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O Mag_december_2008.jpgOprah's column in the holiday issue of O Magazine:

The economy is in flux, and so are we. For years I've noticed that the universe speaks to us in whispers. If we ignore the whispers, we get pebbles of warning.  If we still don't pay attention, we get bricks of problems, and if we're really hardheaded, eventually the entire brick wall comes crashing down. This is a pattern I've seen repeated so often in every area of life that I know for sure when you don't pay attention to the pebbles, it's just a matter of time before the bricks show up.

Our nation's financial crisis is the brick wall that's going to force us to deal with the reality of what truly matters. And to face the spiritual crisis of figuring out who we are and who we choose to be.

Our spending and greed for material things that we think will define us have been forcibly put in check. We have a wake-up-call opportunity to get real and be real with others by finding ways to show love, give love, be love without spending a lot of money. It's a chance for us to look beneath the surface, into the culture of excessive more, more, more-ness that got us into this mess.

It will take more than a bailout to get us on the right track. We need a shift in the way we think about our lives. We may have to search deeply to recognize what matters. Sometimes when I ask people what it would take to make them happy, they don't know what to say. They forge an answer about family and friends, and yet their lives are about everything else.

Everything in life has meaning. The bigger the fall, the greater the lesson.

Barn's burnt down -

Now I can see the moon.

-Masahide (17th century poet)




Oprah pretty.jpgOMG!

We hear that Oprah Winfrey is searching for a home in Washington D.C. (Yay! We loves us some Oprah!)

Word is she's looking at buying a mansion in Georgetown for chump change. (Chump change = $50 million in Oprah's book.)

See Oprah's potential new crib below.  You can check out the inside  over here. Or if you're in DC and you really want to be nosey, we suppose you could do a driveby....

Oh don't act like all uppity, like you've never done a driveby before!  At least once (and you know it's been more than once), you and your girls have giggled on by some cute boy's house because you "just happened" to be in the neighborhood. (Note: neighborhood = anywhere within a 12 mile radius of said cute boy's home).


Oprah house 1623 28th st.jpg 



obama sketch _richard-james-savile-row-night.jpgBarack Obama looks as good in a tie as Jennifer Anniston.  Almost.

Tall and slender with an athletic build, Obama has the frame that fashion designers love to dress. So naturally, the top designers have thought about - fantasized about - dressing the debonaire democrat for his inauguration.

Women's Wear Daily asked said designers to share these fantasies with the rest of us.  And so they did.

See the designers' sketches of inaugural attire for Barack Obama here.

Vote for your favorite sketch here.

Read the full story in WWD here.

BTW, Obama had already selected his inaugural threads prior to the publication of these sketches.   He will wear a Hart Schaffner single button, notch lapel tuxedo. 






First Pup Barney Bush stars in a holiday video from The White House.  Guest appearances are made by the Bush family, Michael Phleps, Shannon Miller and more.


President Dodges Shoes from Johnny Roberts on Vimeo.


During President Bush's farewell visit to Iraq Sunday, an Iraqi jounalist went all Single White Female on him.  (Remember the stiletto attack scene in that flick?)

As Bush spoke, the offending journalist cried out, "This is a farewell, you dog!" and hurled two men's shoes at the President's head.  The president ducked - twice - and narrowly escaped injury.

In Iraqi culture, exposing the bottom of a shoe to a person or hurling a shoe at them loosely translates into a major f#$% you and everything else you'd want to say to your worst ex-boyfriend ever. 

In a post-incident interview with ABC News,  the president said about the man who threw the shoe, "I don't know what his beef is."

On January 20th, Bush will get the boot and Barack Obama will take over the White House.

Read her latest news here.




Isaac Mizrahi Michelle Obama.jpg

Isaac Mizrahi's sketch of inaugural gowns for Michelle, Malia and Sasha Obama.  Incidentally, Mizrahi has a clothing line at Michelle's favorite store, Target.  Maybe that gives him a better shot at being selected to dress her on the big day.

President elect Obama might think choosing a presidential Cabinet is hard, but Michelle Obama has a more difficult decision to make:  she has to choose dress for inauguration.

Enter Women's Wear Daily with some inaugural fashion advice for the first Lady to be.  WWD asked the world's top fashion designers to submit sketches of potential inaugural picks for Mrs. Obama.

Check out the designers' sketches for Michelle Obama here.

And their sketches for Sasha and Malia here.


So what's this brou ha ha over Proposition 8, and why did someone make a musical about it?

