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George Clooney insists that he's never getting married.  Whatever. Aren't you the girl who will change his mind and totally sweep him off his feet? Of course you are!  So start planning that wedding, girl!

(And for the record, you are so not a stalker.  This is love.)

Marriage plans create many questions.  Like, who will pay all of the bills? (Duh, him!) Which BFF will be your maid of honor? Can you find white Manolos that don't hurt?  And will anyone snicker or text ROFLMAO to their friends when they see you in white?  These questions are easily answered. But -

To change your name or not change your name, that is the (really tough) question.  

Be traditional and take his name?  Independent and keep your name? Hyphenate? Pull a Bennifer and create a combo name? 

Hard questions.  Here's how Congresswoman Mary Bono and other women in politics answered them. 

Everybody knows by now that Rudy Giuliani was getting it on with then mistress and now 3rd wife Judith Nathan, while he was still married to 2nd wife Donna Hanover.  Giuliani made frequent trips Nathan's Southhampton condo to "do it."  That's the old news. 

The new news is that he billed the travel and security expenses to New York City taxpayers, and allegedly tried to hide it by charging the accounts of obscure city agencies.  "There is really no good reason to do this except to have nobody know about it," a former New York City budget director told Politico.

None of this is good news for Giuliani's presidential campaign.  "Using public money to carry on an affair, and do it in a way that is designed to conceal that fact from the public, people would think that reflects on his character," David Rohde, a political science professor at Duke University, told the AP. "And most especially social conservatives, who are dicey about him in the first place."

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Iowa Caucus 101


  presidentialforum_NEW_01.jpg So with all the hoopla about the Iowa Caucus and the preceeding Heartland Presidential Forum, we had some questions. Like, what the heck is a caucus and who gives a hoot about Iowa anyway?  So we decided to do some sleuthing, and (after fighting over who got to be Nancy Drew) we solved the mystery.

A caucus is a meeting where members of a political party make policy decisions and select candidates.  Registered voters in Iowa select their Democratic and Republican presidential candidates by caucus instead of in a primary election.

The term "Iowa Caucus" really refers to the Iowa Caucuses, as there is a separate caucus held for each of Iowa's 1,784 precints. Democrats and Republicans caucus separately. 

At Republican caucuses, participants show their candidate preferences by voting by paper ballot, a show of hands or dividing themselves by into groups according to candidate prefernece. 

The Democratic process involves more drama. (As usual.) Democrats divide themselves into groups based on candidate preference.  A candidate must get 15% of caucus goers' support in order to be "viable." Those candidate groups that are not "viable" can get others to join their group to make it viable, join the group of another candidate, join an uncommitted group or join no group and not be counted. 

At the end ot the caucuses, each party tallies up voter preferences at the state level. The Democratic and Republican candidates with the most support are reported to the media as the "winner" of the Iowa Caucus for their party.

People make such a big deal out of the Iowa caucus because, as the first primary contest in the nation, it is the first opportunity to prove a candidate's strength.  Also, now that the New Hampshire primary is just 5 days after the Iowa Caucus,  a candidate might ride the momentum she/he gets from a win in Iowa to a win in New Hampshire (the other big deal in the presidential primary).  If a candidate wins both Iowa and New Hamphire, his/her rivals are expected to have a tough time catching up.

So that's the gist of the Iowa Caucus (just enough to get by at a cocktail party).

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Vintage humor: Watch President Bush bust a move a few months ago.


Michelle Obama by Scout Tufankjian by Polaris Images.jpg

The Washington Post ran a story today about the life and times of Michelle Obama.  Interesting tidbit:  Michelle and Barack saw Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing on their first date.  Read the story here.

Photo of Michelle Obama by Scout Tufankjian for Polaris Images.

Don't forget to watch the catfight tonight on CNN at 8 pm EST. 

Photos from


Former Senate majority leader Trent Lott (R-MS) surprised folks on Monday by announcing that he will resign from the Senate after 35 years of service.  He said that will not complete his term and will leave office at the end of December.

