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Actress Rosario Dawson was in DC Wednesday night to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Voto Latino.  Voto Latino is a non-profit organization that works to get out the Latin vote.

President Obama dropped in on an independent bookstore in Iowa to to pick up some books for himself and his children.  

"Books are our friends," said the President.

Fine! He didn't say anything like that. That's just how we feel about books when we sit home alone on a dateless Saturday night.

Anyway, watch the hoopla above.
It's a done deal.  

Move over Kate Gosselin; Sarah Palin is TLC's newest reality TV star.

Palin just sold to Discovery Networks (TLC's parent company)  what some call a reality show and others call a "documentary series" about Palin and the state of Alaska.  The show, currently titled "Sarah Palin's Alaska," will be produced by Mark Burnett, who is best known for producing "The Apprentice" and "Rock of Love."  

Discovery reportedly paid Palin an amount just shy of $1 million per episode for the eight episode series. (Now that's money!)

Sarah isn't the only shining star in the Palin family.  Her daughter, Bristol, whose teenage pregnancy made headlines when her mother was a vice presidential candidate, will debut her acting chops to play a pregnant teenager (now, is that really acting?) on ABC's "The Secret Life of the American Teenager." 
The healthcare reform bill passed the House late Sunday night.  

Huge victory for Obama, Pelosi and the Dems.  Here are the deets.  

And, compliments of the New York Times, you can see which way your rep voted over here.

Not one Republican voted for the bill, and 34 Dems voted against it.  Nevertheless, it passed; and the Dems are grinning ear to ear.

Best. argument. ever.


In June 2009, married South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford went missing. Five days later, he surfaced and confessed he traveled to Argentina for a secret rendezvous with a woman he calls his soul mate. His wife, Jenny Sanford, has filed for divorce and is now telling her story in her new book, Staying True. She tells Oprah about discovering the affair, her decision to file for divorce and how this ordeal has affected her family.  Here's the vid.
harold ford iggy pop.jpg

Iggy Pop serenades former Congressman Harold Ford Jr. and his wife Emily at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony March 15th.

Pop, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame with his band The Stooges, performed "I Want to be Your Dog."  Watch video of the performance below. If you look closely to the far right, Ford can be seen smiling and laughing as he enjoys the performance.

Great men have said it takes a tough man and a ginormous staff to be president of the United States of America. We say a woman could run this joint with an iPhone, two Red Bulls and a good nanny.

So today, here's the scoop on a few good women who have made and will continue to make leadership contributions to our country.

* So what if the White House gig didn't work out for Social Secretary Desiree Rogers?  She's still got mad skills in business (and fashion - she really knows how to pull together a hot outfit). WSJ. Magazine talked to Ms. Rogers about her plans to leave "linen hell and flower hell" at the White House behind for some kind of heaven - or at least less stress - in Chicago. Surely this isn't the last we'll hear from this Harvard-MBA-having business executive/social butterfly/fashionista.    [WSJ. Magazine]  

* Julianna Smoot just one upped every velvet rope bitch who has ever denied you entrance into a hot club.   As the new socialista in the White House (she'll take over where Desiree Rogers left off), Smoot gets to say "yes" or "um, no" to each and every eager beaver trying to get into a White House party. Sure, she's going straight to linen, flower and list hell, but power over the White House door is worth making that deal with a domestic devil.  

So who's Julianna Smoot anyway? All you really need to know about Julianna is that she's organized up the ying yang, has a killer rolodex and can raise money like a mofo. (Although fundraising won't be part of her duties, it's a nice skill to have in her back pocket.  And who knows? In this economy the White House might expect her to do extra.) Anyway, we introduced you to Julianna right here on Polichicks about 2 years ago, but you can also read up on her at Wikipedia.

* This chick started the Tea Party movement.  If you're hoping to start a social revolution, perhaps you'll learn a little sumpin' sumpin' about organizational strategy (and chutzpa) from Keli Carender. [Denver Post]

* What do Ayanna Pressley, Kamala Harris, Terri Sewell and Robin Kelly have in common? They'll smack a fool for stepping on their new Louboutin shoes? Um, obviously.  Who wouldn't? The answer we're looking for is that all four of these women have got it going on in the smarts and leadership departments. They are some of the most promising up and coming African American female leaders - well, leaders period - that our country has seen in a long time.  [The Root]

That's all for now! 

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