Daily Polichicks - TGIF Edition

Nobody's saying TGIF today more than Gov. Sarah Palin

After performing poorly in a series of  interviews with Katie Couric that looked a lot like this, the pressure was on her to perform well in her first nationally televised vice presidential debate Thursday.  Republicans were worried, some conservatives wanted her pulled from the ticket, and David Letterman had his jokes. And public opinion on whether she could out debate Biden?  When pigs fly! Or wear lipstick! 

Expectations of her couldn't have been lower.

In the end, Gov. Palin survived the debate.  Was she asked questions that she couldn't answer?  You betcha!  She just simply announced that she wasn't going to answer the question and promptly changed the subject.  That technique wouldn't work for us, but she managed to pull it off. 

And Sen. Joe Biden...  Well, Biden delivered a solid performance.  He showed that he has much more experience and a far greater understanding of the issues than Palin, but that's nothing to write home about, is it?  It's not really news.  Who didn't know that?  

We were hoping for a good show...  a Palin fumble, a Biden gaffe, a sucker punch...  something, anything good to talk about at the office water cooler or the local watering hole the next day.

But the candidates delivered  none of that kind of excitement.  Biden just held his own and Palin met (minimal) expectations.  So our thoughts on the debate can be summed up like this: Eh.

If you missed the action (or nonaction), watch the debate video and read the transcript over here.


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Chicaholic said:

Bravo! Well said and summed up really. You said what we are all thinking.

Again, you are my daily political update! Thank you for your post!


Trevor Ryker Author Profile Page said:

What would life be like if we all pulled a "Palin" ?

"You're Honor, I'm not going to answer your judicial questions, I'm just going read my closing arguements."

"Prof. Jenkins, I'm not going to answer your Spanish Exam essay, I'm just going to write my blog entry (in English)."

"Father Hurley, I'm not going to answer your wedding query, 'Do you take this man as you're lawfully wedded husband?'; I'm just going take his shit for 40 years and hope the bastard leaves me something when he kicks the bucket."

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