Lott said that he is resigning so that he can spend more time with his family and pursue other career opportunities.  Word is that he really quit because Hustler publisher Larry Flynt was about to tell the American people about Lott's frolicks with a gay male prostitute.  Flynt, who is outspoken against political hypocricy, has promised a $1 million prize to anyone with documented stories of sex with a Member of Congress or high-ranking government official. reported yesterday that Lott's paid boy toy sent the blog emails confirming his relationship with Lott.  Today, however,   and The Huffington Post  say that Lott's pet boy has changed his story and now denies that he ever had a relationship with Lott.

Lott is known for his controversial comment that America would be better off if the late Sen. Strom Thurmond (R-SC) had won the 1948 presidential election.  Thurmond's campaign promise was racial segregation.

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Dancing with the Stars

In honor of tonights's Dancing with the Stars finale (8pm EST on ABC), let's watch Barack Obama do the uh-oh on Ellen.



  presidentialforum_NEW_01.jpg In partnership with TV One, Polichicks Online will cover news related to the Heartland Presidential Forum this week, ending with live blogging commentary during the forum on Saturday, December 1st.  You can read more about Polichicks Online's election coverage for TV One here. (We are in the bottom righthand corner of the site under Megan Cosby.) TV One is a national cable network that reaches 40 million homes.

When your boss asks your opinion of Hillary Clinton's health care answer at the Heartland Presidential Forum, "Oh snap!   I missed it!" is not the answer you want to give.  Unless you want to look uninformed, unprepared and unpromotable like a total dumb ass. So let's make sure that you know all there is to know about the forum:

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement and the Center for Community Change will present the "Heartland Presidential Forum: Real Issues, Real People" in Des Moines on December 1st at 1:30 pm.  5,000 Iowans who seriously don't play will put presidential candidates from both parties on the spot with tough questions about issues facing ordinary Americans (that's us, folks).  The event is likely to be the last forum in Iowa before the much talked about Iowa Caucuses meet on January 3rd.

Cathy L. Hughes, who also doesn't play and is the founder of TV One and Radio One, will moderate the forum.  A Heartland native, Hughes is originally from Omaha, Nebraska. "I am pleased to come home to the Heartland and work with local and national community groups to put on this truly remarkable forum that will allow candidates to speak candidly with everyday people," she said in a statement.

TV One, a national cable network that reaches 40 million homes, will webcast the forum on its website at   You can check out TV One's election coverage here.


Whatever you do, don't miss the CNN/You Tube Republican presidential debate in Florida.  Word is that many of the questions are hoo-larious.  Others are deep.  And some are sad. :(

CNN Anchor Anderson Cooper will host the debate, which will air on CNN this Wednesday, November 28th at 8 pm EST. 

If you want to ask the candidates a question, you have until midnight tonight (Sunday) to submit one.  And don't ask them questions like, "How wide is your stance?"  It's not polite.

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France Heart USA

So America's new BFF is France.  French president Nicolas Sarcozy told Congress that France is "the friend of the United States of America."

Remember when France and America were total frenemies?   

America thought she was cool with France, but France was acting like she thought she was better friends with Iraq than America.  America was so mad that she told France she would never eat french fries again.  Ever!  Her new freedom fry diet was starting right now.

France was like, well, whatever.

Anyway, France and America have been BFFs again for like 2 weeks now, so it's totally possible that this rekindled relationship could last as long as a good Hollywood marriage (about 6-9 months).  Afterall, Mr. Sarcozy said himself that "our friendship and our alliance is strong."

Cocktails for the Obama campaign!

Iowa isn't exactly on the east side, but Barack Obama is movin' on up in favor among Democrats there. A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that 30% of likely Democratic caucus goers in Iowa support Obama for president over rivals Hillary Clinton (26%), John Edwards (22%) and Bill Richardson (11%).  

A four point lead ain't exactly a landslide, but it's still a good reason for some celebratory drinktime (or at least a few minutes of internet shoptime).  Click here to get the party started!


Here's the latest ad from Hillary Clinton.  It's a near tear jerker and features a grateful father who tells us that Hillary helped his son get a bone marrow transplant.  We got all choked up when dad delivered these lines:  "Now her opponents say that Hillary can't be trusted?  I trusted this woman to save my son's life.  And she did."

