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So last night Barack Obama ran a 30 minute, $4 million infomercial on 7 networks.  We think the ad was an effective one for the Obama camp.  It laid out Obama's plans as president,  offered supporting evidence of his competence and established an emotional connection with those who watched it. 

Obama is a politician who "gets" marketing.   We were impressed by his ability to sell himself, his potential and his policies in the ad.  If the whole White House thing doesn't work out, he definately has a future on QVC or the Home Shopping Network.



On the fifth day of Christmas, our true loves gave to us...  fiiiive goldren riiings!  Four calling birds, three french hens, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree.  What did we get on the fifth day before the presedential election?  Well, nothing...  

But we bet Barack Obama and John McCain are giving their campaigns something about now... a win, win, win, fight, fight, fight speech kind of like the one below from Remember the Titans.  (Yeah, we're still on our Titans kick...) 


There's been a lot of controversy about shady robocalls lately, but it turns out that John McCain isn't behind all of them...


In case you missed it, here's Michelle Obama on Jay Leno.  Yellow outfit purchased online at J.Crew.


Part 1:

Part 2:

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck introduced Sarah Palin at a rally in Tampa this weekend. 

"As you can see, Sarah Palin sure is a woman who knows how to dress," Hasselbeck said. "I'm actually personally most impressed, you know, by her accessories, like the flag pin that she wears...."

We noticed that Hasselbeck's speech style, intonation and mannerisms  are almost identical to Sarah Palin's.  Shared speech coach, perhaps? If we weren't watching Hasselbeck, we would think Palin was speaking.  Just an observation...

Anyway, Hasselbeck did well, looked great and got a warm reception from the crowd.  Here's a clip of her speech.


Whassup in 2008?

Ever wonder whatever happened to the whassup guys from the Budweiser commercial?  Yeah, we never cared either. But here's an update on them anyway...


Amy Strozzi.jpgSarah Palin's emmy-nominated makup artist, Amy Strozzi (pictured on left) was the highest paid campaign consultant in the McCain camp during the month of October.  The McCain campaign paid her $22,800 for the first two weeks of the month. 

Zow!  That's more money than McCain's chief foreign policy advisor and senior communications aide made!

Our first thought on this is that we're not mad at Palin for going the extra mile to look her very best.  We don't even like to go to the grocery store without a little lip gloss, so we certainly wouldn't expect Palin to appear in front of millions without some color.  Besides, as girls who spent more than we should have at Laura Mercier in Neiman's last weekend, who are we to judge? 

Yet when we consider the negative PR effect of looking extravagant and wasteful to voters at a time when people are losing their homes and jobs, the makup artist expenditure doesn't seem like such a smart idea. Add that to the fact that Barack Obama has about 4 times the money in the bank that McCain has, and the makeup artist's salary seems even more wasteful.  

McCain can't afford to spend all that money on makeup instead of, say, advertising and get out the vote efforts. Because according to the polls, McCain's chances of winning this race don't look good.  If the McCain camp keeps prioritizing spending on beauty over voter outreach, Palin's next big speech about lipstick might go a little something like this:  "I may have lost this race, but I looked damn good doing it in Pink Truffle by Chanel."  

Photo above left of Amy Strozzi is from Amy Strozzi's Facebook page.


What a wack job...


Ashley Todd.jpgA McCain volunteer, Ashely Todd, reported to police that a 6'4' "black man" attacked her and carved a "B" for Barack in her face, because she is a McCain supporter.  The big "black man" (isn't it always a "black man" in these stories?) allegedly told her that he was going to make her a Barack Obama supporter.

Todd made up the story.  The tip off to police that she was lying?  The B on her face was backward, because she cut her own self while looking in the mirror. 

Who doesn't know that mirrors reflect letters backward? What a moron.




Sarah Palin Todd Palin.jpgWant to get Sarah Palin's look for less than the cost of a small house?  The girls at Glamour can show you how. 

They can tell you where to get the Palin look pictured above for just $58.28.  That price includes the blouse, skirt, belt, shoes and jewelry.  Zow! 

But that's not all.  The Glamour girls have the secret scoop on where to pick up serveral Palin looks for less.  

