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John McCain grinned ear to ear grin after learning that he won in New Hampshire.  Wife Cindy on left.  Photo credit: Meghan McCain at McCainBlogette.

After his campaign ran out of money this past summer and pundits wrote off his election chances, John McCain has seen a surge in support since winning the New Hampshire primary.  A recent CNN/Public Opinion poll has him leading the Republican pack with 34% of support from Republican registered voters.  This represents a 21 point jump for McCain since a similar poll was conducted last December.  Mike Huckabee is in second place (21%), followed by Rudy Giuliani (18%), Mitt Romney (14%), Fred Thompson (6%), Ron Paul (5%) and Duncan Hunter (1%).

On the Dems' side, Hillary Clinton leads with 49% of support from registered Democrats.  She jumped 9 points from last December.  Barack Obama is in second place (36%), followed by John Edwards (12%) and Dennis Kucinich (1%).


John Edwards. Photo credit:

Hillary Clinton's BFF is John Edwards. As long as he's in the race, he keeps the "change" vote from consolidating behind Barack Obama.  If that happens, uh oh for the Clinton campaign.



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Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican John McCain each address their supporters at victory rallies following wins in the New Hampshire primaries.  Photo credit: The Washington Post. 

John McCain and Hillary Clinton won the New Hampshire primaries yesterday. 

This is a redeeming victory for McCain, who faced serious troubles early in the campaign -including running out of money- and was written off by pundits as a lost cause way back in the summer.  It's nothing short of a miracle that he's back, and his ear to ear smile at his post election rally showed that he knows it.

And what a win for Hillary Clinton!  Faced with polls and pundits predicting a double digit loss to Obama, Clinton said that she always thought that she could win New Hampshire, even if no one else did.

Against all odds (and we can't emphasize all odds enough), McCain and Clinton belived in themselves when no one else would.  See what that can do? 

Go' head, John and Hillary!  Congratulations.

Click here for a musical celebration of John and Hillary's win. 


Final numbers in New Hampshire

Republicans: John McCain, 37; Mitt Romney, 32; Mike Huckabee, 11; Rudy Giuliani, 9; Ron Paul, 8; and Fred Thompson, 1.

Democrats: Hillary Clinton, 39; Barack Obama, 37; John Edwards, 17; Bill Richardson, 5; and Dennis Kucinich, 1.



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Barack Obama with daughters Sasha and Malia

We know what happened in Iowa: Mike Huckabee won for the Republicans, and Barack Obama kicked some you know what on the Dems' side.  Now we're eager to know what happens in New Hampshire.  John McCain is expected to win on the Republicans' side, but you never know.    On the Dems' side, Obama will crush his rivals like ants, winning by double digits.   That's what we know for sure, as Oprah would say.

Newsweek columnist Joe Klein on Mitt Romney, who has faced criticsm and skepticsm for flip-flopping on the issues:

"...I don't think Mitt Romney believes a word he says on any of the red-meat issues that he's been using to bludgeon his opponents.  Which is why he says those things only on television, where he doesn't have to look anyone in the eye."


Can the presidential candidates’ web traffic predict a caucus winner?  

Top Democrats: Barack Obama has the most traffic, followed by Hillary Clinton and John Edwards. At first we thought Obama led Clinton because people are less familiar with him than the former first lady. We thought that his high web traffic was less an indicator of interest or support, and more a reflection of people’s need to find out who he is. We nixed that notion when Edwards came in third, because he also has less name recognition than the first lady. So we think web traffic reflects people’s interest in and support of the candidates.


Top Republicans: Mike Huckabee leads, followed by Mitt Romney and John McCain. Note how Huckabee doesn’t even register on the graph until late October, when he shot up to the top. Rudy Giuliani isn’t in the graph because he’s not participating in the Iowa caucus.

There's been way too much drama about the fact that Republican candidate Mitt Romney is Mormon.  His rivals keep bringing it up, hoping that you won't vote for him because of it.  We know you're smarter than that.  But since so many folks are unfamiliar with Mormonism - hey, it's okay to be curious and informed -  we've provided a little Q&A below to bring you up to speed. 

Make no mistake, we're NOT endorsing Mitt Romney for president.  He might not know what the heck he's doing for all we know.  That's for you to decide in the voting booth. 

All we're saying is that he shouldn't get nixed just because of his religion.  Know what you need to know about his faith, check out where he stands on the issues, and then decide his presidential fate.

Is the Mormon Church a cult?


Do Mormons believe in God?

Yes, but unlike those of other faiths, they believe that God has a body of flesh and blood like humans.

What about Jesus Christ?

They believe in Christ, but their views about Him differ from those of other Christians.  They believe that Jesus was married.  They also believe that he will return to Bethlehem and Missouri.

Missouri?!  Are they tripping?

No. Practicing Mormons don't take drugs.

Are Mormons social?  Will they kick it with us at Starbucks?

Come on now! Mormons are regular Joes (or Janes), just like the rest of us.  So yeah, they'll hang at Starbucks, but they won't order coffee, tea or any other caffeinated drinks.  Caffeine is a no no for practicing Mormons.

Will they talk to us at the water cooler at work?  (About.. uh... work, of course.  We'd nevah talk about our co-workers behind their backs.)

Sure! A thirsty Mormon would chill with you at the water cooler.  But they won't step out with you for a smoke.  Mormons are smart enough to lay off the nic.

Have you heard this one? So a Mormon walks into a bar...

Puh-leez. Practicing Mormons don't drink alcohol.

I heard Mormons run chicks.  Is this true?

Some do, some don't.  That has nothing to do with being Mormon.  Rudy Giuliani is known for running chicks, and he's not Mormon. 

Maybe you are thinking of the common belief that Mormon men have many wives.  The Mormon Church outlawed this practice in 1890.  The number of Mormons who still live in "plural families" is very small.

Is it true that the Mormon Church does not allow African American members?

That used to be true, but the church lifted it's ban on African American membership in 1978.

Are there any black Mormons?


Yeah right! Name one.

Gladys Knight.

Name another.

Uhhh....  [crickets]

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