Take that, John Edwards.

mitt_romney_ from mitt website.jpgVoters in Iowa and New Hampshire received phone calls from a mysterious source that questioned Mitt Romney's Mormon faith.  Such calls are known as "push polls" - "surveys" that are intended to spread negative information about a candidate, rather than collect information about a voter's opinion of a candidate.

Voters who received calls were asked questions that could give a negative impression of Romney based on his faith, such as, "Some people say the Mormon church is a cult, would that make you more or less likely to vote for Mitt Romney?" Conversely, the calls included questions that could lead to a positive impression of rival John McCain, such as, "If you knew [John McCain] was a prisoner of war in Vietnam, would that make you more or less likely to vote for him?"

New Hampshire is investigating the source of the calls, as New Hampshire law requires all campaign advertising to identify the candidate being supported.  John McCain and Rudy Giuliani have denied that their campaigns had anything to do with the calls. Whoever did it, this is so not cool.

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Obama's ad in Iowa

Barack Obama is now running this ad in Iowa.  A similar version has aired in New Hampshire for the past few weeks.


bicycle.jpgA man was placed on probation for having sex with his bicycle.  He is (surprisingly) not a Republican.  (He's not a Democrat either.)

His hot date is pictured on left.



A 19 year old woman who was kidnapped and gang raped 14 times by 7 men in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to 200 lashes and 6 months in prison.  The sentencing court said that the young woman violated laws prohibiting  women from being alone with unrelated men.

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hillary-plant.jpgThe John Edwards campaign announced on Thursday that they put up a website called  Designed to call attention to allegations that the Hillary Clinton campaign planted a student to ask Clinton a scripted question at an event, the website featured photos of house plants and invited visitors to "plant" a question for Clinton using an online form .

The site was up on Friday, but when we went to make a screenshot of it for this post on Saturday, we discovered that the site has crashed or been taken down.  There has been speculation that Edwards's attacks on Clinton are backfiring and turning voters against him, so we think his campaign took the site down for that reason.

Photo from  

The "Bitch" is back

Those who are quick to call Hillary Clinton a "bitch" have to admit this: the "bitch" is bad.

Clinton led tonight's debate and reaffirmed her control over the Democratic primary  race.  Barack Obama and John Edwards gave less than stellar performances and were booed by the audience at times.  The other candidates may as well have been pieces of furniture, as the moderator and questioners were clearly focused on the top 3 candidates. 

So here's the rundown:

1. Debate opening format reinforced frontrunners' status. The opening format of the debate reinforced perceptions that Clinton is the frontrunner, Obama and Edwards are second and thrid respectively, and the other candidates are just accessories.  The first question went to Clinton, then the moderator invited Obama to pipe in and a debate ensued between the #1 and #2 candidates.  Next Edwards was invited to join the debate.  The first 15 minutes or so of the debate were very heated and focused only on the top 3 candidates.  They catfought about social security, healthcare and giving drivers licenses to undocumented workers.  The other candidates either weren't permitted to speak or spoke very little during this time.

2. Barack Obama attacked Clinton for "triangulating" and then "triangulated" himself. Obama called out Clinton for waffling in the last debate on whether or not undocumented workers should have drivers licenses, noting that she didn't take a clear stand on the matter until 2 weeks following the debate.  After all the candidates catfought over the matter, each candidate was asked for a yes or no answer to whether or not they support giving drivers licenses to undocumented workers.  Obama babbled through his less than crystal clear answer. In contrast, Clinton gave a firm, one-word response: "No."

Obama did give a funny one-liner though, when making the point that whether or not undocumented workers can have drivers licenses is not a core issue to improving immigration policy. "Undocumented workers don't come here to drive," he said. (Okay, maybe you had to be there, but it was really funny when he said it). 

