Michelle Obama on The View


Michelle Obama guest co-hosted The View yesterday.  Can we be the first to say that she looked FAB?  She debuted a new, softer look: sweeping bangs, flawless makeup  and a feminine flower print dress with a flower pin. Tres elegante!  And her best accessory?  Her brain. 


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Maria said:

Where is Cindy McCain's day on the View...only fair to show both...

Polichicks Author Profile Page said:

Hey there, Maria! Thanks for your comment. The link that you sent us doesn't work, and we couldn't find video of Cindy's appearance on The View on John McCain's website or on YouTube. Send us a new link, and we'll be hapy to post it. Thanks again!

Maria said:

Sorry about that... hopefully this link works...it was hard to find (funny how easy and accesible it is to find Michelle Obama's video, sarcasm included).


butterfly01 Author Profile Page said:

Extremely exciting. I just like the way you publish. Do you at the moment have an RSS feed?

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