GOP attacks Michelle Obama in ad

New ad by the Tennessee Republican Party targets Michelle Obama.  The ad takes a 5 second clip from one of Obama's speeches and plays it over and over again to critically characterize who she is and what she stands for.

Is this okay? Do you think Michelle Obama fair game?  Let us know in the comments.

By the way, we haven't seen a potential first lady attacked like this in an ad before (absent a simultaneous attack on her husband).  If you know of such an ad, give us the heads up in the comments, k?



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Trevor Ryker said:

Man, that ad is not only lame, but it's putting my feet to sleep. I loves me my Michelle. Don't be bag'in on my girl. I'm proud of my country and of Michelle because for the first time in my lifetime, this country is showing that a person's worth has nothing to do with the color of their skin. Barack speaks truth to power, and that's what these people who did this ad can't handle. You can't handle the truth!

kiki said:

Looks like a bunch of hick southerners... lame

M.M. said:

No one in the public eye should ever think that what they say will go unnoticed. It would be sad to think that she has never been proud of her country; most of us grow up learning to be proud citizens because of the freedoms we are granted on a daily basis. What if her husband had never begun running for office? Would she have EVER been proud of this country? To say that the ad "looks like a bunch of hick southerners" is worse than what those "hick southerners" were trying to say with the ad they put together. And everyone can handle the truth. By continuing to raise the issue of race no one in this country will every be allowed to forget that racism exists or existed. We should pick a candidate based on their views and beliefs not on their gender or race.

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