Cocktail Party Cheat Sheet

A quick catch up, so you'll be the brightest belle at the ball....

Now this is major: President Obama signed an executive order ending an 8 year ban on federal funding for stem cell research.  People with disabilities that could be cured by stem cell research (like Alzheimers and Parkinson's disease) are psyched! Right-to-lifers are having a hissy. [The Washington Post]

Meghan McCain on Ann Coulter: "I'll choke that skinny bitch!" Okay, maybe that's not an exact quote, but you're more likely to read our blog if we say that's what she said. Anyway, Meghan thinks Ann is "offensive, radical, insulting, and confusing," and she'll tell you how she really feels over here 

The U.S. Supreme Court limited minority protection under the Voting Rights Act. [The New York Times]

Melissa, you go girl!  [MSNBC]


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