Daily Polichicks - "Will the Real Housewives please stand up?" edition

Happy Friday!

So we just couldn't wait to see the new season premiere of Real Housewives.  In eager anticipation, we fluffed our couch pillows, prepped a snack, and checked and double checked that the Comcast bill was paid. After all the frenemy action last season, we just knew that last night's episode would be all drama (mo drama, mo better!) followed by a heartwarming  reunion, and we couldn't wait to see it all.  I mean, if Sgt. Crowley and Prof, Gates could share a post-arrest beer together, then surely NeNe could make amends with Kim and Sheree, right?

So what happened?  We fell asleep. After all that waiting and just dying to see.  Who does that?

If you snoozed  too, you can see what happened over here.  One warning though: Word in the mall is that the show was... eh.  Just eh.

Anyhow, We're a tad bit late with your Daily Polichicks, because we couldn't find any online articles that really suited our fancy and interest.  As far as news days go, today was very eh.

So before you rush off to happy hour, we leave you with just one piece.  Elizabeth Gates's (daughter of Harvard Prof. Henry Louis Gates) account of her family's visit to the White House for BeerGate.  Here it is.

Read it, then have the best weekend ever!

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