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The Biritish Military Ministry has announced that Prince Harry will withdraw from his post in Afghanistan for security reasons.  In this video, Prince Harry speaks about his experience fighting on the front lines.


Campaign '08:

Hillary Clinton works at a Bob Evans restaurant in Ohio. [The New York Times]

Hillary Clinton raised $35 million in February. [AP]

RNC dencounced Tennessee state Republican party's use of Barack Obama's middle name in a press release. [CNN]

Barack Obama slammed President Bush and John McCain for failed leadership that he says led to an economic recession. [MSNBC]

Rep. John Lewis switches support from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama. [The Los Angeles Times]

Ralph Nader's veep choice is Matt Gonzalez,  a lawyer and former president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. [The New York Times]

New poll says John McCain bests both Clinton and Obama.  McCain leads Clinton by 6 points and Obama by 2. [The Los Angeles Times]


U.S. News:

NBC News decided against airing President Bush's news conference Thurday, because the network wants to promote MSNBC as the place to watch NBC news.  The move is noteworthy because NBC was already airing news programming at the time of Bush's news conference and rivals ABC and CBS pre-empted regular programming to show it. [USA Today]

Dr. Vincent Harding, former speechwriter and friend of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., speaks on King's often overlooked antiwar and economic justice activism. [Democracy Now]


World News:

Britain's Defense Ministry says Prince Harry will withdraw from his front line post in Afghanistan, where he has been fighting since December.  The Ministry says news leaks of the prince's location have jeopardized Harry and his unit. [The Washington Post]

Iraq approved the execution of "Chemical Ali" (Ali Hassan al-Majeed) for his role in chemical weapons attacks that killed over 100,000 Kurds in the 1980s.  [CNN]

CNN reports that Britain's Prince Harry has been serving on the front line in Afghanistan.

McCain Update

Meghan McCain recaps the most recent happenings in the McCain camp through February 22nd.


Osmond for Obama

Osmondmania.jpgDonnie Osmond just told the ladies on The View that he's got Osmondmania for Barack Obama.  "I think the country is ready for a Black president. I really do."  He continued, "I like this whole thing about change. This country needs change."

Other news from Donnie?  He and Marie are getting back together!  And they're goin' to Vegas!

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Rashida.JPGOutraged, frustrated and appalled. Just a few words to describe my thoughts after reading Gloria Steinem's article entitled Women Are Never Front Runners. Steinem's comparison of race and gender is offensive and condescending. Race and gender are not interchangeable. Unless I am mistaken, African-American women do not have the luxury of deciding when, or if, their life experiences are shaped by gender, race or both.


According to Steinem, being an African-American male is more advantageous than being a white woman. Because society has more faith male leadership, Senator Clinton is not getting her fair shake in the media. While I concede, men outnumber women in leadership roles, I disagree that Senator Clinton is not being taken seriously because of her gender. Yes, African-American men had the right to vote fifty years before any woman but African-American men also suffered years of lynching, intimidation, and other acts of violence to prevent them from voting or seek public office.


Since African-American men were granted a constitutional right to vote, there have only been three African-American governors! In comparison, there has been over three times the number of white women governors since women received the right to vote. In 2004, for example, the country had nine white women governors. White women are making progress in the fight for gender equality. But what about African-American women; who advocate on our behalf?


To assert that Senator Obama is being promoted in the media only because he is an African-American man is laughable. Senator Obama is succeeding in spite of the media's subtle negative associations about his race. Senator Obama is succeeding despite the fact that African-American men continue to be victims of violence. Just ask Michael Bell, Rodney King, Amadou Diallo and Michael Griffith, if they thought being an African-American male was such a privilege.


Steinem also ignores the unique issues that African-American women professionals confront on a daily basis. We are women AND we are women of color. Society says we must choose, but how can we? Is it really that absurd that if Senator Obama was an African-American woman, he would not be a serious presidential candidate? Ouch! 


Is that new-aged feminism at its best? Her example is just as insulting to African-American woman as the notion that the media is being unfair to Senator Clinton. I am tired of the rhetoric and the blatant disregard for woman of color, especially African-American women, as if we are non-entities. Wake up America, it is 2008!  African-American women have voices; hear us roar!


Rashida Y. V. MacMurray is a practicing attorney affliated with a large national firm specializing in the areas of construction disputes and sustainable design development. Rashida received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Virginia. She is currently a resident of the District of Columbia.