Our shopping budget has been slashed thanks to the shaky economy.  Yours too?  Well come on with us to check out Glamour's money saving tips over here.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck View site.jpgElisabeth Hasselbeck will join Sarah Palin on the campaign trail this weekend.  The McCain/Palin campaign hopes that Elisabeth will help attract more women to the ticket. 

We thought that's what Palin was for, but she hasn't been as effective as the campaign would like.  A recent ABC News/Washington Post poll shows that 56% of women say they question McCain's judgement because he picked Palin as his running mate.

Elisabeth represents the lone conservative voice on The View.  She recently spoke against the media's focus on Sarah Palin's $150,000 new wardrobe with, "Are you looking into Joe Biden's supposed botox shots in his forehead?"  Ouch.

Photo from ABC.com.

Palin RNC speech.jpgThe RNC treated Sarah Palin to a $150,000 makeover that included hair styling, makeup and a shopping spree at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.  Oh to be Sarah for a day... a shopping day, not a Katie Couric interview day.


We've said before that we don't think it's such a big deal when candidates spend more money than the average person on clothing and shoes.  They're in the public eye and they need to look nice.  But $150,000?  As the stock market is crashing and people are losing their homes and jobs?  Hmmm... a bit much?  Yea or nay?


Share your vote in the comments. 

Sick Puppies

sick puppy.jpgPolichicks = Sick Puppies on Wednesday, Thursday and maybe Friday.

So no Daily Polichicks on those days. 

We're going to post some fun stuff though.  We need a little pick me up (and Nyquil).

Hope to be fully recovered and back with you soon.

Natalie Portman wants you to vote early for a change.  She filmed this video in Cincinati, Ohio at her grandma's house for voteforchange.com. Voteforchange.com is supported by the Obama campaign.


Goodnight Moon.jpgThe Daily Polichicks is the the Nightly Polichicks today!  We're so late!  Apologies pet-lings!

So without furher ado (and delay), here's your Nightly Polichicks:

Barack Obama will suspend his campaign to spend time with his sick grandmother.  He is expected to fly to Hawaii on Thursday and resume campaigning on Staurday.  We send out get well wishes to his grandmother, who is affectionately known as Toot.  [The New York Times]

John McCain distances himself from President Bush at nearly every campaign stop. "I am so not George Bush," he says.  That may not be an exact quote, but whatever.  Close enough. Anyway, a McCain advisor says that the campaign has to do something to counteract Obama's assertion that McCain is just a third Bush twin. [The Washington Post]

Here's the scoop on John McCain's American Idol makeup artist. [The Washington Post]

John McCain accuses Barack Obama of flip flopping when it comes to baseball.  "When he's campaigning in Philadelphia, he roots for the Phillies, and when he's campaigning in Tampa Bay, he shows love to the Rays,"  McCain said.  An Obama spokesman responded, "I guess these are the kinds of attacks you make when your campaign has conceded that if you talk about the economy, you'll lose."  [The New York Times]



How did we almost forget this?!  Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live:


Okay, Denzel doesn't actually play Barack Obama, but he has a Barack Obama moment in the clip below.  Clip is from Remember the Titans. (Of course.)



After enjoying a reunion with our T.C. Williams High School classmates this weekend (Let's go Titans!), we are rested and ready to bring you the latest news.  So here goes...

Campaign 08:

General Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama Sunday on "Meet the Press."  Gen. Powell cited Obama's "steadiness, intellectual curiosity, a depth of knowledge" as reasons that he thinks Obama would be a good president.  Gen. Powell's concern that Sarah Palin, in his opinion, is not ready to be president of the United States played into his decision to for throw support behind Obama.  Gen. Powell also criticized the McCain campaign's focus on Obama's realtionship with Bill Ayers.  Gen. Powell is a Republican, the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and President Bush's former Secretary od State. [The Washington Post]

Barack Obama raised a whole lot of dough.  His campaign raked in a record $150 million in September. [CNN]

Barack Obama made history when he scored two major newspaper endorsements Sunday.  The Los Angeles Times and The Chicago Tribune both endorsed Obama for president.  Neither paper had ever before endorsed a democratic presidential candidate. [The Los Angeles Times]

U.S. News:

As oil prices drop, Americans are showing less interest in finding fuel alternatives. [The Washington Post]

The recession goes to Hollywood: Paramount and other film studios are cutting staff and delaying movie releases to save money. [The New York Times].

