Daily Polichicks - Tuesday

Campaign '08:

Pennsylvania Primary 101 [CNN]

Ten Things to Remember on Tuesday Night (Obama supporters will like this.  Hillary lovers, not so much). [The Huffington Post]

Katie Couric's won't get a chance to host a primary debate.  CBS's debate plans are cancelled. [TV Newser]

Some folks say they won't vote for Barack Obama because he is black.  Period.  [Politico]

Digital campaigns attract young voters [Politico]

U.S. News:

The U.S. Marines are looking for a few good women.  So they are marketing themselves on American Idol and in chick lit like Self, Shape and Fitness. [The New York Times]

Female midshipman testifies at rape trial [The Washington Post]

International News:

World faces "silent tsunami" of rising food prices, U.N. food official says [The Washington Post]

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