Daily Polichicks - Friday

Here's your Daily Polichicks - the thank God it's Friday special edition.

Campaign '08:

Come together.  Right now. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama hald a joint meeting with Clinton's funders Thursday in an effort to unify the Dems.  Clinton said Democrats "are a family" and "will do whatever it takes to win back this White House."  Obama spoke kindly of Clinton, said that he encouraged his own funders to help erase her campaign's $20 million debt and wrote a $2300 presonal check (the maximum allowed by law) to her campaign. [The Washington Post]

U.S. News:

The U.S. Supreme Court struck down the District of Columbia's strict ban on handguns.  This decision is HUGE, as it marks the first time in history that the Court has clearly said that an individual has the right to own a gun to protect herself or himself.  [BTW, we happen to be in D.C., and we can tell you that this decision has caused much drama here.  It's all over the TV and radio, and it's being talked about at every water cooler in every office.  Some Washingtonians are celebrating the Court's decision, but it seems that most wanted the handgun ban and are mad as hell that the Court struck it down.  Since D.C. isn't a state and doesn't have states' right, Washingtonians get extra testy about any federal interference in their stuff.] [The Washington Post]

The U.S. Supreme Court struck down the "Millionaire's Amanedment," a law meant to level the playing field for a candidate who is running against a wealthy individual financing a campaign with his or her own money.  The law tripled contribution limits (from $2,300 to $6,900) for the candidate who was not self-financing their campaign. [The New York Times]


Madonna and Guy Ritchie are so over each other. [Us Weekly]

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