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Jackie Kucinich

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Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich's daughter Jackie at a book party in DC.  Shout out to BigHeadDC for the picture.


Silver Alien.jpgWhat's up, polichicks?!

So much has been going on in politics!  A Democratic candidate claims to have seen a UFO, a Republican has been caught with a prostitute (again!).... 

We could never make stuff like this up!  There's much to post about.  And we promise to do so shortly.

So let us fill you in on what has been going on at PolichicksOnline.com.  This week has been crazy! Crazy! We have been working hard on some technological matters that will make this site better for you.  We have also been preparing to speak at the Ladies Who Launch Live Event, which we will do today.

But not to worry, dear polichicks, we would never ever forget the golden rule: always remember your girls.  So on that note, we will write soon.  Thanks for your patience, and please check back today or tomorrow for some new posts. 



P.S. Isn't our new boy toy cute (above left)? We met him through Dennis Kucinich.



Overheard at PolichicksOnline.com:

Kari: So who's hotter, Fred Thompson's wife or Dennis Kucinich's wife?

Jason: Fred Thompson's wife is hot for a politician, but you're gonna put her up against a six foot redhead with a tongue ring?  And an accent? Come on now.




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