Mike Huckabee on Tyra

Thumbnail image for TV_retro brn wall paper_iStock_000005015948XSmall.jpgRepublican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee will appear on the Tyra Show.  Watch this Friday at 12 pm EST.

Haven't done the qwickie news briefs in a bit.  We'll try to do it more regularly.


Campaign '08:

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton duked it out over health care, Iraq and NAFTA during a debate Tuesday in Cleveland, OH. [The Washington Post]

Fearing Barack Obama's "unknown quality," some military leaders feel a little shaky about Obama as Commander in Chief.  [Washington Times]

Ralph Nader announced his candidacy for president.  He's on the Green Party ticket.  [USA Today]

Chris Dodd endorsed former rival Barack Obama for president.  Dodd dropped out of the presidential race back in January. [CNN]

John McCain denies romantic and professional impropriety with female lobbyist. [The New York Times]


U.S. News:

More Americans are saying no to that old-time religion. They are switching religions or losing faith all together.  [CNN]


World News:

A big earthquake shook England Wednesday morning.  The quake measured 5.2 on the Richter scale and is said to be the biggest to hit the UK in 25 years. [The Guardian]

Pakistan banned YouTube in the country.  In an effort to block Pakistanis' access to the site, the Pakistani Telecommunications Authority knocked out access to the site worldwide for 2 hours. [CNN]

The New York Philharmonic received a standing ovation after their historic performance in Pyongyang, North Korea on Tuesday.  The Philharmonic is the first major orchestra to play behind the country's iron curtain.  [AP]

Thumbnail image for TV_retro brn wall paper_iStock_000005015948XSmall.jpgNext stop on the camapign trail for the Democrats: Ohio for the the final debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama before the March 4th primaries.  It should be a good rumble, since the Clinton and Obama campaigns are pretty much at war with each other now. Clinton has accused Obama of sending out a mailer that misrepresents her health care plan and her position on NAFTA. Obama is mad at Clinton for circulating photos of him dressed like a genie.   

In reference to pre-debate tensions, Obama said, "I'm sure we'll have a vigorous debate."  Clinton said, "I'm not afraid to go toe to toe."  To clarify how the candidates really feel, let's (loosely) quote Yung Joc: "Meet me on the trail.  It's goin' down....Anywhere you meet me guaranteed to go down."

Watch it go down tonight at 9 EST on MSNBC.

Here's Hillary Clinton's best impression of Barack Obama.  Think Saturday Night Live will come calling?



Sheryl Lee Ralph.jpg

Photo credit: Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Essence.

Actress Sheryl Lee Ralph attended Essence's Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon sporting an Obama pin on her lapel.  View more celebrity photos from the luncheon here.


Julia Allison and Sarah Huckabee.jpg

Star magazine editor-at-large Julia Allison and Sarah Huckabee at the SNL afterparty on Saturday.  Photo credit: itsmejulia.com

Sarah Huckabee, daughter of Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, attended the Saturday Night Live afterparty following her father's appearance on the show.  Star magazine editor-at-large, Julia Allison, chatted with Sarah at the party and described her as "lovely - completely grounded, with a fantastic sense of humor and a genuine likability, maturity and grace far beyond her 25 years." 

During the Weekend Update segment on SNL, "news anchor" Tina Fey opined on Hillary Clinton's campaign.


Hillary Clinton and (alleged) media darling Barack Obama debate on SNL.


Mike Huckabee on SNL

The writers' strike is over and Saturday Night Live is back. God is good.

Gov. Mike Huckabee was on the show to explain why he won't exit the race, even though winning is a mathematical impossibility for him.



So if you missed the Democrats' debate on Thursday, here's all you need to know:


1.  Barack Obama said tomato. Hillary Clinton said tomahto.  The two fought like cats and dogs over "differences" in their nearly identical health care plans. Tomato, tomahto, tomato, tomahto...


2.  Clinton attacked Obama for "lifting" lines from a speech made by his friend and campaign co-chair, Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts.  She said that Obama represents "change you can xerox" instead of change you can believe in.  The audience didn't buy it and booed her loudly. Clinton should've just lifted a line from her own campaign supporter, 50 Cent: "I'ma die tryna spin this sh*t."


3. Clinton closed with a gracious and unifying speech about how she is "honored" to be on the stage with Barack Obama (the candidates then shook hands) and how this election is about the American people, not the candidates.  Part of her speech was a regurgitation of words delivered by John Edwards at a previous debate, but it came off classy nonetheless.  The audience gave her a standing ovation.