3. Edwards's agressive attacks on Cinton may have backfired.   In response to a question about whether he will support the Democratic candidate no matter who she it is, Edwards asked, "Is that a planted question?" (referring to allegations that Clinton once planted a student to ask her a question at an event).   The joke got little laughter, if any.  Edwards also got booed by the audience, when he commented on Clinton's answer to a question on gender.

4. Clinton's gender question answer was bad ass.  Clinton's answer to the gender card question was one that reaffirmed her position as frontrunner, shared experiences that every woman can relate to, and psyched women up to have our first woman president. Watch part of her answer below.   



When asked in tonight's debate whether she prefers diamonds or pearls, Hillary Clinton smartly said that she likes both! We have so much in common!

Have the girls over for cocktails and catch the Democratic debate together.  Tonight, CNN and the Nevada Democratic Party will host the 5th of 6 primary debates endorsed by the DNC.  The catfight will air at 8 EST/5 PST.

Predictions:  Edwards will agressively attack Clinton.  Obama will attack her too, but he'll try to act all "innocent" about it.  Richardson won't attack Clinton, because he's really running for veep or a cabinet position at this point.  He'll suck up to her defend her just like he did in the last debate.  Clinton will hold her own.  She's a bad mamma jamma.



Drew Barrymore World_Food_Program_May_2007.jpg

WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran Shiner, Brew Barrymore, Condoleezza Rice and Kenyan Olympic athlete Paul Tergat. U.S.State Department photo.

Actress Drew Barrymore wants to end children's world hunger.  As Ambassador Against Hunger for the United Nations World Food Program (WFP), Drew works to raise awareness about school feeding programs and lobbies Congress for new legislation.

"I can't think of any issue that is more important than working to see that no schoolchild in this world goes hungry," Drew said in a statement.  "Feeding a child at school is a simple thing, but it works miracles.  I've seen it with my own eyes."

There are about 400 million chronically hungry children in the world, and 57% of them are girls.

Drew is best known for her roles in the Charlie's Angels movies and E.T.

Thumbnail image for Drew Barrymore feeds_WFP photo.jpg

Drew feeds children in Kenya.  World Food Program photo.

For those who missed it, here's video of Barack Obama giving a fiery and assertive speech  at the Jefferson Jackson Dinner in Des Moines, Iowa last week.  Go 'head, Barry! was featured today in Express, a publication of The Washington Post.  You can read the article, Getting Ahead: Girl Power Hourshere.

The National Right to Life Committee announced that it will endorse Fred Thompson for president.  The endorsement is somewhat surprising, as Thompson has said in the past that he does not agree with all of the NRLC's views.

The NRLC's endorsement is a nice score for Thompson.  The Republican presidential candidates are competing for support from conservative organizations, such as evangelical and anti-abortion rights groups, in an effort to one up each other as the "real" conservative republican.



"How do we beat the bitch?"

That's what a John McCain supporter asked the senator about his strategy to beat Hillary Clinton.  After having a good laugh, McCain said that she asked "an excellent question."  (We have a better question: Why is McCain worrying about Clinton now, when he's trailing in the Republican primary polls by double digits?)

We are not endorsing Hillary Clinton or any other candidate.  However, any time one woman is dismissed as a "bitch," rather than judged on her professional merit and capability, every woman is negatively impacted. Sit by and watch - share a chuckle about it with Sen. McCain if you want to - and next time that "bitch" could be you.

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Crazy Sexy Cancer

 Fuck Cancer Hat.jpg

 So what's Crazy Sexy Cancer about?  Well, it's not just about filmmaker Kris Carr's battle against a rare and incurable liver cancer.  That's for sure!

Kris says:

Crazy Sexy Cancer is more than a film, it's an attitude! It's about rising to the challenge of life, and no matter what, refusing to give up who you are at your core.  This story is as funny as it is frightening, as joyous as it is outrageous. Ultimately, Crazy Sexy Cancer is a thought provoking film about, friendship, love and growing up.

What's so SEXY about cancer?  Nothing!  It's about the women (and men) who have it; we're still whole, empowered, vibrant people - with or without the disease!

