Daily Polichicks - Monday

Campaign '08:

Barack Obama warns GOP: You best step back offa my wife. [AP]

Elizabeth Edwards wouldn't mind playing Boggle or biking with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, but for now, she still has no plans to endorse either. [Politico]

John McCain is sweating young voters, but they're really not feeling him right now.  A recent MTV poll found that young voters prefer Barack Obama (52 to 39) and Hillary Clinton (51 to 40) to John McCain. [Politico]

And while we're talking about that MTV poll, we might as well post all of the results.  What's America's biggest problem, according to our youth?  It's the economy, stupid! [MTV News

What do Barack Obama, Joe Louis, Nat King Cole, Jesse Owens, Sammy Davis Jr. and Sugar Ray Robinson have in common?  "Mostly entertainers and athletes, they each had a ferocious and blinding optimism that allowed them to ignore or surmount the cruelty of racism. They all had a certain musical quality, sometimes through an instrument, sometimes via movement or diction, that spoke to men and women in a language apart from color. And they all, just like Obama now, left large footprints in the black mecca of Chicago." [The Washington Post

U.S. News:

The U.S. Supreme Court says that it's not okay to advertise, promote, distribute or solicit child pornography.  Two Justices disagree.  WTF? [The Washington Post]

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi will marry in June, now that the California Supreme Court says that it's okay for gay people to tie the knot. [People]

When it comes to race, Timothy Shriver wants less talk and more action. [On Faith (Newsweek and The Washington Post]

A profile of JFK's speechwriter: "Ted Sorenson asked what he could do for his country.  The anser was a great deal." [The Washington Post

World News:

Diana Barnato Walker, a World War II verteran who was the first British woman to pilot a plane at supersonic speed (such moxie!), died in England. [The Los Angeles Times]

China is still recovering from the "most destructive" earthquake in it's history. [The Washington Post]


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