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Sex and the City opened this morning.  (Screeaaaaaaaam!) So we slipped on our favorite Manolos and headed to the theater in search of of "the two Ls: labels and love."  We found both; the movie was fab.  Get thee to a theater and go see.

But in the meantime, here's your Daily Polichicks:

Campaign '08:

When it comes to YouTube videos, John McCain's not looking too good.  Barack Obama, on the other hand, is a YouTube superstar.  [The Los Angeles Times]

John McCain is healthy as a horse.  So is Barack Obama.  We don't know about Hillary Clinton, as she has not yet released her medical records. [The Los Angeles Times]

U.S. News:

Meet Victoria Kennedy, Sen. Ted Kennedy's wife of 16 years. [The Washington Post]

Wearing a scarf means that you support terrorism? Who knew? Not Rachel Ray.  When she wore a scarf in her new Dunkin' Donuts commercial, some viewers complained that she was sending Anti-American, pro-terrorist messages.  Dunkin' Donuts responded that Rachel's alleged pro-terrorist fashion statement was unintended, and they will no longer air the commercial. [AP]



We've said it before and we'll say it again: the Daily Polichicks isn't exactly daily, a'ight?  So after a week's vacation, we've got a lot of catchin' up to do in today's edition.

But first, let's talk about the MAJOR NEWS EVENT that is happening today.  The Sex and the City movie hits theatres nationwide!  Technically SATC comes out tomorrow, May 30th. But we have tix to catch it first thing Friday morning, at 12:01 a.m. to be precise, which is really in the middle of the night on Thursday which is today.  So like we said, the SATC is coming out today. And we are psyched!

(Confidential to Carrie Bradshaw: Word is that you are thinking about marrying Big.  Four words: Don't do it, girl!  Marry a man who strings you along for a decade, marries another woman instead of you, and is only available to you now because he screwed up his marriage by, well, screwing you on the side?  There has got to be a better candidate.)

Anyway, here's your Daily Polichicks.

Campaign '08:

An in-depth analysis of campaign jams [The Washington Post]

Our next president will likely face the women in combat issue. John McCain is against the idea of women in combat.  Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have yet to reveal their positions. [The Los Angeles Times]

Catfight! The DNC's Rules and Bylaws Committee will decide on Saturday what to do about seating delegates from Florida and Michigan.  Free tickets to the brawl "sold out" in 3 minutes flat. [The Los Angeles Times

This happened over the holiday weekend, so we didn't mention it before.  Hillary Clinton expressed her surprise that some people want her to drop out of the race in May, because during the 1968 presidential campaign, Bobby Kennedy wasn't even assasinated until June.  In response, the Obama camp had a hissy and Clinton apologized. [The Washington Post]

U.S. News:

OMG! American Idol runner up, Clay Aiken, is having a baby with his 50 year old best friend, Jaymes Foster.  Foster was artificially inseminated.  Of course. [TMZ]

Just when George Bush thought there was no disloyalty worse than Heidi Montag spreading that Lauren Conrad made a sex tape, his own BFF turned frenemy.  Former White House press secretary Scott McClellan dished the dirt on Bush in his new book. (Confidential to Steve: If you can't say something nice, then sit down right here next to us! No offense to G Dub or anything.) [The Los Angeles Times]

Sad news. Dianne Odell, a polio survivor who lived in an iron lung since she was 3, died when a storm knocked out the power to her home and the iron lung shut off. [The Los Angeles Times]  

World News:

In Britain, rapists get away with murder. (In our book, rape is murder.) Only 5.7% of rapes reported there result in a conviction.  In the U.S., only 13% of rape cases result in a conviction. [The Washington Post]



Meghan McCain pet louie.jpg

Photo credit: Heather Brand for

Meghan McCain and her pet Louie board a plane together. 

Bobby Kennedys daughters and granddaughters.jpgRobert F. "Bobby" Kennedy, kid brother of President John F. Kennedy, was killed 40 years ago, while campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination.  Bobby was a crusader for racial and economic justice, and when he died, many thought the "dream" died too.

Not so, say the women he left behind.  Glamour talked to Bobby's daughters and granddaughters - yep, all 14 of 'em - to get full scoop on how they keep their father and grandfather's dreams alive through continued public service.

