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President Obama spent 9/11 volunteering with Greater DC Cares. The president helped paint Ron Brown Middle School in Washington DC.

You know her best from her recent appearance on Real Housewives of DC.  Republican lobbyist Edwina Rogers wraps gifts in real money.

Seem a little obnoxious to us.  But to each her own.

Do you have a friend who wears outfits that make you ask What the eff is that?!  Well then you're in luck!  

What Not To Wear, one of our fave makeover shows, is on its way to Washington DC.  [Insert excited girl clapping here.] We love us a good before/after story!

The show's casting director asked us to nominate some folks for the show, but we can't think of anyone!  Okay, fine - we can think of a few people who still wear FILA sweatsuits and oversized tees; this is, afterall, Washington DC for goodness sake, and it's very close to Maryland.  But we're too punkinsh to nominate anyone; we just can't bear to hurt anybody's feelings by telling them that they look ridiculous.  

So we turn to you, dear readers.  At least one (or twenty) of you has to be a bitch, right?  Okay, not a bitch, but somebody who has no problem pointing out to others their faults.  You know, totally poking a nose where it doesn't belong.

So if you know a devil who knows nothing about Prada (and a bit too much about Wal-Mart sales bins)   and you don't mind saying something to her (or him) about it, here's how you can get her (or him)  some help.  

Shoot an email to Cara Weissman, casting director, at  You can find out all the stuff you need to tell her over here.

Good luck fixing up your ragamuffin colleague, friend or family member.  Do write in to let us know how it goes.

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