It all started when the California Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage is a-okay, opening the gates of matrimony to same-sex couples.  Gay rights opponents were appalled, so they came up with Proposition 8: a California ballot initiative that sought to change the California state constitution to restrict marriage to boy-girl couples only.

Prop 8 passed with flying colors (presumably not rainbow colors) and gays could marry no more...   Hence the drama. 

Gay and gay friendly Americans were angry and offended, so they began to protest.  Some picketed, others wrote articles, and one - Academy Award and Tony Award winner Mark Shaiman - created a musical with an all-star cast, great show tunes and dancing.  Fabulosity aside, the gist of the musical is this: Prop 8 = hate.

Asked by Keith Olberman how the muisical came about, Shaiman said "As you can tell from the video, it clearly all started when I was born really, really gay...."


But we're going through a mini face lift.  We hope to be up and running again tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience.





Just to give you th heads up, there will be no Daily Policicks today.  But we'll be back tomorrow with the latest, so we'll look forward to your visit then.



We are in our cozy Betty Boop flannel pajamas, watching the Mike and Juliet Show as we peruse the news.  Heidi Klum and Adriana Lima are on saying that any woman can look hot in Victoria's Secret lingeree.  Yeah, that's easy for them to say.  And they get paid to say it.

So anyway, what's up in the news? Conservatives in Georgia are just peachy after saving a GOP senate seat; auto industry CEOs came to Washington with a question for Congress and taxpayers: "Why spend ours, when we can spend yours?"; First Lady Laura Bush said "Oh hells no!" to an artist hoping to display an ornament on The White House Christmas tree; and Second Lady to be Jill Biden will not wear mom jeans to Washington. 

That's just a teaser, but you want to be totally in the know, right?  So without further ado, here's your Daily Polichicks:

  • Obama is said to announce New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson as his pick for Secretary of Commerce today.  Despite long ties to the Clintons, Richardson endorsed Obama early in the primaries.  (Well, kind of early.  Richardson waited until he himself dropped out of the presidential race.) [The Washington Post]


  • The visitor's center at the U.S. Capitol opened to tourists yesterday, after 6 years in the making and $621 million spent.  But not everyone understood what the hoopla was all about.  "This is new?" asked one visitor. [The Washington Post]


  • The CEOs of GM, Chrysler and Ford came to Congress to ask for $34 billion in federal loans.  In exchange, GM, the world's largest automaker, promised to reduce executive salaries,  cut labor costs and shutdown factories.  They remind us when we were kids and we told our mom, "If you give us money to buy Fashion Photo Barbie, we'll pay you back... and we'll brush our teeth, clean our room and never sass the babysitter again." Yeah, we didn't mean any of it either. [The New York Times]


  • Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) won re-election to the U.S. Senate after a month long run off election against Democratic challenger (and his Sigma Chi frat brother) Jim Martin. His victory dashed Democrats' hopes of winning 60 seats to have a filibuster proof majority in the Senate. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]


  • Seattle-based artist Deborah Lawrence was so excited when asked to create an ornament for The White House Christmas tree.  She immediately created a red and white "Impeach Bush" ornament and waited on pins and needles to see her work on display at The White House.  But alas, her creation won't make it to the tree this year.  The ornament "is inappropriate and it's not being hanged," said a spokesperson for First Lady Laura Bush.  [The Washington Post]


  • And last but not least, here's a lovely portrait of the Second Lady, Jill Biden, published just before the election.  [Vogue]

The Brit is back

After a bit of a hiatus (to say the least), Britney Spears performed on Good Morning America this morning.

Today is her 27th birthday, by the way.



In case you missed it, here's the press conference at which President elect Barack Obama announced his selections for his national security team.  (He had the decency not to hold the conference during Tyra this time, thank the Lord.)

Warning:  The video is 27 minutes long, because each of Obama's nominees wanted to yap on the mike for a bit. (Hey, they are politicos, aren't they?)

The nominees make up a team diverse in race, sex, ideology, geography and political party affiliation.  Here's the scoop on them, pulled straight from an email sent by the Obama transition team:

Hillary Clinton, U.S. Senator from New York and former First Lady, will serve as Secretary of State.

Secretary Robert Gates, the current Secretary of Defense, will continue to serve in that role.

Eric Holder, former Deputy Attorney General and a former United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, will serve as Attorney General.