Read up over here and view their family photo album here.

Campaign '08:

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton keep their fingers and toes crossed, as Democrats go to vote in Kentucky and Oregon. [The Washington Post]

Clint Eastwood feels "kind of sorry for" Hillary Clinton [Politico]

Some feminists want Hillary Clinton to stay in the race until the end [The Los Angeles Times]

GOP struggles to recruit minority candidates [Politico]

Obama campaign manager David Axelrod on the ya win some, ya lose some nature of campaigning. (Okay, maybe that sounds kind of obvious but his comments are interesting.)  [Politico]

U.S. News:

Terrible news.  Sen. Ted Kennedy has been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. [The Washington Post]

World News:

More sad news. 5 million people in China are homeless after the earthquake. [The Los Angeles Times]

Quote of the Day:

"You are never so smart as you look when you're winning, and you're never as dumb as you look when you're losing." - Obama campaign manager David Axelrod

What do Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, Scrabble, panty hose and both of Barack Obama's parents have in common?  All are things younger than McCain.

Hat Tip: Glamocracy

Everybody knows about Glamour 's hotter than hot political blog, Glamocracy.  And if you don't know, you better ask somebody! Cuz you sure don't want to miss Glamocracy's daily news updates, opinion pieces and interviews with the wannabe presidents.

Speaking of Glamocracy's interviews with the wannabes, the latest was with Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain. Glamour editor in chief Cindi Leive talked to the Senator just moments before his appearance on Saturday Night Live

So does Sen. McCain know how to please a woman?  Let's see...  Will make a woman laugh. Check. Will stand up for a woman, namely, his wife Cindy. Check. Can sing a pretty love song.  Well, no candidate is perfect.

Maybe he can still impress us with some good public policies? Read an interview clip here  to see.  The rest of the interview will appear in an upcoming issue of Glamour. To be sure you don't miss it, just go over here.


While we were surfing People's site, we found Ashton Kutcher's account of partying with the Bush twins.  Circa 2003.  It's over here.

Jenna Bush People Cover.jpgBlushing bride Jenna Bush is on the cover of the current issue of People.  Pick up a copy to view her wedding album and get the scoop on her nuptuals to recent UVA grad (Wahoowa! Go Hoos!) Henry Hager.


And while we're talking about Saturday Night Live, check out the show's new election page over here.  It's a real hoot! When your boss isn't looking, you can watch videos, read the message boards and play Whack-A-Pol

We all know that the U.S. government will hold a presidential election in November, but not to be outdone, SNL is running it's own election right now! Cast your ballot over here. And just like in a real election, SNL promises that most votes will be counted.

Campaign '08:

Barack Obama warns GOP: You best step back offa my wife. [AP]

Elizabeth Edwards wouldn't mind playing Boggle or biking with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, but for now, she still has no plans to endorse either. [Politico]

John McCain is sweating young voters, but they're really not feeling him right now.  A recent MTV poll found that young voters prefer Barack Obama (52 to 39) and Hillary Clinton (51 to 40) to John McCain. [Politico]

And while we're talking about that MTV poll, we might as well post all of the results.  What's America's biggest problem, according to our youth?  It's the economy, stupid! [MTV News

What do Barack Obama, Joe Louis, Nat King Cole, Jesse Owens, Sammy Davis Jr. and Sugar Ray Robinson have in common?  "Mostly entertainers and athletes, they each had a ferocious and blinding optimism that allowed them to ignore or surmount the cruelty of racism. They all had a certain musical quality, sometimes through an instrument, sometimes via movement or diction, that spoke to men and women in a language apart from color. And they all, just like Obama now, left large footprints in the black mecca of Chicago." [The Washington Post

U.S. News:

The U.S. Supreme Court says that it's not okay to advertise, promote, distribute or solicit child pornography.  Two Justices disagree.  WTF? [The Washington Post]

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi will marry in June, now that the California Supreme Court says that it's okay for gay people to tie the knot. [People]

When it comes to race, Timothy Shriver wants less talk and more action. [On Faith (Newsweek and The Washington Post]

A profile of JFK's speechwriter: "Ted Sorenson asked what he could do for his country.  The anser was a great deal." [The Washington Post

World News:

Diana Barnato Walker, a World War II verteran who was the first British woman to pilot a plane at supersonic speed (such moxie!), died in England. [The Los Angeles Times]

China is still recovering from the "most destructive" earthquake in it's history. [The Washington Post]

Vintage Obama

Barack Obama grins before speaking at the Taubman Center at Brown University. This shot is just kind of vintage, because it's really from not that long ago.  Photo from here.