Much ado has been made about America's healthcare system lately- the good, the bad and the ugly of it.  Crazy Sexy Cancer gives us a chance to see what it is like to be sick in America through the eyes of patients. And, better yet, through the eyes of smart, vibrant, bad ass young women (Kris and her girlfriends with cancer) who we can really relate to.  Watch the trailer here.

Kris Carr, you are one hell of a fabulista! Oh, and on a fashion note, thanks for recommending the Fuck Cancer hat. It's definately a DO.


Fuck Cancer Hat.jpg   


robin weigert.jpg

Actress Robin Weigert in publicity photo from

Emmy-nominated actress Robin Weigert, who is best known for her role as Calamity Jane on HBO's Deadwood, talked to Capitol File about election 2008.  So who does Robin think should be the next president?  "I've gone back and forth a lot on this,"  she said.  "I think Obama is an incredibly inspiring speaker and person.  At the same time, I'd be excited to see Hillary Clinton as president.  I think she'd be incredibly good at the job.  Ultimately, I want someone who can galvanize the country."

You can watch Robin in NBC's new series called Life.  She also plays David Duchovny's sister in the movie Things We Lost in the Fire, which stars Halle Berry and Benicio Del Toro.

Robin is from Washington, D.C., where she attended school at Sidwell Friends.

John Edwards is the new flavor of the month at Ben & Jerry's ice cream.  Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben & Jerry's (he's the Ben), has annouced that he supports Edwards for president.

Does this mean that we can expect to see a new John Edwards flavor on supermarket shelves soon?  Cohen says no and that there are no plans for a John Edwards flavor. 

But if there ever is a John Edwards flavor, hypothetically speaking, what will it be like? "It's not going to be a very fluffy flavor," Cohen said. "It's going to be a very solid flavor." He mentioned "Captain Courageous Crunch" as a possiblity.

Seriously. We don't make this stuff up.


Jennifer Garner_faces of influenza.jpgActress Jennifer Garner wants you to get a flu shot.  She is the new national Faces of Influenza spokesperson for the American Lung Association's Influenza Prevention Program.

"Women play an important role in a family. It's our job to take care of those we love, that's why I make sure my family is protected against influenza," Jennifer says.

Many people don't know how serious influenza can be. They think it's like having alergies or getting the common cold.  It's not. Each year, approximately 226,000 people in the U.S. are hospitalized and an average of 36,000 die from the disease and its complications.  2 out of 3 Americans are recommended to get the influenza vaccine, but many do not because they aren't aware that they need it.

"Look around, and you'll see someone in your life who should receive an influenza vaccination. There's the couple with young children, like my husband (Ben Affleck) and I, or your parents, who are over 50 years of age, or your friend who will be pregnant during influenza season. It's also likely you know someone living with a serious medical condition, like asthma, COPD, heart disease, or diabetes. My own father has heart complications."

You can see one of Jennifer's public service announcements for the Faces of Influenza campaign here.


dating_bar_getty.jpgIn search of better economic policy, an economist goes to a bar and solves the mysteries of dating at


Gorbachev_Louis Vuitton.jpg

 Mikhail Gorbachev and his pet Louie.

Former leader of the former Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, knows the power of a hot handbag.  He appeared in a recent advertisement for Louis Vuitton, seated next to a Louis Vuitton bag in a limo.

The ad has caused drama, because of a Russian magazine poking out of the open bag.  The headline of the magazine (when tranlated from Russian to English) says, "The Murder of Litvinenko: They Wanted to Give Up the Suspect for $7,000." 

Litvinenko is Alexander V. Litvinenko, the former KGB spy who died last Novermber after being poisoned with a radioactive material.  On his deathbed, Litvinenko said that President Vladimir V. Putin was behind his poisoning.  British officials later charged Andrei K. Lugovoi, an associate of Putin, with the crime. 

So the drama is all about whether the magazine was placed in the ad on purpose, and if so, what does it mean? Louis Vuitton, its ad agency Ogilvy & Mather, and a representative for Gorbachev all deny that the magazine placement was intentional or designed to send a message. 

