Cocktail Party Cheat Sheet

You know this: Once at a cocktail party, it's not who you know but what you know that matters.  Because obviously, who you know only matters before you get in.  And after your third martini, you won't recognize anyone anyway - so why bother with names? 

Your host and fellow guests will be looking for interesting conversation (read scoop).  That's what gets one remembered and atop many an exclusive guest list. So when it comes to news, gossip and stories of fabulosity, you want to be the go-to girl and Polichicks is here to help.  Here's all you need to know to be the most fascinating girl in the room (uh, until you get totally wasted, that is).

Michelle Obama and the Queen are really feeling each other. [The Washington Post]

Despite being the kind of girl who takes calls at 3 am, Hillary Clinton is not a phone sex operator. [AFP]

This guy helps Michelle Obama look supa dupa fly from the neck up. [The Washington Post]

Why Prez Obama is sprouting grays (since we're on the subject of hair and all). [The New York Times]

Hillary Clinton's Ah-ha moment [ABC News]

When America faces bad economic times, Superman and Wonderwoman save the day. [CNN]

Meghan McCain on hot, young and single Congressman Schock's abs. (Holla!) [The Daily Beast]

Halle Berry, she's fine. [Ellen]



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