Barack Obama Brown University.jpg

New ad by the Tennessee Republican Party targets Michelle Obama.  The ad takes a 5 second clip from one of Obama's speeches and plays it over and over again to critically characterize who she is and what she stands for.

Is this okay? Do you think Michelle Obama fair game?  Let us know in the comments.

By the way, we haven't seen a potential first lady attacked like this in an ad before (absent a simultaneous attack on her husband).  If you know of such an ad, give us the heads up in the comments, k?


A cool planet is hot. John McCain says he wants to end global warming and other bad things that affect our environment.

Hey Polichicks!  Many of you emailed us that you want to be able to comment without having to register first so...  Now there is no registration requirement to comment.  So we'll look forward to hearing from you more often in the comment section!  And, of course, you're always welcome to email us as well.

Emily's List, a PAC that helps pro-choice women get elected to public office, is none too pleased that the NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC has endorsed Barack Obama for president.  Ellen Malcolm, Emily's List founder and Clinton BFF, says the endorsement is "tremendously disrespectful" to her girl.  NARAL is like, "Whatev! Endorsing a Clinton is so '96!"  NARAL will host a web chat about their endorsement on this Friday, May 16th.  Submit your questions here.


to let us know that John Edwards just endorsed him for real like a minute ago.  Obviously, we're among the first Barry told, because we have it like that.  You can have it like that too, if you text HOPE to 62262 or sign up over here (and get you a new ring tone while you're at it). 

Tell Bar we said 'sup.

Looks like Barack Obama's new BFF is John Edwards.  CNN reports that the former presidential candidate is soon to endorse Obama.

And now heeeeeeeeeeeeere's your Daily Polichicks!  (Cheers and applause)

Campaign '08:


A day late and a dollar short


Hillary Clinton won the West Virginia primary Tuesday, but she's short on cash, delegates and time. Clinton and her camp says the race "isn't over yet," but some say (in their best Oprah voices), "Get real, peopllllllllle!" [Washington Post] and [Politico]


Some politicians kiss babies; John McCain hugs trees.


It's not easy being green, but John McCain is willing to do it to impress independent voters. [NPR]


Also, you can pick up some fly gear from McCain new eco-concious line over here.


Republicans kick ball into own goal.  Democrats score big.


Doh! Republicans unintentionally helped Democrat Travis Childers win a longtime Republican congressional seat by tying him to Barack Obama. [The Los Angeles Times]


Is that your final answer?


College superdelegates balance picking a candidate with final exams.  [The Washington Post]


The Sermon Police


Commentator on faith warns of the sermon chop shop, where the media chops up sermons like theives chop cars. [On Faith]


"Hang that darky from a tree!"


Obama's campaign workers face mean-spiritness, racism and remarks that are beyond offensive. But luckily, they meet a lot of nice people too.  (Nice people who vote for Obama.) [The Washington Post]


What's up with John Edwards and his peeps?


John Edwards and wife Elizabeth kiss and tell about what's cool (and not cool) about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  And they do it to a tabloid publication!  Juicy! [People]


OMG! Emma Claire and Jack Edwards met Miley Cyrus, aka HANNAH MONTANA (!!!!) in line for the Test Trak ride at Disney Land.  How cool is that?! [People]


Jenna Bush and Henry Hager married on Saturday, May 10, 2008 at the Prairie Chapel Ranch near Crawford, Texas.

Jenna and Henry wedding.jpg


Jenna Bush wedding.jpg

See more wedding pictures here.


In this mother's day video, little kids ask their moms not for a puppy or a Nintendo, but to please vote for Barack Obama. Clearly, Obama has been handing out candy bribes.


Chelsea Clinton wishes her mom and all moms a happy mother's day, reminding everyone: "Your little girls can be anything they want to be when they grow up, even if it's to be the second woman president of the United States."

(Hmm.. this video must have been filmed before Barack Obama's big NC victory, but the sentiment is nice just the same.)