Not everyone is buying their story though.  As one observer told the New York Times, "In an industry where sesame seeds are hand-placed on a hamburger bun by food technicians before a shot, one would reasonably assume that this was not something that happened by chance.  Ads like these get art-directed to the very millimeter and airbrushed so that the advertiser gets exactly what they want.”

Come on, Louis Vuitton. We may be polichicks, but we're not dumb broads.


CNN reports that former New York City Police Chief, Bernard Kerik, has been indicted by a federal grand jury.  Details of the charges against him are not expected to be available until the indictment is unsealed on Friday.

Prosecutors had been investigating Kerik for bribery and tax evasion. He admitted to misdemeanor charges of financial  impropriety one year ago.

President Bush nominated Kerik to head the Department of Homeland Security in 2004.  Kerik withdrew his name from consideration after allegations that he hired a nanny with questionable immigration status surfaced.

Kerik is a longtime friend and protege of Republican presidential candidate and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.  Frenemy Giuliani has called his previous support of Kerik "a mistake."



Just like mean girls, members of Congress roll in cliques. Congressional clique members even save seats for each other, eighth grade lunchroom style. 

“It’s like church,” said Rep. James P. McGovern (D-MA). “Everyone sits in the same chairs — and if anyone sits in our chairs, we give them a dirty look and they leave.”  

That's how he acts in church?! So the U.S. Capitol is actually a junior high school, and members of congress think it's okay to give people dirty looks in church. (Is that a new strategy to reach faithful voters? Giving 'em dirty looks?) Good to know that your Congressional representative is not any more mature - or any more well behaved on Sunday - than a very mean girl. Nice.  [Politico]

Video below shows what it's like to be in Congress:


Borat.jpgBorat Sagdiyev (Sacha Baron Cohen) supports Barack Obama for president.  He told Reuters:

"I cannot believe that it possible a woman can become Premier of US and A - in Kazakhstan, we say that to give a woman power, is like to give a monkey a gun - very dangerous. We do not give monkeys guns any more in Kazakhstan ever since the Astana Zoo massacre of 2003 when Torkin the orang-utan shoot 17 schoolchildrens. I personal would like the basketball player, Barak Obamas, to be Premier."

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A new Rasmussen poll released Novermber 7th shows that Hillary Clinton's lead in the New Hampshire Primary has fallen, but she still retains a double digit lead over all of her rivals.  Here are the poll results:

Hillary Clinton         34%

Barack Obama        24%

John Edwards          15%

Bill Richardson         8%

Chris Dodd               3%

Joe Biden                 3%

Dennis Kucinich        2%

Mike Gravel              1%

Clinton had a 16 point lead (38% to 22%) over nearest rival Obama in the last Rasmussen poll realeased on October 27th.  Prior to that, Clinton put up a 23 point advantage over Obama (40% to 17%) in a Rasmussen poll realeased on September 18th


Sex and the City castmates Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Catrell. AP Photo.

Single women are a fast-growing demographic. For the first time in our nation's history, the number of single women is equal to the number of married women.  And every presidential candidate is sweating our vote.

Or, at least, they should be.  Dubbed the "Sex and the City" vote, we make up 26% of the potential voting pool, and pundits say that we have the power to determine the outcome of the next presidential election. 

So to any presidential candidate who thinks that they don't need to address our issues or court our vote, we say go 'head with your bad self.  See what happens on November 4th. 

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Kristin Gore.jpgKristin Gore is set to co-write the screenplay for Nailed, a political satire in which the main character, Sammy Joyce, turns into a nympho after a nail is accidentally shot into her head.  The Hollywood Reporter reports:

Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel are attached to star in the risque political satire "Nailed." David O. Russell is attached to direct and co-write the screenplay with Al Gore's daughter, Kristin Gore.

Biel would play Sammy Joyce, a socially awkward small-town receptionist who has a nail accidentally shot into her head by a clumsy workman, eliciting wild sexual urges.

The uninsured Joyce goes on a crusade to Washington to fight for the rights of the bizarrely injured. She meets an immoral congressman (Gyllenhaal) who takes advantage of her sex drive and capitalizes on her crusade as Joyce heads into her own career in politics.