4. Prior to the debate, pundits were saying that Clinton needed to do some serious damage to Obama during the debate in order to stop his momentum.  Despite her strong performance, that didn't happen.



TV_retro brn wall paper_iStock_000005015948XSmall.jpgDon't miss the Democrats' debate tonight at 8 EST on CNN.  This is a must-win matchup for Hillary Clinton, who hopes to force a major stumble out of Barack Obama after losing to him every primary contest since Super Tuesday.

In recent days, Clinton has warned that the lesser known Obama can rhyme, but he's all talk, no action and really doesn't know what he's doing.  Obama's response is that Clinton represents old skool Washington attack politics. So expect the debate to go a little somethin' like this:

Barack Obama: I'm not internationally known, but I'm known to rock the microphone.

Hillary Clinton: Don't believe the hype. Don't. Don't. Don't believe the hype.

Barack Obama: Base. How low can you go?

And so the (democratic) MCs will battle on... 

We'll check the news afterward to see who's declared the winner and who gets the bum rap.

Meghan McCain really has a (sugar) habit.  Here she goes again.

Meghan McCain jumping again.jpg



Meghan McCain eats this:

Meghan McCain candy.jpg


Then does this:

Meghan McCain sugar high.jpg

Check out dad John McCain in the background trying to get some work done.  Both photos from McCainBlogette.


Snoop Dogg is a Demizzle, fo' shizzle.  The rapper/reality TV star told Larry King in an exclusive interview that he is torn between Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

"I just want to see somebody win in the best interest of America -- whether it be [Obama], a black man, or whether it be Hillary, a woman. Either one is a great move for America," he said.  "We need change. We need somebody in there that's gonna be about listening to the people and representing the people. I think both of the candidates will do that."

"Fo' shizzle ma nizzle," King responded, nodding in agreement.  Okay, maybe he didn't really say that, but he did say gangsta a couple of times. 


Barack Obama won Hawaii.  Here are the results:

Barack Obama  76%

Hillary Clinton    24%

Thumbnail image for 604px-Washington_state_seal_svg.pngToday is Barack Obama and John McCain's lucky day!  After winning their parties' primaries in Wisconsin, both have won Washington too.  Those lucky, hard-working duckies!

Here's the rundown:



Barack Obama    50%

Hillary Clinton      47%



John McCain       55%

Mike Huckabee   35%

Ron Paul              5%

Thumbnail image for Wisconsin Flag iStock_000003505869XSmall.jpgWisconsin was supposed to be Hillary Clinton's stomping ground, but in the end, it was Barack Obama who did all the stompin'.  He defeated Clinton 58% to 41%  and and won the female  vote to boot. 

On the Republican ticket, John McCain bested Mike Huckabee 55% to 37%. Ron Paul took  4% of the vote.

After weeks of saying that Barack Obama is all talk and no action, Hillary Clinton's campaign is taking their attacks to a new level.  They are accusing Obama of swiping a speech called Just Words from his longtime friend Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts.  You can watch excerpts from both speeches below.

Sure, the speeches are similar.  But politicians, including Sen. Clinton, take lines from each other all the time.  Here's what Gov. Patrick had to say about the matter:

Sen. Obama and I are longtime friends and allies. We often share ideas about politics, policy and language. The argument in question, on the value of words in the public square, is one about which he and I have spoken frequently before. Given the recent attacks from Sen. Clinton, I applaud him [for] responding in just the way he did.

CNN reports that Fidel Castro has stepped down as president of Cuba.  Castro had been president since 1959.  His brother Raul is expected to take his place. 

Update: CNN just posted more details.


You don't know Jack


Jack McCain Patriotic.jpgYou don't know Jack, but you know his daddy because he's running for president of the United States.  Click here to find out who dad is (and to see more of Jack).   


Michelle Obama is on the cover of the latest issue of Newsweek and featured in an article called Barack's Rock.  Get full scoop here or pick up a copy.

Hillary Clinton has been declared the winner of the New Mexico primary after a late vote count.  Voters in New Mexico went to the polls back on February 5th (Super Tuesday), but administrative difficulties delayed finalizing the results until now. 

This win means that Clinton can add some much needed delegates to her total. Plus she scores bragging rights and can say it loud, "I won and I'm proud!" Look for her to shout victory from the hilltops (and every media outlet), after taking a humiliating (or simply humbling, at best) licking in the press for losing every single primary contest since Super Tuesday.   

