that Hillary can't be trusted?  I trusted this woman to save my son's life.  And she did."

Take that, John Edwards.

hillary-plant.jpgThe John Edwards campaign announced on Thursday that they put up a website called plantsforhillary.com.  Designed to call attention to allegations that the Hillary Clinton campaign planted a student to ask Clinton a scripted question at an event, the website featured photos of house plants and invited visitors to "plant" a question for Clinton using an online form .

The site was up on Friday, but when we went to make a screenshot of it for this post on Saturday, we discovered that the site has crashed or been taken down.  There has been speculation that Edwards's attacks on Clinton are backfiring and turning voters against him, so we think his campaign took the site down for that reason.

Photo from plantsforhillary.com.  

The "Bitch" is back

Those who are quick to call Hillary Clinton a "bitch" have to admit this: the "bitch" is bad.

Clinton led tonight's debate and reaffirmed her control over the Democratic primary  race.  Barack Obama and John Edwards gave less than stellar performances and were booed by the audience at times.  The other candidates may as well have been pieces of furniture, as the moderator and questioners were clearly focused on the top 3 candidates. 

So here's the rundown:

1. Debate opening format reinforced frontrunners' status. The opening format of the debate reinforced perceptions that Clinton is the frontrunner, Obama and Edwards are second and thrid respectively, and the other candidates are just accessories.  The first question went to Clinton, then the moderator invited Obama to pipe in and a debate ensued between the #1 and #2 candidates.  Next Edwards was invited to join the debate.  The first 15 minutes or so of the debate were very heated and focused only on the top 3 candidates.  They catfought about social security, healthcare and giving drivers licenses to undocumented workers.  The other candidates either weren't permitted to speak or spoke very little during this time.

2. Barack Obama attacked Clinton for "triangulating" and then "triangulated" himself. Obama called out Clinton for waffling in the last debate on whether or not undocumented workers should have drivers licenses, noting that she didn't take a clear stand on the matter until 2 weeks following the debate.  After all the candidates catfought over the matter, each candidate was asked for a yes or no answer to whether or not they support giving drivers licenses to undocumented workers.  Obama babbled through his less than crystal clear answer. In contrast, Clinton gave a firm, one-word response: "No."

Obama did give a funny one-liner though, when making the point that whether or not undocumented workers can have drivers licenses is not a core issue to improving immigration policy. "Undocumented workers don't come here to drive," he said. (Okay, maybe you had to be there, but it was really funny when he said it). 

3. Edwards's agressive attacks on Cinton may have backfired.   In response to a question about whether he will support the Democratic candidate no matter who she it is, Edwards asked, "Is that a planted question?" (referring to allegations that Clinton once planted a student to ask her a question at an event).   The joke got little laughter, if any.  Edwards also got booed by the audience, when he commented on Clinton's answer to a question on gender.

4. Clinton's gender question answer was bad ass.  Clinton's answer to the gender card question was one that reaffirmed her position as frontrunner, shared experiences that every woman can relate to, and psyched women up to have our first woman president. Watch part of her answer below.   



Have the girls over for cocktails and catch the Democratic debate together.  Tonight, CNN and the Nevada Democratic Party will host the 5th of 6 primary debates endorsed by the DNC.  The catfight will air at 8 EST/5 PST.

Predictions:  Edwards will agressively attack Clinton.  Obama will attack her too, but he'll try to act all "innocent" about it.  Richardson won't attack Clinton, because he's really running for veep or a cabinet position at this point.  He'll suck up to her defend her just like he did in the last debate.  Clinton will hold her own.  She's a bad mamma jamma.


John Edwards is the new flavor of the month at Ben & Jerry's ice cream.  Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben & Jerry's (he's the Ben), has annouced that he supports Edwards for president.

Does this mean that we can expect to see a new John Edwards flavor on supermarket shelves soon?  Cohen says no and that there are no plans for a John Edwards flavor. 

But if there ever is a John Edwards flavor, hypothetically speaking, what will it be like? "It's not going to be a very fluffy flavor," Cohen said. "It's going to be a very solid flavor." He mentioned "Captain Courageous Crunch" as a possiblity.

Seriously. We don't make this stuff up.

Elizabeth Edwards often has made the excuse that her husband, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, doesn't get as much media attention as rivals Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton because he's not black or a woman.  "We can't make John black, we can't make him a woman," she said. [Mmm... no, but like Obama and Clinton, you could come up with better campaign strategies to get up in the polls, make your campaign more interesting and attract more media attention.]

The Washington Post examines whether John and Elizabeth Edwards are trying to appeal to people who may not want to vote for Barack Obama because he's African American or Hillary Clinton because she's a woman.



Carla Babb, a journalism student at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, wondered why John Edwards based his poverty focused presidential campaign in an affluent Chapel Hill neighborhood, rather than in a low income community that would better reflect his message about ending poverty.  She videotaped interviews with Chapel Hill residents about the issue (they were split), and the video was later posted on the University's website and YouTube. 

The video got few hits and went virtually unnoticed, until the Edwards campaign tried to get it taken off the web.    Babb said, "I was completely shocked to get a phone call from the Edwards campaign saying that the story was straight from the Republican Party and that we needed to take it down."  The campaign also threatened that leaving the video up would harm the Edwards' relationship with UNC (ie., no more alumni contributions from us, Tar Heels!).  Both John and Elizabeth Edwards attended law school at the University.

See also:

Edwards campaign tried to stop student's TV story, professor says [AP]

Edwards tussles with UNC j-school [The News and Observer]



From The Hotline:

October 01, 2007

Quote Of The Day

From today's Hotline:

"The choice was pretty easy for me, obviously. Not like Giuliani's daughter."

-- Cate Edwards, NBC/National Journal, 9/29.

[Cate is making reference to Caroline's preference for Barack Obama over her own father, presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani.]

John Edwards is all over MTV.com.  Former America's Top Model contestant, Kim Stolz, is following him on the campaign trail and posting a campaign diary there.  Read it and watch her inteview Edwards here.  (First question, "Okay, so why Iowa?") You can ask John a few questions yourself during the MySpace/MTV Presidential Dialogues session with him on Thursday at 12 EST.


  Edwards Labor Day_ campaign site.jpg In a Labor Day speech in Pittsburgh, Democratic Presidential Candidate John Edwards promised to make joining a union easier (by requiring only a signature on a membership card) and protect workers' right to strike (by outlawing the use of replacement workers during strikes). 

Edwards' efforts to attract labor support have paid off. Prior to his speech on Monday, the United Steelworkers and United Mine Workers of America endorsed him.  (The United Steelworkers has 850,000 members and, according to the Edwards campaign, is the largest private industrial union in the United States.)  The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners has also endorsed Edwards.

Other Democratic candidates have also scored with unions. The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers and the United Transportation Union have endorsed Sen. Hillary Clinton. The International Association of Fire Fighters has endorsed Sen. Chris Dodd.

For more, see USA Today and Edwards' campaign blogYou can also watch part of Edwards' Labor Day rally here.


Campaigning Kids

Watch MSNBC video on the role of candidates' kids on the campaign trail here.

Hillary Clinton addresses whether she's "black enough" to represent African Americans as president. Donna Brazile (Democratic commentator) and Terry Jeffrey (Republican commentator) say that African Americans vote based on a candidate's position on the issues, rather than the candidate's race.  They also discuss immigration and Elizabeth Edward's role as attack dog in the Edwards campaign.  Watch it here.
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