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Anybody who's anybody knows that the best part of a political convention is the party circuit. So for convention attendees, these are the rules to live by:

Never miss a good party. And never, ever miss the after party.  

Can't be in Denver to par-tay in person?  No prob, 'cuz TV One has got you covered.  Catch  TV One Live: The DNC After Party nightly on TV One at 11 pm during the convention (August 25th to 29th). 


If Barack Obama were Paris Hilton, who would be his Nicole Richie?  Obama says he's chosen his new BFF, but he's keeping mum about it.



Rev. Leah D. Daughtry

"No kicking, no screaming, no shoving, no hairpulling..."  As CEO of the DNC Convention Committee, Leah Daughtry likely invokes these words every now and again to control the hoards of people lining up for DNC Convention credentials.  With a history making candidate expected to accept the Democratic nomination, an outstanding speaker line up and star studded events, Rev. Daughtry is managing the hottest ticket in town.  A town called Denver, to be exact.

So who is Leah Daughtry anyway?  Keep reading, cuz we're gonna tell it all, girl! (You know how we do.)

·         Rev. Daughtry is the CEO of the 2008 Democratic National Convention Committee.  That means she is in charge of the whole shebang.


·         Rev. Daughtry is Chief of Staff to DNC Chairman Howard Dean, and she keeps him on the straight and narrow.  She fines him every time he uses a swear word, and donates the money to her church.


·         She could totally brag about her family history if she weren't so humble.  Her great-great grandfather was a slave and a preacher in the slave community.  She is the granddaughter of the founder of The House of the Lord Church (Pentecostal) and the daughter of Herbert Daughtry, the current pastor of the church.


·         She is pastor of The House of the Lord Church in Washington, D.C.  "When I'm in the pulpit, it really isn't me," she said in an interview.  "Sometimes I pray, 'Decrease me and increase you, Lord."


·         She directs the DNC's Faith in Action Committee, which oversees the party's outreach to religious voters.


·         Her resume makes you wanna shout! Past positions include senior posts at the U.S. Department of Labor during the Clinton administration, a post on the Clinton-Gore transition team in 1992, managing director of the 1992 DNC Convention, and Legislative Assistant to Congressman Ed Towns.  She also founded a mentoring program for girls with HIV infected mothers, while serving as Executive Director of Man-to-Man/Sister-to-Sister (a nonprofit human service agency in Brooklyn that helps improve quality of life for families).


·         She graduated from Dartmouth College in 1984.

Hello dahlings!

We've been away playing a little hooky.  When the summer comes, we just think we are too cool for school! 

But now we're back!

Look out this week and next for our coverage of the DNC Convention, the run down on the veepstakes, and more. 

Stay tuned...



This month's Harper's Bazaar features Tyra as Michelle Obama.  And a delicious hottie named Roman as Barack Obama.


Elizabeth Edwards on People.jpgIt just kills us that Elizabeth Edwards has to go through this.


phone_bottom.jpgMan, ever since that Obama cat learned to text, he's been thinking he is just 2 cool 4 school.  He's been blowing up our phone left and right!  (Well, maybe just left...)

Anyhow, the technocrat told us (via text, of course) that he will announce his vice presidential pick via text message between now and the DNC convention which starts August 25th.  If you want to be the first to know who will be rolling with him to The White House (or trying to roll, anyway), text VP to 62262 or go over here.

Michelle Obama The View.jpgMichelle Obama is fast becoming one of the fashion icons of our day.  When Michelle wore a  Maria Pinto purple sheath dress  with a black Azzedine Alaia belt to her husband's "I am the likely nominee" speech, everybody and their momma wanted one the next day.  When she sported a black and white print dress by Donna Riccio on The View, the dress immediately sold out and Riccio had to make 3,000 more to meet demand.  And now, Vanity Fair has named Michelle to its International Best Dressed List

Will Michelle officially become America's First Fashionista?  We'll find out on Novermber 4th.

Photo: Michelle Obama in Donna Riccio with co-hosts of The View.




MichelleObama Ebony.jpgMichelle Obama is on the cover of Ebony this month.  She talked to the magazine about her style, getting in some me time, her husband and kids, and of course, politics.  You can listen to excerpts of her interview over here.

Also in this issue is an interview with Michelle's mother, Marian Robinson.  Mrs. Robinson talks about Michelle's childhood and the road to The White House.

Oh dear.

John Edwards admitted today that he had an extramarital affair with former staffer Rielle Hunter The National Enquirer has reported for about a year now that Edwards had sexual relationship with Hunter and fathered her child.  Edwards repeatedly denied and dismissed the Enquirer's allegations as "tabloid trash" until now.  He still denies that he is the father of Hunter's baby.

  Ferragamo Moccasin.jpg 

John McCain is a shoe slut, and he'll pay big money to get some.  The Senator has been spotted big pimpin' Ferragamo Pregiato Moccasins, which retail at Neiman Marcus for $520.

Some other media outlets have poked fun at McCain for his high fashion expenditure, but we won't go there.  We understand that like food, water, air and sex (uh... not the premarital kind, of course), fabulous shoes are a basic human need.  As Carrie Bradshaw, esteemed lobbyist for the right to Choos, once said, "Sometimes you need really special shoes!"

So to John McCain, we say, "Go 'head, sole brother!"

Shoe ho in Ferragamo.  Photo credit: The Huffington Post.

John McCain shoes cut.JPG 


Meghan McCain Glamour.jpg

Meghan McCain poses for the September issue of Glamour

The September issue of Glamour dishes all you need to know about Meghan McCain.  For starters, Meghan's not interested in dating a guy who wants to get closer to her dad than her:

I don't want to be an accessory to a guy's impending political career, and unfortunately I get that a lot. I'm not attracted to guys with political action committees, I'm sorry.... I'm attracted to men whose realities are different [from mine]. You'll get a lot further with me talking about art and music than you will talking about politics.... And I'd really hate myself if I dated a journalist.

Meghan has no interest in dudes who lack game, particularly the guy who tried to pick her up with this lameness: "Baby, I could totally give you a tour of the Capitol."  Imagine the deflation of that guy's ego if Meghan told him her dad is John McCain, so she can see the Capitol any ol' time.  And who uses pick up lines like that anyway?  Alas, as we know all too well from personal experience, every other guy....

If even a potential first daughter can't escape weak game, what hope is there for the rest of us?



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