World News:

North Korea has announced that it will make an "important announcement" on Monday.  Rumour has it that the annnouincement that Korean leader Kim Jong II has died or that there will be a leadership change.  [CNN]


Remember the Titans


So we spent this weekend in battleground Virginia to "Remember the Titans" at our T.C. Williams High School reunion.  Has a blast reminiscing, but now we're back.  Daily Polichicks up shortly. 


P.S. In the clip above, Denzel Washington plays one of our gym teachers and Hayden Panetierre plays another gym teacher's daughter. (And no, we weren't at T.C. at the time depicted in the film. The film is about the forced racial integration of our high school back in the mid-1970s).

Meghan McCain and her McCain Blogettes are touring the country to promote her dad's campaign.  Meghan shares what she and her friends have been up to on the road:


Why should Tina Fey have all the fun?  Katie Couric gets in the game with her best Sarah Palin impression.


Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel say it's good to think outside the box, but it's not good to vote that way. Here's their "vote in the box" song and dance for Barack Obama:


Hat Tip: Maegan Carberry


Final Prez debate.jpgHere's your Daily Polichicks:

Campaign 08:

Barack Obama and John McCain went head to head over domestic policy last night in the final presidential debate.  McCain won the zinger of the night award when he said to Obama, "I'm not President Bush.  If you wanted to run against George Bush, you should have run four years ago." Yeah, but maybe McCain should have said that four months ago. He's let Obama peg him as Bush 2.0 for months now.  Is it game over for McCain? Gotta wait and see.  A lot can happen in the final days of play. [The Wahington Post].  

The real star of the debate was "Joe the Plumber," whose name was mentioned 26 times during the debate.  The candidates debated Joe's fate under Obama's tax plan.  "It's pretty surreal, man, my name being mentioned in a presidential campaign," said Joe. [The Los Angeles Times]


U.S. News:

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?  We'll save the good news to make us all feel better, so the bad news is that the Dow fell down in the dumps again yesterday. [The Washington Post]

The good news is that the price of oil is down below $70.  It hasn't been this low since before June 2007.  [The New York Times]


And by the way:

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt plan to adopt again.  "We have so many children that they're not really stunned anymore when kids come home," Angelina said [People].



Levi Johnston.jpgLevi Johnston, the 18 year old father of 17 year old Bristol Palin's expected baby, talked to the Associated Press recently.  He denied that he's being forced into a shot gun marriage with Bristol, hinted that their baby-to-be is a boy ("I'm going to take him hunting and fishing"), and shared that he has dropped out of high school to work as an electrician's apprentice.  Here's what else he had to say:

On his relationship with Bristol: "We both love each other. We both want to marry each other. And that's what we are going to do."

On Sarah Palin: "I just hope she wins.  She's my future mother-in-law.  She better win."

On Barack Obama: "He seems like a good guy.  I like him."

Dow up 936 points

729163_investing_1.jpgAfter taking a brutal beating the past few weeks, stocks rallied and the Dow closed up 936 points yesterday after investors heard that global governments plan to rescue their banks. Wall Street takes a licking but keeps on ticking. (We hope.) [The Wall Street Journal]

"You know who's not invited to my party?" Madonna asked fans at her October 6th concert in New York City.  "Sarah F*cking Palin!"

And she was just getting started. We're not going to get into detail, but uh, let's just say we don't think Madonna will invite Palin to a girl's night out anytime soon.

Watch and then we'll reconvene below. [Bonus track: Madonna cussed a fan out for not enjoying her show enough before she even got started with Palin.]


Flashback to high school. If Madonna and Sarah got in a fight in the school cafeteria, you're money would be on... ?

Seriously. What do you think about Madonna's attack on Sarah Palin? Appropriate or no?


Pink White House.jpgJulia Allison must be so excited!  The White House is pink!

