Much ado about Meghan


Meghan McCain Glamour.jpg

Meghan McCain poses for the September issue of Glamour

The September issue of Glamour dishes all you need to know about Meghan McCain.  For starters, Meghan's not interested in dating a guy who wants to get closer to her dad than her:

I don't want to be an accessory to a guy's impending political career, and unfortunately I get that a lot. I'm not attracted to guys with political action committees, I'm sorry.... I'm attracted to men whose realities are different [from mine]. You'll get a lot further with me talking about art and music than you will talking about politics.... And I'd really hate myself if I dated a journalist.

Meghan has no interest in dudes who lack game, particularly the guy who tried to pick her up with this lameness: "Baby, I could totally give you a tour of the Capitol."  Imagine the deflation of that guy's ego if Meghan told him her dad is John McCain, so she can see the Capitol any ol' time.  And who uses pick up lines like that anyway?  Alas, as we know all too well from personal experience, every other guy....

If even a potential first daughter can't escape weak game, what hope is there for the rest of us?




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FatFighter Author Profile Page said:

That would be so hard to wonder if boys wanted you because of your dad's political career, huh? But it's good to know all girls have to deal with the lame lines!

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