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So we've decided to bring back our "O Say Can You Sing" column, where we feature celebrities' and other notables' performances of The Star Spangled Banner.

Up this week is Ayla Brown, daughter of new U.S. Senator Scott Brown, former American Idol contestant, and current b-baller for Boston College. 

Here she sings our National Anthem with the Boston Pops at a 2008 July 4th celebration.

Rate her pipes in the comments.



Michelle Obama_Isaac Mizrahi.jpgAmerican designer Isaac Mizrahi is over the moon about Michelle Obama's dress choice for the State of the Union address.  Why? Because she wore his dress!

Mizrahi said in his video blog that he thinks Mrs. Obama looked "exquisitely beautiful" in the dress, and that he was "thrilled" to learn that she'd worn it. 

"It was the right dress at the right time, which is what fashion is all about," Mizrahi gushes about the First Lady's choice. It was "not left, not right; it was kind of a bipartisan dress," because it was purple, a combo of red and blue.

In the video, Mizrahi is all giddy Mrs. Obama's whole look, noting that her new bob hairstyle is "divine" and "really gorgeous."

Oh, and lookie here below.  Mizrahi isn't the only one who thinks Michelle looks hot in purple.


Michelle and Barack SOTU_4311121267_eaf864c794.jpg 

Hello everybody!

We're putting this out on the fly, so please excuse our brevity. 

Here's little diddy about today's news.  Read up:

* It's getting nasty up there in Massachusetts!  Today voters will choose a new U.S. senator to take Sen. Ted Kennedy's old seat, and the dead heat race beetween Attorney Gerneral Martha Coakley (D) and State Senator Scott Brown (R) is so hot it's on fire!  

The Coakley and Brown camps have said all kinds of mean things about each other, and even indicated that they don't mind getting physical.  A Coakley aide shoved a reporter to the ground when the reporter tried to ask a question, and Brown's supporters have made violent threats against Coakley.

So what's at stake here?  Well first, the Dems right to continue to call Massachusetts a dark blue state.  And second, healthcare reform.  If Brown wins this race, the Dems will no longer have the 60 senate votes they need to pass their healthcare bill.   [Boston Globe]

* And speaking of Scott Brown and hot, he posed nude in a steamy pictorial for Cosmopolitan during his law school days!  He was profiled as the winner of Cosmo's "America's Sexiest Man" contest.  Oh, and another little tidbit of Brown trivia is that his daughter, Ayla, was once an American Idol contestant. [The Hollywood Gossip]

* Oh, say it isn't so Clef!  Wyclef Jean responded to allegations that his Yele charity has misappropriated funds, to put it nicely.  Wyclef admitted that "mistakes" had been made, but denied that funds were used for his own "personal benefits."  Promising immediate relief in Haiti, Yele has raised over $2 million dollars since the earthquake.  Not one penny has been spent on the Haitians yet. [AOL Sphere]

* More wives are bringing home the bacon.  A new Pew study shows that wives are increasingly becoming the breadwinners of the family. [Washington Post]

That's all, Fabulistas!  Have a great day!

xo xo

Happy MLK Day!


MLK and Coretta.jpg

Happy Birthday, Martin!

xo xo

Happy New Year!

Sorry we haven't been around much.  We've been swamped with holiday stuff and what not.  We kept meaning to write each day this week, and now here it is Friday!  

Aye yie yie yie.  Where did the week go?

Anyway, here we are, back to the surf the web for news, so you'll be spared the task. So without further ado, here's your Daily Polichicks:

* Looks like another cat rolled up into the White House for a free meal.  We just might swing by there for some munchies ourselves.  Hey Barack, what's in the fridge? [Politico]

* In case you're ever invited to the White House (or not), here are 8 secrets to being the life of the party. Getting totally sloshed and loudly telling knock knock jokes the Secret Service is not one of them.  [Cosmopolitan]

* RNC Chairman Michale Steele says the GOP can't win back it's majority in Congress in 2010. "Shut your pie hole," respond GOP aides. (That's not an exact quote, but whatever.)

* Politico profiled 10 smart and savvy young women who are making an impact on the DC social scene and charity circuit:  Andrea Rodgers, Pamela Sorenson, Kate Michael, Katherine Kennedy, Angie Goff, Courtney Caldwell, Kelly Ann Collins, Anna Kimsey,  Ashley Taylor, and Amanda Polk. Good stuff.  Cheers to each of them!

Oh, by the way, our capital city is fabulously diverse (55% African American, 36% white, 8% Latino, 4% Asian and so forth). You can't tell from the Politico article, but the DC social scene reflects that diversity, as there are women of all backgrounds in all communities hosting events and making charitable contributions in the District.  DC is full of fabulistas!

* Today Anartica is hotter than Texas.  Wait.  What? [Houston Chronicle]

* And this is also hotter than Texas.

* Alright, alright.  We'll include more "real news." Healthcare reform drama continues, as House democrats strategize  on how to compromise with the Senate to come up with a final bill.    "...Merely to rubber-stamp what the Senate does is not enough," said Rep. Raul M. Grijalva (D-AZ). [The Washington Post]

* U.S. agencies knew a whole lot stuff about the underwear bomber's terrorist intentions, but failed to do anything about it, causing President Obama it interrupt the Oprah Show Thursday to yap make a speech about it, making us miss learning about how women in live in Brazil. [LA Times]

That's all.  By everybody!

xo xo





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