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Portia de Rossi apologizes for marrying CoverGirl  and comedian Ellen.  Should she be forgiven?


Shout out to Wishire & Washington, which is where we found this one. And an extra loud shoutout to @maegancarberry who got us hooked on that blog.

We all speak dance

Big and Rich.

Is that the name of a band or the description of a dream husband? (That. was so. bad. Just tasteless really.)

Anyway, Big and Rich is an American country duo comprised of Big Kenny and John Rich.  One member of the duo, Rich, is known for his politics as much as his music.  He openly supported John McCain during campaign '08, and even wrote a song - Raisin' McCain - for him. 

Now Rich is publicly expressing his opinion again with song.  He ain't happy about the corporate bailouts that the auto and banking industries received from the U.S. government. Oooh, he's pipin' hot about it! And when a country singer gets mad, he doesn't get even...he gets to writing music.  (Well, if he writes a crappy song and you have to listen to it, then we guess it's fair to say that he gets even. But Rich usually writes good songs.) Anyway, here's the fruit of Rich's displeasure: Shutting Detroit Down .


Yikes! We went AWOL for a minute.  But we're back with a few tidbits...

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes is such a tool... a tool for winning elections, that is. Here's how he hooked Barack Obama up.  [Fast Company]

Anybody sick of Obama?  Marketing and PR experts examine whether the Obama brand is in danger of overexposure. [Politico]

A sisterhood of sisters: Black women in the Obama administration (and the black women who paved the way for them) [The Washington Post]

This chick is hotter than ever at 50. (LOVE her look in #4). [Fast Company]



Martha Washington in 20s by michael deas inspired by forensic anthrpologists.jpg

Martha Washington's "after" portrait. Forensic anthropologists used a1796 portrait of Martha to generate an image of what she would have looked like in her 20s. Inspired by that image, artist Michael Deas painted this portrait of her.

"This just in: Martha Washington was hot.  Or at least hotter than we thought," says Brigid Schulte, staffwriter at The Washington Post.

For over 200 years, America's first first lady Martha Washington has been portrayed in history books as a dumpy, frumpy and plump old bore. Turns out, though, that Martha was actually more bombshell than bore, more First Fashionista than First Frump, and more Carrie Bradshaw than Edith Bunker.  Simply put, she was hot to trot.

Here's a thing or two that most folks don't know about Martha:

  • When it came to dating, George wasn't Martha's only game.  She had another suiter, who wrote of her beauty and his hope to "arouse a flame in her breast."  (Steamy!)  
  • Martha was a successful businesswoman.  She managed the five plantations that she inherited from her first husband and negotiated to get the highest prices for her tobacco.
  • Martha read chick lit (known as gothic romance novels in her day).
  • Martha wore shoes that were considered highly fashionable in her day.  Her purple sequined heels (below) would bring Jimmy Choo to his knees.

For more on Martha and her hotness, check out Shulte's Post article here and her online discussion with readers over here.


Martha Washington wedding shoes.jpg 


O Michelle!


Michelle Obama O Magazine.jpgIn an interview featured in O Magazine, Michelle Obama tells Oprah what she knows for sure. A sneak peek is over here, but you have to pick up the magazine (on newsstands March 17th) to get full scoop.


Overheard at Polichicks...

Megan: OMG! Real Housewives of NYC comes on tonight! Yay!

Him: Why do you even like them?

Megan: Whah?

Him: It seems like they're always just shopping and going to lunch and bitching about stuff.

Megan: Exactly!


A quick catch up, so you'll be the brightest belle at the ball....

Now this is major: President Obama signed an executive order ending an 8 year ban on federal funding for stem cell research.  People with disabilities that could be cured by stem cell research (like Alzheimers and Parkinson's disease) are psyched! Right-to-lifers are having a hissy. [The Washington Post]

Meghan McCain on Ann Coulter: "I'll choke that skinny bitch!" Okay, maybe that's not an exact quote, but you're more likely to read our blog if we say that's what she said. Anyway, Meghan thinks Ann is "offensive, radical, insulting, and confusing," and she'll tell you how she really feels over here 

The U.S. Supreme Court limited minority protection under the Voting Rights Act. [The New York Times]

Melissa, you go girl!  [MSNBC]


Meghan McCain wishes her dad's campaign consultants were a lot more like The Millionaire Matchmaker.  Not one of them - not one! - advised her that she would have a hard time getting dates after the election. (They just focused on debates and polls and stuff.  Go figure.)

Anyhow, all the politicos' lame dating advice aside, Meghan is looking for the "right" guy for her.  Read the trials and tribulations of her search over here.

Finding the right (or left) guy for you can be tough.  Because not to be sexist or anything, but men can be so stupid! Megs, we feel your pain!

Update: John McCain comments on Meghan's dating woes below:



brad_pitt_cap hill getty images.jpg

Brad Pitt (center) on the Hill with House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC).

...lookin' sha-mokin' hot!!!!

Oh, and lobbying....

Brad dropped in on Prez Obama at the White House to chat him up about continued efforts to rebuild New Orleans post-Katrina.  Then he swung by the Hill to touch base with House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi about the same thing.  Brad's "Make It Right" foundation builds homes for residents of New Orlean's lower 9th Ward who lost their homes in Hurricane Katrina.

Watch this bit of political porno below. (He talks!   Giggle.)



and awake!

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