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Big and Rich.

Is that the name of a band or the description of a dream husband? (That. was so. bad. Just tasteless really.)

Anyway, Big and Rich is an American country duo comprised of Big Kenny and John Rich.  One member of the duo, Rich, is known for his politics as much as his music.  He openly supported John McCain during campaign '08, and even wrote a song - Raisin' McCain - for him. 

Now Rich is publicly expressing his opinion again with song.  He ain't happy about the corporate bailouts that the auto and banking industries received from the U.S. government. Oooh, he's pipin' hot about it! And when a country singer gets mad, he doesn't get even...he gets to writing music.  (Well, if he writes a crappy song and you have to listen to it, then we guess it's fair to say that he gets even. But Rich usually writes good songs.) Anyway, here's the fruit of Rich's displeasure: Shutting Detroit Down .


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