Daily Polichicks - Wednesday

We have been just swamped this week.  S-W-A-M-P-E-D.  So we haven't posted as much as we would have liked.  Please forgive us, and then read your Daily Polichicks.


For those in the Washington D.C. area, Polichicks Online, CHANEL and Saks Fifth Avenue will host the inaugural Cocktail Caucus this Sunday.  Details are over here.

Campaign '08:

Every woman should reinvent herself every now and again, and Michelle Obama is no different.  She's getting a makeover. No, not the kind that we'll get at CHANEL this Sunday - the PR kind.  [The New York Times]

Catfight! John McCain and Barack Obama spar over terrorism. [The New York Times]

Al Gore has endorsed Barack Obama, but he's unlikely to campaign for him.  Gore has pretty much abandoned partisan politics in favor being green (and uniting people who want to be green too). [Politico]

Chicks dig Barack Obama: women voters who were expected to be mad about Hillary Clinton's loss are supporting Barry. [The Los Angeles Times]

Polls say Barack Obama leads John McCain in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania [The Los Angeles Times]

Caroline Kennedy has an important role as veep vetter for Barack Obama.  She brings a sense of history and a whole lotta smarts (she's a lawyer and author) to the campaign. [The Washington Post]

Linda Douglass, formerly a well-respected journalist, is heading up Barack Obama's communcations department.  Here's what she's about and how she's handling the role so far. [The Washington Post]

[Editor's note: We didn't mean for this section to be mostly about Barack Obama, but there just wasn't a lot of John McCain stuff in the news today.  McCainiacs, we'll hook you up next time.] 

U.S. News:

Our home state, Virginia, is seriously tripping over California's new gay marriage laws. Virginia is for lovers, except ones that are gay.  [The Los Angeles Times]

Donna Edwards is the first African American woman to serve Maryland in the U.S. Congress. [The Washington Post]

Now this is kind of interesting:

Three women escaped scientology [Glamour]


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