NYC taxpayers paid for Giuliani's extramarital affair

Everybody knows by now that Rudy Giuliani was getting it on with then mistress and now 3rd wife Judith Nathan, while he was still married to 2nd wife Donna Hanover.  Giuliani made frequent trips Nathan's Southhampton condo to "do it."  That's the old news. 

The new news is that he billed the travel and security expenses to New York City taxpayers, and allegedly tried to hide it by charging the accounts of obscure city agencies.  "There is really no good reason to do this except to have nobody know about it," a former New York City budget director told Politico.

None of this is good news for Giuliani's presidential campaign.  "Using public money to carry on an affair, and do it in a way that is designed to conceal that fact from the public, people would think that reflects on his character," David Rohde, a political science professor at Duke University, told the AP. "And most especially social conservatives, who are dicey about him in the first place."

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