Wanting more of what she wore

In one fabulous little op-ed, writer Jeanne McManus sums up the point of Polichicks: a woman's ability to be both mentally and fashionably fierce should be covered by the press.  Some readers, us Polichicks included, like to read about a woman's (or a man's) smart fashion choices just as much as her intelligent policy decisions.   "I enjoy reading about Michelle Obama's clothes," McManus writes. "I like to know what she's wearing, appreciate details about her shoes and gloves, wonder where she got her necklace."

We're so on the same page.  Do we care to hear Michelle Obama's message? Yes. Do we want to know what she's wearing when she delivers it? Hells yes!

McNamus implores the press to give us more of what she wore: "I think we have an opportunity for another kind of change in the coverage of a woman who thinks smart, talks smart and looks smart. Why can't we readers be allowed to see the whole picture?"


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