Prior to working on Nailed, Kristin penned two novels, Sammy's Hill and Sammy's House, that also "star" Sammy Joyce, the character in the film. We've read and recommend both books.  (Read Sammy's House second, because it gives away the ending to Sammy's Hill.)

On a personal fitness note, Kristin stays in shape by running.  See what's on her running iTunes playlist here (you'll have to scroll down a little).

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Photo of Kristin Gore (above left) was taken by her mom, Tipper Gore.


Fred Thompson_Matthew Cavanaugh for EPA.jpg

Fred: [in Urkel voice] "Did I do that?"

Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson is a total loser.  Don't get mad at us, Fredheads.  He said so himself.

Carl Cameron of Fox News was trying to hurry his staff's preparation for an interview with Thompson.  To prod his staff along, Cameron said, "The next President of the United States has a schedule to keep."  Thompson responded, "And so do I."

So after all that time on Law and Order, Thompson couldn't just act like he thinks he's going to win? 

When all this went down, Thompson's aides:

a) cringed

b) wanted to crawl under the nearest desk and die

c) wanted to punch him in his effing face for being so stupid (stupid!) and blowing his miniscule chance to win, after they have worked long hours campaigning on his behalf for a salary smaller than a six grader's allowance

d) all of the above


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Hayden Panettiere_Star Magazine.jpg

14,000 dolphins are killed every year in Japan for food.  Japanese fisherman see nothing wrong with this and believe that dolphins should be treated like any other fish that's caught and eaten by humans. They say that eating dolphin is a part of Japanese culture, and foreigners ought to stay out of it.

Hayden Panettiere disagrees.  The Heroes star left Hollywood behind, joined other dolphin rights activists in Japan, and confronted Japanese fisherman in the water as they began the dolphin slaughter.  The fishermen used a long pole to push Hayden and her pals away, and sadly, not one dolphin - not even the little baby dolphin that Hayden said looked at her - was saved.  Hayden returned to shore and sobbed on the beach.

Hayden is a spokesperson for

Video below.


According to CBS News, Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA), the ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, is investigating 6 televangelist ministries for financial misconduct.  He reportedly wants to make sure that the ministries are spending their flock's money in compliance with the requirements of their IRS tax exempt status, rather than using it to pay for the evangelists' personal lavish lifestyles. The six ministries under investigation are led by Paula White, Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, Eddie Long, Kenneth Copeland and Benny Hinn.


Barack Obama participated in a Saturday Night Live skit this past Saturday to poke fun of rival Hillary Clinton.  Barack and the other Democratic candidates have accused Hillary of being two-faced, and Barack drove this point home during his SNL appearance.

In the skit, a tall, thin man approaches "Hillary" (Amy Poehler) at her Halloween party, wearing a Barack Obama mask.  Hillary wants to see who came to the party as Barack, so he takes the mask off.  And it's... [drumroll please!]... Barack himself!

Hillary: So you came as yourself?

Barack: Well you know, Hillary, I have nothing to hide. I enjoy being myself. I'm not going to change who I am just because it is Halloween.

The audience laughed, but you know Hillary wasn't amused.  She's going to stomp Barack's a**. Not necessarily in the primary, but if she catches his skinny tail alone in the dark halls of Congress.

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We've gotten a whole lot of requests from polichicks to post the video of the first lady wannabes' panel discussion at the 2007 Women's Conference..  Five fabulously smart and beautiful wives of presidential candidates participated.  Okay, only four seemed smart, but we're not saying who we think was lacking. 

Michelle Obama, Ann Romney, Jeri Thompson, Elizabeth Edwards and Cindy McCain talked about life on the campaign trail, balancing their campaign and family obligations, raising kids, supporting their husbands, and who supports them while they support their men.  California First Lady Maria Shriver moderated. 

Jenna Bush_Mia Baxter_Glamour.jpg

Jenna Bush, 26, and BFF Mia Baxter, 25, talked to Glamour about their best friendship

The pair met 10 years ago in Madrid, when they participated in a high school overseas student exchange program.  They recently published the book Ana's Story together (Jenna wrote the text and Mia, a photographer, took the pictures). Ana's Story is about the difficulties faced by an HIV infected single mother living in Latin America.   