Paris Hilton is surely pleased as well.  Afterall, she was first to suggest painting The White House pink back in August, when  she released a "campaign attack ad" targeting rivals John McCain and Barack Obama. (Yep, Paris is running for president.  Kind of.)

The White House was lit pink Tuesday night to commemorate breast cancer awareness. Explained First Lady Laura Bush at the lighting ceremony, "In recognition of the mothers, daughters, sisters and wives who struggle with this disease, we're lighting the White House in pink, which is the color of the cause.  May our lights tonight shine as beacons around the world, a signal of the United States' commitment to saving lives from breast cancer."

Now that's hot.

Vote or Die.jpgMornin' Polichicks!

Have you registered to vote yet?  Today is the last day in these states: Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Washington D.C., Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Montana (or same day at elections office) Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah (or in person on October 28) and Virginia.  If you have already registered to vote, you should double check your registration to make sure that everything is a-okay.  You can get started over here.

Now that's out of the way, here's your Daily Polichicks:

Campaign 08

If the election were held today, Barack Obama would take the cake, says Republican strategist and former Bush advisor Karl Rove.  [The Los Angeles Times]

The heels are on and the gloves are off! Sarah Palin said that Obama is the kind of guy who would "pal around with terrorists."   Palin was referencing Obama's acquaintance with Illinois college professor William Ayers, who participated in a radical group in the 60s when Obama was a child. The Obama campaign responded that Palin's remark was "offensive" but "not surprising."  [The Los Angeles Times]

Sad news.  Jill Biden, wife of veep candidate Joe, lost her mom, Bonny Jean Jacobs, on Sunday.  Joe has cancelled all campaign events Monday and Tuesday. We send our condolences to the Biden family. [The Washington Post]

Barack Obama is expected to benefit from a huge increase in new voter registrations. Democrats outnumber Republicans in new voter registrations 2 to 1 in Florida, 4 to 1 in Colorado and Nevada and a whopping 6 to 1 in North Carolina. [The Washington Post]

Barack Obama is a big baller, shot caller. [The Los Angeles Times]

U.S. News:

The House gave a thumbs up to the $700 billion economic bailout Friday, passing the revised bill 263 to 171. Nonetheless, the Dow fell 157 points in response to beak economic reports, including news that 159,000 jobs were lost in September. [The New York Times]

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that he will run for a third term.  One little snaffu: New York City's term limits forbid a third term.  No sweat, says Bloomberg.  He'll just get city council to change that. [The New York Times]

Book writers are designing video games to attract young readers to their books.  Some experts believe that these video games will increase kids' interest in reading, while others fear kids will skip the book and just play the game. (Uh, ya think?) [The New York Times]

World News:

The European economy is not so hot either. Financial markets plummet as banking fears spread. [Times Online (UK)]

Nobody's saying TGIF today more than Gov. Sarah Palin

After performing poorly in a series of  interviews with Katie Couric that looked a lot like this, the pressure was on her to perform well in her first nationally televised vice presidential debate Thursday.  Republicans were worried, some conservatives wanted her pulled from the ticket, and David Letterman had his jokes. And public opinion on whether she could out debate Biden?  When pigs fly! Or wear lipstick! 

Expectations of her couldn't have been lower.

In the end, Gov. Palin survived the debate.  Was she asked questions that she couldn't answer?  You betcha!  She just simply announced that she wasn't going to answer the question and promptly changed the subject.  That technique wouldn't work for us, but she managed to pull it off. 

And Sen. Joe Biden...  Well, Biden delivered a solid performance.  He showed that he has much more experience and a far greater understanding of the issues than Palin, but that's nothing to write home about, is it?  It's not really news.  Who didn't know that?  

We were hoping for a good show...  a Palin fumble, a Biden gaffe, a sucker punch...  something, anything good to talk about at the office water cooler or the local watering hole the next day.

But the candidates delivered  none of that kind of excitement.  Biden just held his own and Palin met (minimal) expectations.  So our thoughts on the debate can be summed up like this: Eh.

If you missed the action (or nonaction), watch the debate video and read the transcript over here.

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