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Barbara and Jenna Bush speak at the 2004 Republican National Convention.  Highlights:

  • Grandmother Barbara Bush thinks sex is "something married people do but never talk about." What a fool.
  • George and Laura Bush's pet name for each other is Bushy.
  • G.Dub and Laura know who Outkast is, and both have been known to "shake it like a Polaroid picture."


Alice Crisci shares what it's like to lose hair, breasts, fertility and a boyfriend because of cancer. All at the young age of 31. Read her story here.

Too many young women are faced with cancer fights.  That's why Kris Carr made Crazy Sexy Cancer, a film that documents her own battle against cancer.  Read about it here and watch the trailer over here.

Campaign '08:

Hillary Clinton hopes for an "upset of the century" win in North Carolina. [The Washington Post]

John McCain blasts the Bush administration's handling of the Hurricane Katrina disaster during a vist to New Orlean's Lower 9th Ward. (Hmm... First McCain apologizes for voting against the King holiday during a speech at a MLK memorial. Now he's calling Bush out in black neighborhoods. Could this Republican be making an early play for black voters?) [The Los Angeles Times]


U.S. News:

After a 60 year battle, Filipino veterans win a Senate vote on military benefits for them.  Filipino soldiers fought under U.S. command against Japan in World War II. [The Los Angeles Times]

No bullies allowed in doggie daycare. PetSmart's PetsHotel and Dog Day Camp do not welcome any dogs with "bully breed" classifications. [The Los Angeles Times]


International News:

Prince Harry boosts his rep to best brother Prince William [AP]

The oldest oil paintings ever discovered, murals painted in the 7th century, have been found in caves in Afghanistan.  The entry to the caves was blocked by two 6th century Buddha statues until 2001, when the Taliban blew them up. [CNN]

Iraq's disabled athletes compete "in the midst of a sandstorm with explosions going off in the distance." [CNN video and CNN article]

Meet you at Starbucks? The Chineese government leadership and a rep of the Dalai Lama have agreed to meet. [CNN]



Frenemies Charles Barkley and Kobe Byant air kiss and make up [The Los Angeles Times

Meghan McCain recently visited Hope Village in Meridian, Mississippi with her parents.  Founded by actress Sela Ward, Hope Village is home to many children placed in the foster care system.  Get full scoop from Meghan below.

Yesterday on Today, First Lady Laura Bush and Anne Curry interviewed Barbara and Jenna Bush on what it's like to be a twin.

Campaign '08:

Even though Hillary Clinton won Pennsylvania, she doesn't have much chance of winning the nomination [The Washington Post]

How to kill a good party [The Washington Post]

U.S. News:

Angelina Jolie honors Marianne Pearl at the Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards in Washington D.C. [People]

Shakira was on Capitol Hill to lobby for the Global Campaign for Education. [Politico]

Turns out Mallory Keaton is smarter and more politically active than Alex thought.  Justine Bateman, who played Mallory on Family Ties, testified before the U.S. Senate on the future of the internet on Tuesday. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Teressa Wall could lose her kids for testifying against polygamist Warren Jeffs [Marie Claire]


Barack Obama is turning green!  He is calling on Americans to host "green gatherings" and discuss how we can preserve our environment.  Check out his green website here and his latest green commercial below.


Baracky: The Movie

With 74% of Pennsylvania precincts reporting, Hillary is ahead 54% to 46%. Media outlets have projected her the winner. 

Bill Clinton's 2004 advice on choosing between presidential candidates? Always choose the candidate for hope. But Barack Obama's the candidate for hope. Hmm... Bill probably will have to flip flop on that one.

From The Reliable Source at The Washington Post:

British PM's Wife Makes Herself Heard

In 2001, Sarah Brown gave birth to a premature baby girl who died 10 days later. She's now the mom of two young sons -- one with cystic fibrosis -- and an advocate for women's and children's health issues. On Wednesday, the very quiet wife of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown spoke up in D.C. at a women's-only gathering (hosted by journalist Elsa Walsh; guests included supermodel Christy Turlington, Rep. Lois Capps and GM exec Debbie Dingell) of the White Ribbon Alliance, which works to prevent childbirth deaths around the globe.

"In parts of the world, it's normal for a mother in labor to say goodbye to her older children because she might not see them again," Brown said.

Campaign '08:

Pennsylvania Primary 101 [CNN]

Ten Things to Remember on Tuesday Night (Obama supporters will like this.  Hillary lovers, not so much). [The Huffington Post]

Katie Couric's won't get a chance to host a primary debate.  CBS's debate plans are cancelled. [TV Newser]

Some folks say they won't vote for Barack Obama because he is black.  Period.  [Politico]

Digital campaigns attract young voters [Politico]

U.S. News:

The U.S. Marines are looking for a few good women.  So they are marketing themselves on American Idol and in chick lit like Self, Shape and Fitness. [The New York Times]

Female midshipman testifies at rape trial [The Washington Post]

International News:

World faces "silent tsunami" of rising food prices, U.N. food official says [The Washington Post]

Young veterans share why they support and campaign for Barack Obama.