The bad news for Clinton?  This win does not break Barack Obama's post Super Tuesday winning streak or indicate any decline in his momentum, since the voting took place nearly 2 weeks ago.

But whatever.  A win is a win.  And in this close race, nothing to sneeze at. 


Love This!


Google Couple.gifThis is Google's romantic logo for Valentine's Day.

CNN reports that Mitt Romney heart John McCain and will endorse him for president.   

(Wow!  That's a switch!  These two were fenemies - okay, straight enemies - two weeks ago and now they are BFFs.)   

The Republican party has been split over whether frontrunner McCain is a real conservative, so it's good for party unity to have Romney and McCain kiss and make up. But if there's any make up sex, the party will lose it's conservative base forever.  

Anyway, look for a formal announcement (and lots of PDA) in the days to come.

Happy Valentines Day



carrie bradshaw hbodotcom.jpgLater that day I got to thinking about relationships. There are those that open you up to something new and exotic, those that are old and familiar, those that bring up lots of questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected, those that bring you far from where you started, and those that bring you back. But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous.

~ Miss Carrie Bradshaw

Jay in Washington D.C. on Barack's huge win over Hillary in the Potomac Primaries:

You hear that rumble?
That's the sound of super-delegates stampeding [away from Hillary to Barack].

John McCain beat rival Mike Huckabee in all three Republican primaries on Tuesday.  Here's the score:

Washington, D.C.: McCain 68%, Huckabee 17%, Other 16%

Virginia: McCain 50%, Huckabee 41%, Other 9%

Maryland: McCain 55%, Huckabee 29%, Other 16%

The Virginia contest was a bit of a nailbiter, because it was close at first and looked like underdog Huckabee could pull off a win. Huckabee won the southern part of the state, but McCain won the more populated Northern Virginia area and pulled ahead. 

Overall, the primary results are a bit embarrassing to McCain, because they show that a significant number of conservatives don't want him to be the Republican nominee.  His operatives are pressuring Huckabee to drop out of the race, so that Republicans can consolidate efforts behind one candidate and focus on battling the Dems.  And so Huckabee won't make McCain look like a fool in any more close calls. 

Voters in D.C., Maryland and Virginia went to the polls Tuesday to choose their Democratic and Republican presidential nominees. On the Dems' side, Barack Obama won.  By a lot.  Again.  Here's the rundown:

Washington, D.C. : Obama 75%, Clinton 24%, Other 1%

Virginia: Obama 64%, Clinton 35%, Other 1%

Maryland:  Obama 60%, Clinton 37%, Other 4%

Despite his crushing victory, Obama still claims to be the underdog in this race.  Talk about spin!  Or maybe it's not spin, and Obama just doesn't have enough experience to know what an underdog is.  So, confidential to Barack: an underdog is not defined as one who has just stomped all over the competition to the point of embarrassment.  Just so ya know.

Barack Obama didn't work the red carpet, but he will take home a Grammy anyway. He won in the "Best Spoken Word Album" category for the audio version of his book The Audacity of Hope. Runners up were former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.


Michelle Obama appeared on Larry King last night.  She talked about her life on the campaign trail, Barack as a family man, Hillary Clinton, Oprah, whether she had childhood dreams of seeing a woman or African American president, and the rumor that John McCain will ask Condoleezza Rice to be his veep. Video runs about 20 minutes.



They have the same fans!


Hanah Montana John McCain.jpg



Stay tuned for results...


  Bestsey Johnson Sept 07 Julia Allison.jpgStar Magazine editor at large Julia Allison took this photo at the Bestsey Johnson show in September. 

Your Maine Man

Barack Obama won the Democratic caucuses in Maine on Sunday, after sweeping all 3 major Democratic primaries on Saturday.

Maine results:

Barack Obama: 59%

Hillary Clinton: 40%

Other: 1%

John McCain has been declared the winner of the Washington Republican primary, taking 26% of the vote compared to Mike Huckabee's 24%.  Huckabee says those results are totally shady.  He claims that he was behind by only 242 votes, when the primary was called for McCain with only 87% of the votes counted.  He also says that "1500 or so" votes were not counted at all.

"This is an outrage," said Huckabee's Campaign Chairman Ed Rollins.  The campaign's lawyers are looking into the matter.