Janet Napolitano, Governor and former U.S. Attorney for Arizona, will serve as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

Dr. Susan E. Rice, a Senior Foreign Policy Advisor to the Obama for America campaign, a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, and former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, will serve as Ambassador to the United Nations.

General Jim Jones, USMC (Ret), former Allied Commander, Europe, and Commander of the United States European Command, will serve as National Security Advisor.


Outgoing Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice played the piano for Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace Monday.  Secretary Rice is in London on what is expected to be her final visit to Britain before President elect Barack Obama takes office on January 20, 2009.

Here's a bit of Condi's performance:


He's Just Not That Into You.  At a theatre near you.  Soon (but not soon enough).


He's Just Not That Into You trailer

What?  Could it really be?

Yep.  The Daily Polichicks is back. 

We know keeping up with the daily newspapers can be a bitch, so we're here to read and summarize the papers for you.  Every day.

Yeah, we've said that before, but we're for real this time.  Seriously.

Hey!  If we were a guy who totally jerked you around for months and then came back with a little sweet talk, you'd believe every word we said and give us another chance multiple chances.  So all we're asking is that you have the same faith in us that you would have in a  lying, cheating, unrelieble jerk if he asked you for a fourth chance.  Okay?

So anyway, for what it's worth and however long it lasts, here's your Daily Polichicks:

  • Barack Obama raised nearly $1 blillion (no the "b" isn't a typo) during the presidential campaign.  Yowsa!  That's more than George W. Bush and John F. Kerry raised combined in 2004. [Politico]


  •  Meet the Press has a new host.  David Gregory of MSNBC's 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with David Gregory scored that gig.  (Sadly, the previous host of Meet the Press, Tim Russert, died earlier this year.) [Politico]


  • Barack Obama announced Monday his picks for his national security team and other cabinet positions.  He chose Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State and Marine General James L. Jones as National Security Advisor.  Current Secretary of Defense Robert Gates will stay on with Obama after Bush leaves office. Obama also picked attorney Eric Holder for Attorney General, Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano as Secretary of Homeland Security, and Dr. Susan Rice as Ambassador to the United Nations. [The Washington Post]


  • The experts have an incredible understanding of the obvious: The National Bureau of Economic Research announced Monday that the U.S. has been in a recession since December 2007. [The Los Angeles Times] (Thousands of Americans unemployed since then are like, we could've told you that months ago!)

When it comes to getting a job in politics, working for Barack Obama ain't the only game in town.  You could work for NGP Software, which is (says them) "the leading national software and technology consulting firm serving Democrats and their allies."

NGP Software has two positions to fill:

Staff Assistant - Sales and Marketing

Accounting Assistant

Information on how to apply is after the jump. 

Employers can email jobs to


After winning the election, President elect Barack Obama asked the Polichicks what's going on in our lives and how can he help as president. 

 "Ain't nothing going on but the rent, Barry, so we need a job," we told him.  "And we could use a cute new pair of flats.  Ummm.. to pound the pavement...."

So to ensure that all Polichicks and other Americans always have money for a fly pair of shoes and a roof over our head, Obama came up with a plan to save or create 2.5 million jobs.  And to start, he's hiring some folks himself.

If you would like to work for the new Obama administration, go on over to to apply.  Don't be dicouraged by the fact that 290,000 Americans have already applied.  Hey, if a skinny kid with a funny ridiculous name can become President of the United States, surely you can get a job as his schlep. Just bring your A game and you'll be straight.

You might also want to work for the Presidential Inaugural Committee.  To apply to do that, go to

Good luck, kids!

Update: Read more about seeking a position in the new administration over here.


Go to to see Obama's picks for his national security team.

And if you're not following us on Twitter yet, what's up with that?




CNN reports that President elect Barack Obama will announce his national security team today at 10:40 am EST. 

It seems that President elect Obama has responded to Polichicks open letter to him and stopped making such announcements at times that pre-empt Tyra

Yeah, you heard us.  We've got the new president rearranging his schedule to accomodate ours.

We are some bad mamma jammas.  [Insert pimp walk here.]

Polichicks = Power.

It all started when the sleeping Chinese awoke to a blood curdling scream in the night.  On the other end of the earth in a faraway land called Capitol Hill, a lone Polichick had grabbed a hot chocolate mug that wasn't supposed to be piping hot but was.   As she nursed her burned finger under cool D.C. tap water for a good 20 minutes, we Polichicks had to face the unavoidable truth: today's Daily Polichicks will be late.

Stay tuned.


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