John McCain and his mom Roberta on Monther's Day.


Family friends gave Johnny 27 bottles of scotch as gifts when he was born. Mom Roberta said, "Well, you might as well enjoy it."

Roberta says Johnny "was the sweetest, nicest child I've ever known," but "he's not perfect."



Hilla American Eagle vote T shirt.jpgLauren Conrad, Audrina Partridge and Whitney Port from The Hills are sporting the American Eagle Outfitters Declare Yourself T-shirt above.  You can buy one over here.

L.C., Audrina and Whitney are promoting voter registration, as well as Declare Yourself, Seventeen and MTV's "In the Time It Takes" video contest.  Read all about it over here could register to vote in the 2008 election. 

Seventeen, MTV and Declare Yourself have teamed up to mobilize people to register to vote.  So they're co-sponsoring the "In the Time It Takes" video contest.  All you have to do to enter is create a viral  video that reminds folks that they can register to vote lickety split. 

If you want to see example videos, check out the ones done by Lauren Conrad, Audrina Partridge and Whitney Port of The Hills .  Just don't bite off what they did, k?

One grand-prize winner will receive a trip for two to Los Angeles to attend the Young Hollywood party. (Hel-lo.) Two Runners-up will each receive a $500 gift certificate to American Eagle Outfitters and an American Eagle Outfitters Declare Yourself T-shirt signed by the cast of The Hills.

Now, just so ya know, if this year's Young Hollywood party is anything like last year's, the contest winner will hobnob with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Nick Cannon, Hayden Panettiere, Lauren Conrad, Audrina Partridge, Romeo and Kristen Bell.  Definately the place to be, so go over here and enter to win.

Where is a good Apollo clown when you need one?  That's what Rev. Al Sharpton wants to know:

The worst thing in the world is when an entertainer doesn't know when the show is over. The audience is gone, the lights are down, you're getting ready to cut the mics off and you are still on the stage singing. It's over, it's all right, it's over. Come sing another day, but this show is over, Sen. Clinton.

(Shout out: Politico)


basketball_obama.jpg"What he has done is not [just] improbable, it seems to defy gravity."

- Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe, on the previously unknown, unconnected Barack Obama's ability to defeat the well-oiled Clinton machine

So Barack Obama won North Carolina in a landslide, kick a** victory, and Hillary Clinton won Indiana by the skin of her teeth.  The size of Barry's NC win has made it nearly impossible for Hillary to catch up.

But not to worry Hillary supporters - your girl has pledged to fight on. (Obama supporters will have to be patiently annoyed for a few more weeks...or a day or so, until the big wig Super Delegates announce support for Obama.) Despite Hillary's miniscule chances of winning the nomination, the former first lady says she expects to be back in The White House faster than you can say President Obama.

See Indiana and North Carolina results (and all the other primary results, actually) here.

"You're wearing that?!" We've all gasped in utter shock and asked our mom that question at least once too many times. And our moms have (unreasonably) asked us the same.

No different from the next mom, Hillary Clinton likes to wear embarassing outfits and complain that her daughter's floor length skirts are "too short."  She dishes on her experiences as a mom in an interview and town hall meeting sponsored by momlogic, a website that's totally biased in support of your mother's point of view.

View the momlogic interview and town hall exclusive with Hillary Clinton here.




Michelle and Barack Obama (mostly Michelle) were on Rachael Ray about a week ago.  Rachael tried to play it impartial, but her sparkly eyes and beaming smile totally gave her away as an Obama supporter.  She just ate the Obamas up!


Michelle and Barack have date night once a week.

Rachael implied that she loves her dog Isaboo more than the Obamas love their kids.  You know the Obamas talked about that later. (But in Rach's defense, she was clearly star struck and these things just happen when you're star struck.)

The Obamas first dance was was to "Unforgettable" (presumably the Nat King Cole version, but if not, they're not as cool as we thought).

Michelle walked down the aisle to a Stevie Wonder song at their wedding.

Michelle said she watches what the kids eat. (Ugh! That probably means no sugar cereals.  As in no Lucky Charms and no Cocoa Puffs. And worse, no prizes in the box!)

At the end of the interview, Michelle fondly reached for Rachael and said, "Girl...."  Michelle is so regular, and we love it!


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