Jenna Bush bridesmaids.jpgDetails, details, details!

According to The Washington PostLaura and Jenna Bush spilled the beans about Jenna's wedding details toVogue.

Jenna and fiance Henry Hager will tie the knot on May 10th at 7:30 p.m. on the Bush family's Crawford Ranch.  Jenna will wear an Oscar de la Renta gown made of organza with embroidery, matte beading and a small train. 

Jenna's not releasing pictures of her gown, of course, but sketches of her attendants' dresses, designed by Lela Rose, are above.  Twin Barbara will be Jenna's Maid of Honor.

This is hoo-larious.  Mitt Romney tells attendees at the Radio & Television Correspondents' Association dinner why he dropped his bid to be the next prez.


Camapign '08:

Bruce Springsteen backs Barack Obama [AP]

Hillary Clinton is a brand [NPR]

Why you shouldn't call a black man a "boy." [Essence]

White Catholics on 2008 [The Washington Post]

What's up with Cindy McCain?  The First Lady wannabe dishes on her life off the campaign trail. [The Los Angeles Times]


U.S. News:

President Bush welcomes the Pope to The White House [CNN]

Is Laura Bush the hostess with the mostess?  We'll see April 22nd when she hosts The Today Show. [TV Newser]

When it comes to fashion, green is in.  Check out Banana Republic's eco-friendly clothing line. [The LA Times]

The House Foreign Affairs Chair is unhappy about Jimmy Carter's talks with Hamas [AP]


International News:

 2 bombs kill nearly 60 people in Iraq. [The Washington Post]

We're back!  Thank you for your patience. And here's your Daily Polichicks for Tuesday.

Campaign '08:

Superdelegates 101: Here's all you need to know about them. [NPR]

And more important, here's what to wear to the voting booth. [MTV News]

Cindy McCain's "McCain family recipies" from The Food Network and Rachael Ray.  How do you steal from Rachael Ray? [The Huffington Post]

Republican Congressman from Kentucky calls Barack Obama a "boy." WTF? [AP]

Pro-life Pennsylvania lawmakers endorse pro-choice Barack Obama. [The Washington Post]

Hillary Clinton's Top 3 Mistakes on the campaign trail. [Marie Claire]

John McCain is in luck. Hills star Heidi Montag, who endorsed the senator earlier this month, has promised to register to vote "this week."


Meghan McCain chats us up about her dad's biography tour, her relationship with her dad, and her life on the campaign trail.


Obama wins!!!!!!!

No, not the election.  Jon Stewart's "Dick Move of the Week" award.


Meghan and Jack McCain, two of John McCain's kids, at the U.S. Naval Academy where Jack is a MIdshipman.  Photo by Heather Brand for Meghan's blog, McCainBlogette.

Meghan and Jack McCain.jpg

But we'll be back later today.  Promise, k?

Thanks for your patience, Polichicks!  We appreciate it more than you know.


Today marks the 40th anniversary of the asassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.   Here is his mountaintop speech, delivered in Memphis the night before his death.

Watch.  Remember.


John McCain sat down with MTV News back in 2004.  He talked about the hot topics of the 2004 election, including the Vietnam War, Iraq and gay marriage. 

When asked to predict whether we'd see him as a presidential candidate in 2008, McCain said, "I doubt it.  I'm not getting any younger."


Soldier American idol.jpg

A U.S. soldier watching American Idol in Iraq.  Photo credit: MTV News.

So when they're not...er....kinda busy, what do American soldiers do in Iraq?  Well, watch American Idol, of course!  Duh! 

You can see what the troops think about last week's show over here.


heidi and spencer.jpg

The Hills star Heidi Montag and fiance Spencer Pratt give a shout out to John McCain.  Photo from Heidi's MySpace page.

The Hills star Heidi Montag told Us Magazine that she is so totally behind John McCain for president.  When her fiance, Spencer Pratt, warned her about making an endorsement, she replied, "I don't think anybody cares who Heidi Montag votes for."

See.  She is smart.

John McCain happily accepted Montag's endorsement saying, "I'm honored to have Heidi's support and I want to assure her that I never miss an episode of 'The Hills,' especially since the new season started."

Seriously.  This is not some kind of two days after April Fool's Day joke.



Hillary Clinton might want to make a 3 a.m. call to 50 Cent.  After months of standing behind Clinton, 50 tells MTV News that he's now an undecided voter.

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