Daily Polichicks - Wednesday

And now heeeeeeeeeeeeere's your Daily Polichicks!  (Cheers and applause)

Campaign '08:


A day late and a dollar short


Hillary Clinton won the West Virginia primary Tuesday, but she's short on cash, delegates and time. Clinton and her camp says the race "isn't over yet," but some say (in their best Oprah voices), "Get real, peopllllllllle!" [Washington Post] and [Politico]


Some politicians kiss babies; John McCain hugs trees.


It's not easy being green, but John McCain is willing to do it to impress independent voters. [NPR]


Also, you can pick up some fly gear from McCain new eco-concious line over here.


Republicans kick ball into own goal.  Democrats score big.


Doh! Republicans unintentionally helped Democrat Travis Childers win a longtime Republican congressional seat by tying him to Barack Obama. [The Los Angeles Times]


Is that your final answer?


College superdelegates balance picking a candidate with final exams.  [The Washington Post]


The Sermon Police


Commentator on faith warns of the sermon chop shop, where the media chops up sermons like theives chop cars. [On Faith]


"Hang that darky from a tree!"


Obama's campaign workers face mean-spiritness, racism and remarks that are beyond offensive. But luckily, they meet a lot of nice people too.  (Nice people who vote for Obama.) [The Washington Post]


What's up with John Edwards and his peeps?


John Edwards and wife Elizabeth kiss and tell about what's cool (and not cool) about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  And they do it to a tabloid publication!  Juicy! [People]


OMG! Emma Claire and Jack Edwards met Miley Cyrus, aka HANNAH MONTANA (!!!!) in line for the Test Trak ride at Disney Land.  How cool is that?! [People]



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