Not sure when Glamour posted the article about the girls' BFF-hood (probably within the past few weeks).  Just ran across it.

In photo on left, Jenna Bush and Mia Baxter pose for Glamour.


Ashley Judd_YouthAIDS Founder Kate Roberts.jpg

Ashley Judd, actress and YouthAIDS Global Ambasador, with YouthAIDS founder Kate Roberts

Actress and activist Ashley Judd will hit the political talk show circuit today to drum up support for programs that fight youth AIDS.  She will talk about the youth AIDS problem on Fox News Sunday and This Week.

More than 12 million people under the age of 25 are infected with HIV and more than 50 percent of all new infections occur among 15- to 24-year-olds.  "There is an extraordinary, compelling, urgent problem," Ashley told CNN.

Ashley is a Global Ambassador for YouthAIDS, a nonprofit organization that uses pop culture to market safe sex practices to youth.  YouthAIDS programs promoting AIDS prevention have reached more than 60 million youth in 60 countries.

Ashley has traveled to 10 countries in her role as Global Ambassador for YouthAIDS. She told CNN, "I have the opportunity to visit the everyday, unsung, unheralded heroes around the world, who are working in public health in extreme conditions, grossly underfunded, and celebrate them.  And then go to governmental bodies and heads of state and to the media and say, 'Oh my gosh! Wait until you hear about this amazing grassroots program that I just saw in Cambodia.'" 

You can watch Ashley discuss her work with YouthAIDS here .  Watch her and other celebrities (Christina Aguilera, Cindy Crawford, Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, LL Cool J and Salma Hayek) participate in an ALDO/YouthAIDS awareness campaign at the end of this entry.

In addition to her work promoting AIDS prevention, Ashley is very politically active. She is a pro-choice advocate and gives speeches and attends rallies in support of the cause. She has made financial contributions to Democratic candidates, and she supported former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford, Jr., by appearing at a  "Women for Ford" event during his U.S. Senate campaign.

Drew Carey Big Photo.jpg"Ahaaaaa.... Smell that smell.  That's the smell of freedom," said Drew Carey, as he walked into Farmacy while filming a video on marijuana use and the war on drugs.  Farmacy is a store in California where you can buy marijuana legally, as long as you have a doctor's note. (Hmmm.  Good to know... uh, in case we ever get hurt or something.) 

Anyway, Carey wants to legalize marijuana for medical use.  Okay, Carey really wants to legalize weed for any use, but his first battle is to push the federal government to legalize medical marijuana. 

“I think it’s clear by now that the federal government needs to reclassify marijuana," Carey said in the video. "People who need it should be able to get it – safely and easily." 

Carey interviewed several people in the video who use marijuana for medical purposes, including Bill Lehey, who is a self-described gun-toting, right-wing Republican. "If you want my gun, you better take it off my dead body," Lehey said. He also said that he supports legalizing marijuana for medical purposes, because he needs it to treat backpain. He said that sometimes his back hurts so much that it wakes him up at night. "Two puffs" of weed, and he's sleeping like a baby.

This video is part of The Drew Carey Project, a video series in which Carey plans to address the political issues of the day, such as traffic congestion and immigration. You can watch it below.



Silver Alien.jpgWhat's up, polichicks?!

So much has been going on in politics!  A Democratic candidate claims to have seen a UFO, a Republican has been caught with a prostitute (again!).... 

We could never make stuff like this up!  There's much to post about.  And we promise to do so shortly.

So let us fill you in on what has been going on at  This week has been crazy! Crazy! We have been working hard on some technological matters that will make this site better for you.  We have also been preparing to speak at the Ladies Who Launch Live Event, which we will do today.

But not to worry, dear polichicks, we would never ever forget the golden rule: always remember your girls.  So on that note, we will write soon.  Thanks for your patience, and please check back today or tomorrow for some new posts. 



P.S. Isn't our new boy toy cute (above left)? We met him through Dennis Kucinich.



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