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So what's this brou ha ha over Proposition 8, and why did someone make a musical about it?

It all started when the California Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage is a-okay, opening the gates of matrimony to same-sex couples.  Gay rights opponents were appalled, so they came up with Proposition 8: a California ballot initiative that sought to change the California state constitution to restrict marriage to boy-girl couples only.

Prop 8 passed with flying colors (presumably not rainbow colors) and gays could marry no more...   Hence the drama. 

Gay and gay friendly Americans were angry and offended, so they began to protest.  Some picketed, others wrote articles, and one - Academy Award and Tony Award winner Mark Shaiman - created a musical with an all-star cast, great show tunes and dancing.  Fabulosity aside, the gist of the musical is this: Prop 8 = hate.

Asked by Keith Olberman how the muisical came about, Shaiman said "As you can tell from the video, it clearly all started when I was born really, really gay...."


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