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Happy Friday!

So we just couldn't wait to see the new season premiere of Real Housewives.  In eager anticipation, we fluffed our couch pillows, prepped a snack, and checked and double checked that the Comcast bill was paid. After all the frenemy action last season, we just knew that last night's episode would be all drama (mo drama, mo better!) followed by a heartwarming  reunion, and we couldn't wait to see it all.  I mean, if Sgt. Crowley and Prof, Gates could share a post-arrest beer together, then surely NeNe could make amends with Kim and Sheree, right?

So what happened?  We fell asleep. After all that waiting and just dying to see.  Who does that?

If you snoozed  too, you can see what happened over here.  One warning though: Word in the mall is that the show was... eh.  Just eh.

Anyhow, We're a tad bit late with your Daily Polichicks, because we couldn't find any online articles that really suited our fancy and interest.  As far as news days go, today was very eh.

So before you rush off to happy hour, we leave you with just one piece.  Elizabeth Gates's (daughter of Harvard Prof. Henry Louis Gates) account of her family's visit to the White House for BeerGate.  Here it is.

Read it, then have the best weekend ever!

What shakes, cupcakes? We're on the run and a tad bit late, but here's a really quick update:

Judge Sonia Sotomayor cleared the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee and is expected to be confirmed as a U.S. Supreme Court Justice by the entire Senate as early as next week.  In the Judiciary Committee hearings, there was much drama over what has become known as Sotomayor's "wise Latina" comment. (She said in a speech that she brings the benefit of the not-often represented viewpoint of a Latin woman to the bench.)  We don't get what all the hoopla over her comment was about because - not to be sexist or anything - but men don't always know what they're doing.  Ever had sex with one? Exactly.  We need Sotomayor's girlie brains on the Court, like, yesterday. [Politico]

When it comes to the President, Obama aide Valerie Jarrett's got the inside scoop. [New York Times]

Gatesgate in prose: A professor is black/ the prez is too/ a white cop shows up/ and all share a brew. [CNN]

And it all leads to a "teachable moment" for kids. [The Washington Post]



Michelle Obama haircut.jpgMichelle Obama is often revered for her wardrobe of non-elitist, relatively inexpensive clothing items from stores like Talbots, Gap and J.Crew, but recently she has decided to add civic appeal to a new aspect of her aesthetic: her hair. The first lady debuted her new short and sassy new 'do Tuesday night at a White House event featuring country music star Brad Paisley, and paired a chic white dress with pink-infused makeup and ladylike pearl earrings for a sophisticated and polished evening look.

While this bob is definitely not in the vanguard of hairstyles for the year (see: shaved heads a la Rihianna and Solange), it's definitely an improvement from Mrs. O's previous style. This look is also a little delayed given that WAG Posh and Hollywood BFF Katie Holmes both lopped off all their locks like this a few years ago. Perhaps this is what gives her hair plenty of appeal, however: while previously only stick-thin, superfit movie stars with huge bank accounts and celebrity stylists could afford this risky cut, Mrs. Obama, who has aimed many of her sartorial ensembles to the general public with their lower price tags (especially with the, ahem, recession) and fuller-framed cuts, looks like a graceful "everyday" woman. Maybe this will inspire more housewives to chop off their longer manes, even without the upper-end three digit-charging celeb haircutters.


Although her hairstyle here may be some updo-hairpin-slickback trickery, she definitely looks more president's wife than soccer mom with this elegant appearance. Mrs. Obama's hair would have more personality if she made the decision to go long or short, instead of her mid-length, shoulder-skimming shag she has been sporting previously. We hope to see more of Mrs. Obama carrying off this top-to-toe prim and proper look! 


- Quin Woodward Pu


Quin Woodward Pu is an up-and-coming Washington writer who loves all things fashion and politics. Read her weekly column, Beltway Beauty Beat, for updates on the best-dressed, and sometimes, the not-so-best dressed, in Washington, D.C. Follow her on Twitter @quinwoodwardpu.



Drumroll please!

And now, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Quin!

(Cheers and applause)

We're totally psyched to announce that Washington fashionista and scribe, Quin Woodward Pu, will join Polichicks as a columnist starting, well, right now.  She will pen Beltway Beauty Beat, a weekly column adressing the best-dressed, and sometimes, the not-so-best-dressed, in Washington D.C.  Look for Quin and Beltway Beauty Beat every Friday, right here on Polichicks.  You can also follow Quin's quips about fashion and politics on Twitter at @quinwoodwardpu.

Oh- and for those of you who don't live in Washington D.C. and are wondering what the heck the beltway is, it's the highway that circles D.C. and its much of its Maryland and Virginia suburbs.  Also known as I-495, the beltway is supposed to be a quick way to get around the D.C. area, but it's really more like a parking lot or a great place to read a good book.  Anyway, in D.C. speak, "inside the beltway" or just "beltway" is sometimes used as an adjective when speaking of things related to Washington D.C., politics or the federal government.

But we digress... let's get back to Quin and welcome her aboard.

Welcome, Quin!



Polichicks's Cocktail Caucus was nearly two weeks ago, and we still get a little giddy thinking about what fun it was.  Champagne, makeovers, fashion shoots and political chat time with the girls... life rarely gets much better than that.  So the next time we're near a bathroom wall, we'll write "Thanks for a good time!" all over it to honor our guests and fabulous  sponsors:  Chanel, Saks Fifth Avenue, Fashion Washington and The Washington Post, CocoZen, Huephoria and Dr.Jenn (author of The Secrets Guys Wish You Knew About Being A Dream Girl Instead of a Just-In-His-Jeans Girl).

Thank you, Fabulous Sponsors, thank you.  You make our world go round and our events more happenin'. (And you get us tipsy.)

A special thanks and shoutout to Sanam Toossi, who covered the Cocktail Caucus for the Ask Miss A website. You can read about her experience at our little soiree over here.

Last but certainly not least, we have to thank all of our Polichicks readers who attended.  What a treat it was to see each and every one of you!  Once again, you proved what we always knew was true: Polichicks readers are the smartest fabulistas in boardrooms, malls, spas and pilates classes everywhere.  Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for spending your afternoon with us.

'Til next time-

xo xo




We're back!

We took a short break to plan the latest Cocktail Caucus.  Okay, okay - and to watch more re-runs of Millionaire Matchmaker than we should have.  But whatever.  We'll be back on Thursday, all bright eyed and bushy-tailed and happy to have more girl talk about politics with you.

So y'all come back then now. Okay?

CHANEL, Saks Fifth Avenue & Polichicks
A Cocktail Caucus

Sunday July 12
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Saks Fifth Avenue (2nd Floor)
Tysons Galleria
2051 International Drive
McLean, VA 22102

dress code: You look fabulous just as you are!

crowd: Chicks who dig fashion, beauty and politics.

price: FREE

CHANEL, Saks Fifth Avenue and Polichicks invite you to a Cocktail Caucus. Come mix, mingle and have girl talk about politics with other smart and trendy fashionistas.

Enjoy mocktails, beauty makeovers, a fashion accessories preview (see the latest from Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, Prada and more!), celebrate the U.S. and French Independence Day holidays with CHANEL, meet other politically active women and get the latest scoop on current events.

Oh, and be sure to practice your best Paris Hilton pose, because Fashion Washington is sending their paparazzi to snap pix. 

This is sure to be the par-tay of the summer!  But before you crank that Soulja Boy, you have to rsvp.  Just shoot an email to rsvp@polichicksonline.com and you're in.

(Well, you might be in.  Space is limited, so please RSVP ASAP. We'd love to see you!) 

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