Today's Democratic primaries were no contest for Barack Obama.  He beat rival Hillary Clinton (by a lot) in primaries held today in Louisiana, Washington and Nebraska.  Here's the tally:

Louisiana: Obama 53%, Clinton 39%, Other 8%

Washington: Obama 68%, Clinton 31%, Other 1%

Nebraska: Obama 68%, Clinton 32%, Other 0%

Uh O, Hillary!


Mike Huckabee scored big today in the Kansas Republican caucuses.  He won hands down with 60% of the vote.  Rival and frontrunner John McCain snagged a mere 24% of the vote and and Ron Paul took a paltry 11%.


Mitt Romney Wikipedia.jpgAnother one bites the dust.  Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has decided to "suspend" his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.  He made the announcement during his speech at the CPAC convention. 

Romney was frontrunner John McCain's closest rival, both in number of delegates and in most polls... but, uh, by quite a distance.  There's a long race ahead, and Romney just doesn't think he can catch up.

During his campaign, Romney made headlines for contributing bunches of Benjamins to his own campaign, his proclaimed MBA-style approach to governing, being a Mormon, and delivering a spectacular speech on faith in America.  And, oh yeah, for catfighting with McCain and Mike Huckabee on the regular.

Super Tuesday Results

The Republicans

John McCain was the big winner, followed by a distant Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee.  Huckabee is still happy, because he did much better than expected.  Mitt Romney?  Well, not so much.

The Democrats 

It's a tie for the Dems, and the party is likely looking to play eenie meenie miney moe to pick a candidate at convention.  Barack Obama won the most states, but Hillary Clinton won the big states that dish out the most delegates.  In the end, they pretty much split the kitty down the middle.

Here are the results from the AP.

263px-Ryan_Seacrest_at_2007_MyCokeFest_in_Atlanta.jpgHillary Clinton called into American Idol host Ryan Seacrest's radio show this morning.  She talked about her immigration plan and why people should vote for her.  She also offered up this style advice:

I learned some years ago [to] just keep it simple. Don't try to go fancy.  You know, the pantsuit has become my, you know, uniform, because it doesn't matter where I am [when I wear it.] You know, if I'm standing on a high stage and the photographers are all on the ground shooting up... I learned a long time ago [that] pants are the answer!

Click here to listen to the whole interview, which is only about 5 minutes long.

On left, American Idol host and radio personality Ryan Seacrest at the 2007 My Coke Fest in Atlanta.



Perez Hilton in orange.

Our favorite celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton, has endorsed Hillary Clinton.  Not to worry, Barack.  Perez still loves you and wants to see you on the dream ticket, just not in the top dog place you want to be.  Perez wrote in his endorsement:

Barack is great. But Hillary is the better leader, for us.

However, Obama MUST stay in the picture. This country needs him, just as we need Clinton.

It's been a great and heated campaign thus far, but we sincerely hope when it comes time for the Democratic convention that the Clinton/Obama dream ticket will be a reality!


Westvirginiastateseal_wikipedia.jpgMike Huckabee won West Virginia.  He'll pocket all 18 of the state's delegates.


bigstockphoto_Vote_Feb_Th_2572276.jpgToday is Super Tuesday, when voters in 22 states and two territories will go to the polls to select presidential nominees.  Today promises a more exciting than usual contest, with a too close to call catfight going on between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on the Dems' side and a relatively wide open field on the Republicans' side (though many say John McCain is the frontrunner).

So who'll win?  Our only prediction is to expect the results to come in like a rollercoaster: this candidate's up, then down, then up again. Hold on to your hats folks, this one's gonna  be quite a ride!

Hillary Clinton was on The Late Show with David Letterman last night, looking sharp in what Dave called "red state red."  She talked to Dave about her campaign, putting Bill in a headlock and  whether she downed a few brewskis in a sports bar the night before. Part 2 is funnier than Part 1.



Caroline Kennedy cut a TV ad for Barack Obama.  It just aired during Oprah.

Emphasizing the fren in frenemy, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama played nice in last night's debate.  Though we wouldn't exactly call them BFFs just yet. 

The debate, which took place on the Oscar's stage at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, was the first head to head match up of the two contenders.  It was sponsored by CNN, The Los Angeles Times and Politico.

During the course of the evening, Clinton and Obama both sweated John and Elizabeth Edwards, each hoping to score the couple's endorsement. They also respectfully disagreed on subtle policy differences in their health care and immigration plans, who is the candidate most able to beat the Republicans, and who will be able to hit the ground running as President on day one.

So who won in the end? Well, that's debatable.


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