Charlize Theron talks politics with Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan's interview with actress Charlize Theron aired Friday. In addition to chatting about her new movie Young Adult and her hunt for a new man, the actress gave viewers a glimpse into her political background and views:

  • Charlize has voted only twice in her life: once for Nelson Mandela and once for Barack Obama. (C'mon, Charlize, you gotta start voting more often!)


  • She wants Democrats to do more. "I wish Democrats would put more action into what they tell people," she told Piers. (Hmm.. in what way, we wonder.  Wish she had gone into more detail on this one.)


  • Charlize doesn't think people should be able to go all willy nilly with gun ownership.  "I don't think anyone should have a semiautomatic weapon for anything," she said.  Sadly, the actress is no stranger to gun violence.  In 1991, she saw her mother shoot and kill her father, who was drunk and shooting at Charlize and her mom.  The actress notes that this tragic experince may have influenced her views on gun control.


  • She is so in favor of gay marriage.  "I think love is love, and we should all have the same rights."


  • Charlize, an immigrant from South Africa, noted that her first language is Afrikaans and she still struggles with her English sometimes.


You can check out the trailer for Charlize's new film, Young Adult, below. 


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